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Jason and Piper were سے طرف کی the fire. Piper looked deep into Jason's eyes. How did he look so good after going through soooo much? She doubted she looked as good. While she was thinking, she didnt even notice Jason inching آگے until his lips were on hers. Her دل was thumping so loudly she could barely contain it. She leaned in further but Jason pulled away. "I remembered last night." he said. Giddily, Piper asked, "Remembered what?" He sighed and replied, "That Reyna's my girlfriend." She had planned the talk in jer head where Jason told her he had a girlfriend, but now she had no words. She looked away. "But Pipes I'm not the same man. I'm changed. And now I don't love Reyna, I love you. I love the way آپ look after a fight and I love your braids. I love the way آپ always lean towards me and inch closer to me. I love you." Piper smiled and whispered, "Reyna who?"
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Holy Hephaestus in Hades! We've got new information, and at your request I'm giving آپ my theories based on it. I think آپ will be pleasantly surprised. I've kept the original information in there so that آپ can reference it for yourself. I hope آپ like it!

Jason's Coin:
Stamped on one side with the picture of a battle axe, with a man's face wreathed in laurels on the other, this piece of metal may come in handy for young demigod Jason.
What does it do?
This clever chunk of change has the power to turn into a weapon, with a simple toss in the air.
Sometimes this coin turns into...
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Source: Drawings all سے طرف کی Viria, collage made سے طرف کی me. Sorry for the bad quality.
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