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Eliza and Carrie
By: moolah

[First time I wrote using the wordpad on my computer)

A young girl named Eliza was shopping with her best friend, Anne one day, when her best friend from Kindergarden walked past her. Eliza just happened to look up at the new old best friend, Carrie who looked very unhappy. She had a little girl on her hip and bags under her eyes. Eliza gave a sigh of releif as Carrie's toddler started to scream. And she went back to shopping. Eliza knew she was greatful for everything god had دیا her and Carrie wasn't. Unlike Eliza who had made a wise decision not to drink when she...
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posted by kitkat709477
ok, I want everyone to know I didn't write this and I get no credit for it. I found it on a site called quizilla written سے طرف کی a girl with the نام کا صارف DStrudel all credit goes to her.I just thought it was sweet, true, and deserved to be shared :)

I’m crying over boys

And listening to whiny rock

I’m staying up late

And eating ice cream

I’m yelling at my mom

And ignoring my dad

Fighting with my sister

Will my hell ever end

The girl asked herself

What the hell is wrong with me

You’re a teenager, baby

Life is what it’s supposed to be

Gonna cry

Gonna scream

Get grounded from the TV

She’s in a hell

Of adolescence...
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posted by KateSmiley
the only thing آپ ever gave me were black and blue eyes
and it always ended in me letting out cries

آپ would come ہوم angry and scream in my face
and waste no time دکھانا me i was a disgrace
and always threatened me کہا not to tell
but everyone knew i was going through hell

why should i have to pay for your crime
why should i have to take the time
to cover up the scars ane emotions آپ left for me
when the teachers and doctors knew i was leaning out with my plea for safety

i will never for get how آپ came ہوم at night
and the only emotion i felt was pure fright

now that your gone for good
i can say that i never quite understood
what i did wrong for آپ to do that to me
but now your gone and i am free
posted by kitkat709477
I just want آپ to know I didn't write this, I found it on a site called quizilla written سے طرف کی someone with the نام کا صارف spikedc all credit goes to them I just thought it was cute and deserved to be shared :) oh, and btw these are lyrics

im moody when scrubs isent on
im tierd all of the time
in addicted to crispy pancakes
and i think ive forgotten how to rhyme
i knew that this was gonna happen
but not this fast
well i finnaly know what its like
being a teenager
i never need a reason why
cuz im a teenager
im always angry
but happy at the same time
and i guess this is being a teenager
i think i know right
better than آپ anyway
i swear all the time
nothing else i can say
i knew this was going to happen
but not this fast
im already counting down
till graduation
im already applying for jobs
now being a teen isent easy
chorus x2
well i guess this is
i guess this is
i guess this is ...
being a teenager
posted by teamalice_0

This site is open and can be used for anyine,

though i hope آپ use it wisely.

Post any pic, article, ect.

Use it for online dating, to get to know fanpop

better. آپ get the picture.

If آپ have any suggestions, please send me a

message یا comment.

The only thing i ask of آپ is to publize this

club and hope آپ enjoy this site!

Also will hope people شامل میں and if آپ can read this and ur a پرستار of this site U ROCK!

Sincerly yours.


A.K.A. Emma.

If آپ add me as a پرستار i'll add you.

So I've decided to make a فہرست of all the dumb/interesting/funny things I hear during my day. Feel free to add your own in the comments. If I like 'em, I'll add 'em!
1. "I'm almost a stud. I have the STD, now all I need is U." -Vernon
2. "Does anyone know where Augustus is?"
"Massachussetts!" -Teacher and Chyanne
3. *wrong answer*
"You are the worst nerd ever." -Michael
4. "Twelve!"
"Um, this is multiple choice." -Jasper and Teacher
5. "Can-"
"SPARKLY HEADBAND!" -Teacher and Madison
6. "Am I being bitchy today? I'm being bitchy today. I'm sorry I'm bitching today." -Summer
7. "You can't give me an F....
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posted by KateSmiley
In one دن a life can change
and only آپ can decide if it is for the better
and although sometimes it might seem strange
you relize its up to آپ to make it better

When آپ hold that little bundle of joy
you must Forget that rotten boy
that left آپ when آپ needed him most
to suck the دل out of his اگلے host

SO take this wonderful gift آپ recieved
and teach her not to be decieved
for آپ love her no matter what
so Shut Shut Shut
the door to her دل must go until your ready
to let her go

THis time may be hard for family and دوستوں
but the wounds in your دل will surely mend
and while...
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posted by africachick
Rule One:
If آپ pull into my driveway and honk you’d better be delivering a package, because you’re sure not picking anything up.
Rule Two:
You do not touch my daughter in front of me. آپ may glance at her, so long as آپ do not peer at anything below her neck. If آپ cannot keep your eyes یا hands off of my daughter’s body, I will remove them.
Rule Three:
I am aware that it is considered fashionable for boys of your age to wear their trousers so loosely that they appear to be falling off their hips. Please don’t take this as an insult, but آپ and all of your دوستوں are complete idiots....
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posted by aya3
we are teenagers we all think the same love and play and laugh but there is something i just wanna know is that true that the teenagers change there mind fast i mean EX.one دن آپ love some one soo much آپ think that the world will end there at that time then suddinly آپ stop loving this person and start loving another one then آپ leave everything behind all your memories and all your love bast EX. i did my name is aya and i used to love a guy soo much i thought that he is the last one i love when suddinly i started loving other guy and forgot about my love bast and now i feel gelty and all that bad feeling i just wanna know that if there is people having the same trouple please leave your تبصرہ and thank آپ all so much :)
1. Take a road trip.
Mapping the route, singing at the سب, سب سے اوپر of your lungs, and discovering new towns with دوستوں is the ultimate bonding experience.

2. Learn to play a musical instrument.
I can play only a few chords, but I love the expressive power of موسیقی -- and the possibility that one دن آپ can learn to create something beautiful through it.

3. Go skinny-dipping!
It's the most liberating thing ever. آپ have to let go of your insecurities when آپ take off your clothes. But you're hidden سے طرف کی the water -- so it's like bending the rules. Who decided we have to wear clothes anyway?

4. Save $1,000....
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posted by teamalice_0
I wanna give everyone who is a پرستار of this club a shout out!
Without آپ guys this club would be nothing.
I sincerly hope مزید شامل میں and whoever else joins i give this shout out to آپ too!
To all the شائقین who contributed to this club!
I would of never started this with out the people with the * سے طرف کی their username
ANd everyone else who joined!!
Here the فہرست so far










(So srry if i spelt ur نام کا صارف wrong!)

Sincerly teamalice_0

P.S. Thankx for everything!