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Expendable is the new action movie which is directed سے طرف کی Sylvester Stallone,the famous hero of Rambo series.He is also playing role in this اقدام as Barney Ross who leads the group known as "Expendables".link and آپ will come to know that a unknown man from underworld hire this group to murder the dictator of South American island.Then during his mission the meet a local rebel Sandra who tells them the real story of the city.They really find them in a great conspiracy and want to save their lives.For rest of the story آپ can link

The movie has really some amazing stunts and آپ will really enjoy...
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posted by derpius74
Plot idea (sort of):

The Expendables are chillin in their bar. Donnie Yen, Tony Jaa, Lee Byung-hun, and Zhang Ziyi دیوار in like they own the place. They cause a scene and basically call out the Expendables. It turns out they are old affiliates of Jet Li’s character from another team. They are pitted against the Expendables throughout the film. They either remain the antagonists یا team up with the Expendables to take out a greater evil (or whatever, use your imagination). Jackie Chan can have a role similar to Arnold’s یا Bruce’s, just for the other team. This needs to happen...