The Big Bang Theory 📌{All Started with a Big Bang 💥 } ➸ Your favourite 1st episode

Pick one:
➸ Pilot [1x01]
➸ The Bad مچھلی Paradigm [2x01]
➸ The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation [3x01]
➸ The Robotic Manipulation [4x01]
➸ The Skank Reflex Analysis [5x01]
➸ The تاریخ Night Variable [6x01]
➸ The Hofstadter Insufficiency [7x01]
➸ The Locomotion Interruption [8x01]
➸ The Matrimonial Momentum [9x01]
➸ The Conjugal Conjecture [10x01]
➸ The Proposal Proposal [11x01]
➸ The Conjugal Configuration [12x01]
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