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I guess I'll start with my negatives first and then got to the positives. But before all else I'm gonna say that I don't hate any of these girls as I don't know them personally, but I do hate some of their actions. I don't think anything needs to be کہا for liking someone آپ don't know personally. :P


It's like Sarah thinks she so cute and what not, but she isn't. The fact that she's always got her bum hanging out isn't attractive at all. It's like really, all she's got going for her is her booty and even that isn't that great. She just can't of annoys me. *Family Guy voice* you're 43...
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The other فہرست was getting a little long so I decided to make a سیکنڈ one instead of keeping the other one going on and on. I'll be editing this as new replacements and seasons come. I'm also gonna throw the other season 15 girls in here as well (despite them being in the last one) because I feel like that makes مزید sense to do.

Season 15


I love Diamond. She's so chill and pretty understanding. I also like her tom boy style. I also like how she didn't seem to judge the replacements too harshly right off the bat. Though I do think it's messed up that she lied about being Olivia's sister....
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I'm excluding season 1 because (though I watched it) I don't remember much about the girls). Nor did I do 13 because this was the season with past bad girls.

Season 2


Tanisha is freaking awesome. She's one of my پسندیدہ bad girls. She was hilarious and کہا some of the best stuff. She's also just come so far from when she began. Plus she's an awesome host. No wonder she is one of the most famous bad girls.


I thought Lyric was pretty cool. It's a shame she left early on. I feel like she had a lot of potential. She was laid back and went with the flow and I like that.


I also liked...
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