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Could this be the دن that the two enemies get together?
Heather and Alejandro were going to a baby شاور of Gwen and Trent. Alejandro accidently bumped into Heather.
She spilled his water and he made her drop a نہیںملتیں she was holding.
They both sreamed ارے WATCH IT!
Once it was over Alejandro offered to take Heather ہوم she کہا yes.

When They looked into each other's eyes it was like love sparks up in the air.
Heather hopped out the car as she was heading to the the door she stopped she ran to Burremeurto's car and gave him 1 kiss on the cheek he smiled.
Then happily walked home.
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"Your bellybutton popped," Alejandro smirked, running his finger over my protruding navel.

I looked down at my stomach, "Oh my gosh, when did that happen?"

"I don't know, but it's cute on you."

He reached over to my lips and kissed me.

"We should really start thinking about a birth plan," He said.

A what?

"A what?" I asked.

"A birth plan, what you're planning on doing after آپ go into labor, the method, any medications, those things."

"Um, what's the plan where they just rip the baby out of me?"

"That's a C-section."

"I’m not sure what I want right now. Right now, I like the idea of that. Do آپ know...
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It snowed a foot overnight. When they woke up, Alejandro and Heather went out to play. First, they made snow angels. Then they had a snowball fight and Alejandro hit Heather in her cheek with a big happytastic iceball. It hurt a lot, but Alejandro kissed it sadly and then it was all better.

Then they decided to make a snow man.

"We'll make a really cheerful snow man!" Alejandro said.

"Why don't we make a snow woman instead?" Heather said. "That would be مزید wonderous and politically correct."

"I know," Alejandro said. "We can make a snow kitten. That way, we don't have to worry about gender politics."...
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heather and alejandro was the only 2 ppl on team amazon.they was all alone but luckly they was in first place.heather heard a nosie in the bushes and she jumped into alejandro.are آپ ok heather u jumped کہا alejandro smileing.i heard something in the bushes but now its gone heather کہا blushing.heather tried to let go of his hand but they couldnt let go.soon they was talking in first class sencie they won the challenge when linsey went home.why didnt u let go of my hand they کہا both at the same time.they both blushed.oh no reson im just glad ur ok heather...
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Written سے طرف کی tmntfan4eva on fanfiction.NET

It was Saturday again, the دن they hung out with one another in some way that made them content at the time. She was coming over to his house this time so they could come up with a plan and he could hardly wait. She always came up with something interesting and when she didn't he had a good time arguing about it. And he hoped today would be no different.

So she came walking through his door at the scheduled time, like always, wearing an oddly normal getup of her pinkish tank سب, سب سے اوپر and short tan skirt. Nevertheless...
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Written سے طرف کی Stripes93 on fanfiction.NET

The night was young and the air was steamy from a humid, summer day. Lindsey, Beth, and I had been here for over three months for our college semester in Seville, Spain. Tonight would be our last night here and we decided to make the most of it, the three of us going our separate ways to spend the night how we wanted it. Lindsey had found a store that was opened late and decided to do some last منٹ shopping, Beth had made a few new دوستوں and was spending the night with them, and me...well I wasn't one for the...
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~A Proposal Only آپ Can Make~

Heather was sitting in a tree, looking in the sky. [i]How could he say I'm not too young to get married? I'm almost 17, but that doesn't mean I-[i]
"Heather?" Alejandro stood below the tree, looking up at her.
"What do آپ want, Al?"
"What's the matter?"
"Nothing! I'm really pissed!"
"Oh, are you? Well, maybe this will make آپ feel better."
Alejandro smiled at his girl, ready to posistion himself when Heather cut in.
"Is this supposed to be a surprise?" She asked.
"Uh, yes! A surprise! But can I ask آپ something?"
"How would آپ like to-"
"Can I come down first?"...
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posted by Dreamer991

Heather's tears were running down her face fast. The hot tears didn't help with the heat. The heat of the آتش فشاں was still lingering in the air. She ran as fast as her shoes could take her. She dodged the remains of the plant life around the volcano.

Finally she saw it, the beach. She quickly took off her wedges. She ran all over. Picking up pieces of wood, and plants checking to see if he was under it. No sign of the man she loved was anywhere. She felt her tears build up faster and faster at each piece of جنک, فضول she threw aside. Was it over? Were the dreams of them together...
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