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posted by r260897
ANNA: She is the most powerful female fighter of game. She can be called all rounder. But I feel her kick is powerful than her punches. Continuous kicks may make آپ the winner. Her special اقدام is neither impressive nor amusing. But we may say that it harms herself as she throws her opponent behind. So in this case آپ may be gifted a kick یا a punch. For time آپ can do her hand moves.

BRYAN: He is also one of the most important players. He is powerful and good. He is all rounder also. His hand moves are better than leg ones. His special اقدام is very effective. آپ can win the game سے طرف کی kicks...
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posted by Nariko
Angel vies with Devil over Kazuya Mishima's soul, representing his good part. Not much else is کہا about her یا mentioned beyond Tekken 2. شائقین seem to speculate her origin as being due Jun Kazama's influence during their meeting in the سیکنڈ King of Iron Fist tournament, however, her bio seem to indicate that Angel has always been part of Kazuya, though it is entirely possible that Jun simply amplified the goodness already present in Kazuya's soul.

# Tekken 2

* To unlock her and Devil, آپ must beat Arcade Mode using Kazuya. She's selected pressing one of the kick buttons while selecting...
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posted by Itachi_Boy
Hi Everybody what is your favourite Tekken game?
Mine is Tekken Tag 2.
I have played the whole tekken series, Tekken 1,2,3,4,5,6,Tekken Advance,Tekken Mobile,Tekken Tag,Tekken Tag 2. But tekken tag 2 is the best tekken game ever as it is the latest, it has much better graphics,better engin,59 characters,more combos,big endings and epic combat plus extremely developed stages including moonlight wilderness from Tekken 5 and School stage from tekken tag 1. What a thrilling fighting game. What do آپ think guys?
My favourite Tekken character is Kazuya Mashima because of his evil personality, i have...
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