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 Robin and Starfire
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robin and starfire
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This Teen Titans couples!!!! تصویر contains ڈاؤن لوڈ ہونے والے, مزاحیہ کتاب, منگا, کارٹون, ہالی ووڈ, and کامک بُک.

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A beautiful day...

Cyborg: Ok, roll over… sit … yo BB! This pet آپ found is really cute, how should we name’im?
Beast boy: Dude, I don’t know.
Cyborg: What about… um…
Starfire: Aaaaaaah!
Cyborg: Hey, where did he go?
Starfire: Aah! This ugly earth creature is eating my curtains!
Beast boy: Here Spikey, good dog. Hey! My dog isn’t ugly! He’s just not that good-looking!You hurt his feelings!
Robin: *knocks on the door*
Raven: Yes.
Robin: Raven, what are آپ doing in there all day?
Raven: I just wanna be alone, ok?
Robin: Look… You’re not different at all… In fact, look at Starfire,...
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i made this
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beautiful song + the hottest couples. totally worth it.
beast boy
savage garden
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This is my opinion. I was inspired سے طرف کی a video on YouTube, so don't ask. Everyone is paired up with everyone they possibly can, and the دکھائیں sets up couples, too, so we have to learn as we go.
TV implied-
Robin x Starfire
BB x Terra
Kid Flash x Jinx
Sarasim x Cyborg
Kyd Wyykyd x Angel
Puppy Love(Crush)
Màs y Menos x Starfire
Starfire x Aqualad
Raven x Aqualad
Cyborg x Jinx
Fan-made(if inaccurate, I'll try to update)
Kid-Flash x Raven
Starfire x BB(by پرستار in show)
BB x Raven
Jericho x Raven
Slade x Terra
Slade x Raven
Cyborg x Bumblebee
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posted by speedy106
Speedy: Guys, I have lunch!
Aqualad: Why do آپ keep getting مچھلی tacos?
Speedy: It's because I love it!!!
Both: Arrrgh!!!
Bumblebee: Will آپ both just quit it?!
*one گھنٹہ of overlapping chatter later*
*Raven also came in*
Raven: QUIET!!!!!....hi.
mas y menos accidentally hit themselves with the language converter.
mas: I want everyone to eat something and be quiet and be happy and also happily shut your faces!!
Speedy: ....
Aqualad: eh, okay.
Bumblebee: ...
But then a figure was watching from outside and was about to attack.
YAY NOT A COUPLE VIDEO!!!!!! But they made it like its BB fault... WHICH WASNT!!!!
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Teen Titans The Thunder Rolls
posted by pinkmare
kyd wykkyd teleported from room to room to figure out a way to be distract the titans long enough to set up a trap to capture them and bring them to the figure.

hmm where is everybody ? "NO WAY DUDE!! , آپ CHEATED !!!" beast boy shouted somewhere in the living room."NO , I DIDN'T!!! آپ CHEATED!! " cyborg yelled back. kyd walking towards the living room and saw beast boy and cyborg playing with their game control fighting over who's the winner in the racing game.

do these guys always fight ? kyd thought. sometimes raven replied.
kyd walk over to a book-reading-raven. how do آپ put up with them...
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posted by speedy106
Speedy:I wonder why Red X likes Cheshire...
Aqualad:Time for combat practice,Speedy!
In Speedy's bedroom...
Cheshire:I wonder why Speedy likes me.Is it because he likes my personality,or because I'm cute?I'll ask him later.
Cheshire gets out of Speedy's room and escapes Titans East without being seen.
After combat practice...
Speedy:I'm gonna see Cheshire now,okay Aqualad?
At Cheshire's پسندیدہ spot...
Cheshire:Speedy,why do آپ like me?
Speedy:I like آپ because,I like آپ for who آپ are,and also, آپ love me back.
Cheshire:Come closer to me.
Speedy and Cheshire kiss...
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posted by pinkmare
It was a cold bad دن for the villians. they were frozen,stopped and defeat سے طرف کی the famous titans but withthe villians frozen who will be the new villians to take on the titans ,
a mysterious figure came walking into the brotherhood hideout nothing change, the walls were still grey,the walls were still scarred and the machine still work

the figure went over to the machine then glanced his way to the frozen villians "hmm what would be the best slave to destroy the titans?"
"a gorilla? no too french and hairy", "now let's see a black-haired elastic woman? "no she might be too much", "a brain?" but...
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raven misses robin
raven and robin
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love that couple brooke(fangirl99) made it for me my youtube user name is Beastboygirl
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Cheshire:I'm sorry about Red X, Speedy.
Speedy:That's okay.I can't stay mad at آپ if I tried.
Cheshire:Let's have a night out together.
Speedy:Sounds good.Where should we go?
Cheshire:We should go to the movies.They have a discount on پاپ کارن, پوپکارن and soda.
After the movie...
Speedy:I love آپ Cheshire.I think you're so cute.
Cheshire kisses Speedy again.*smooch*
Cheshire: I think آپ are,too.
Speedy:I should go back to Titans East. They may be worried that آپ killed me یا something.
Cheshire:Okay.I love you.
Speedy:I love you,too,Cheshire.
At Titans East...
Aqualad:I'm so jealous of you,Speedy. I wish I had a girlfriend.
Speedy:We had a nice night. I love her so much.
Bumblebee:I wish I had a boyfriend.
Aqualad:Wasn't Jericho your boyfriend?
Bumblebee:We broke up ages ago.
Speedy:Well,I'm gonna go to bed.
In Speedy's bedroom...
Speedy goes to sleep.
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Speedy and Cheshire were trying to find a spot to kiss.
Speedy:How about the campground?
At the campground...(again)
Both:I love you.
Speedy:Can we kiss?
Cheshire:I love kissing.
Speedy and Cheshire lean closer and kiss.*smooch*
From a bush,Red X,who secretly liked Cheshire,watched Speedy.
Cheshire:I think someone's watching us.
Speedy:Let's go see.
Red X(whisper):I better go.
Speedy:Cheshire,who's that?
Cheshire:Red X,he likes me.
Red X:I love you!
Speedy:Did آپ really have someone else,Cheshire?
Cheshire:No! I-I,I can't explain.
Speedy:Do آپ really love me?
Cheshire:Yes,I do,but...
Red X:So?!Make up your mind,Cheshire!
Speedy: ...
Speedy:Cheshire?Are آپ sure?
Cheshire:Yes,I'm sure.I love you,Speedy.
Speedy and Cheshire kiss again.Red X leaves.
Speedy:Let's go,Cheshire.