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adwbuffy posted on Jul 04, 2009 at 01:14PM
Hey all BuffyVerse & AngelVerse fans,

This is a huge event of all Summer, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel Fanfiction event. I've been thinking about this ever since last year. So you may know that I already wrote an article based on Spuffy Event but I talked the fabulous Katie (ArabellaElfie) who completely agrees with me and would love help.


1) Pick a couple/slash couple, the timeline can be anywhere or the finals give you a little refresher lol:

~ Buffy, Spike & the potentials save the world from the "HellMouth & The First"

~ Angel, Illyria, Gunn & Spike fighting for lives from The Big battle from The Senior Partners.

2) The length is based on you.!! How long you like it.

3) Chosing What type Do You Like either: "Darkness, "Full Circle", "Reunion", "Heroics", or "Epics Tales of Your Shippers"

4) Judges will be looking in your FanFiction seeing no one would not copy or taking as there own in the story

5) If needed you can use the comics from either:

- Buffy Season 8 or Angel the AfterFall Season 6.

- Some ideas from both tv series.

- Or you may get some kind of ideas from FanFictions of other websiteS


This event will take TBA, because there is another event that will take place in Angel Spot for the awards just like the Scooby Awards go on join and vote for your nominations. After I will soon give more info.

*If people would wanna join just to help or either be a judge please email me or comment on the bottom of forum. The more, the better. LOL**

Thank you adwbuffy *Ariel* :)

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