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Grim Tales is a great comic that inspires me which is why I'm making a new alike comic called Undead Tales From The Grave. It's about a boy named Zombie Jr.AKA Junior and his half sister Anticannie [ant-ti-can-ni]. Zombie Jr.s father is the Grim of the undead and his name is Zombie. Juniors mom is the queen of undead which her name is Cannie. Anticannie AKA Anttie lives with her widow father Garanett Jr. Who's fathers name is Garanett senior یا just Garanett. I will make a club so be sure to join. تصاویر will also be گیا کیا پوسٹ and once uploaded if آپ have a printer آپ can print the pictures to have a book. Ill fill آپ all in again soon