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 The moon. Dedicated to the Hunters.
The moon. Dedicated to the Hunters.
This is partypony, proud member of the Hunters!
This is a فہرست of reasons of why آپ should شامل میں the Hunters of Artemis. Even though I am officially a centaur (as seen in my icon), I still joined because I felt very random that day.

Why آپ should شامل میں the Hunters of Artemis:
1) Immortality
Yup. If آپ شامل میں the Hunters, آپ get immortality. Not 'getting to live forever no matter what' kind of immortality, but the 'I'll live forever as long as I don't get killed' kind of immortality. As long as آپ don't get killed in battle, you'll keep on living. *sigh* Immortality...

4) Silver bows and arrows...
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posted by gaga77
Watch alternative uses:
Measuring speed
Most of the tables outside of the دائرے, حلقہ a دائرے, حلقہ marked on the scale in English: TACHYMETER, so the above is usually marked with 500,400,350 in turn reduce the number of representatives link of the bezel is a "side speed detector," used to measure speed. The numbers on the bezel speed. When on the highway, the distance instructions encountered in the root pole at the first time سے طرف کی the press, when faced with the instructions from the pole when the سیکنڈ root, just 1 km, then press again to a large سیکنڈ hand at the moment within the meaning of figure...
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posted by gaga77
Today, "you have pressure, I stress," growing social pressure, is a مقبول movement of decompression time.
Time in motion is the most important, for a variety of sports watches have come into being, for all types link of sports شائقین the time criterion. There are experienced coaches and sports enthusiasts point out that the movement of the watch is not so simple at the time, also has a timer, measuring, indicating یا vital signs detection. Holiday play when one allows آپ to master link the skills of various sports time watch, definitely the most necessary equipment.
Demand selection table

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Summer 2006 Guardian special watch on the auction, an annual output of about 1860 in Switzerland, "Bovet (BOVET)" Silver Clouds plywood shell big eight pocket watch (Lot No. No. 2455) no link reserve starting bid. Auctioneer from 300 yuan outcry, several rounds of fierce bidding, the final sale fixed in the 4800 yuan (excluding commission). Another production of about 1880 in Switzerland "have prestige" big eight silver pocket watch case (No. 2469 Lot No.) starting from 3,000 yuan, 4,000 yuan also hammer (without commission).
This ancient form two common characteristics: fineness in, the transaction...
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posted by gaga77
High intensity exercise and outdoor activities with professional outdoor watches

If آپ are just like skiing, hiking, etc., یا are cycling, hiking, adventure and other outdoor activities fans, several common features fall far short of its real needs, sports watches will link have a higher requirement and مزید attention to professional. Such tables in addition to general sports watch functions, preferably also including height, pressure, temperature, weather and other functions, for skiing, mountaineering, trekking, adventure and other demanding outdoor activities. Some also need to have a heart...
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Cartier Cartier "Tank Tank" series

No other world could watch series like "tank" as the ever-changing stretches without a break. After 90 years (founded in 1917), called the watch the first series. آپ can be understood link as the aesthetic embodiment of the war, because its design inspiration from the First World War. To a high degree of abstraction "tank" vehicles worn on the hand, only Cartier can do. History is "Tank" name captured the hearts of numerous women, whether یا Jacqueline Kennedy, Princess Diana. And from 1.5 million to 1.5 million, is likely to be the price of a tank table,...
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posted by jointhehunt
Everybody hears 'become immortal upon joining' they think its all the offer and more, but there are also bad sides.

Immortal to age and disease. It comes with ups and downs, but mostly ups. آپ get to experience life for all it has to offer سے طرف کی traveling with a party of immortal girls. آپ cant have anyone say they are older than آپ from the mortal world as soon as آپ reach 300.

Silver. If آپ like silver, than its a dream job for you. Artemis's patron colour is silver, so generaly everything is silver.

Weapons. The hunters have awesome weapons that they train with. Bows and arrows, also double weilded daggers.

Immortality. Some people woould say being immortal would get annoying یا boring. Living forever is a long time. آپ would get so board doing the same thing over and over again.

There are not as many draw backs as there are draw ups,so I say, شامل میں THE HUNT!!!!
posted by artemisgirl
If آپ want to be in my fanfic answer these Q's. There can only be one boy and seven girls .got it. آپ will know if آپ are chosen cause I will befriend you.make your جوابات good!These first Q's are if آپ want to be one of the girls
1.Who is your پسندیدہ goddess
2.Who is آپ پسندیدہ god
3.Would آپ swear off boys forever
4.which would be your hunting partner:Hawk یا wolf
5.Is your mortal parent your mom یا dad
6.Who is your godly parent
7.Do آپ know the oath
If آپ want to be the boy here are the Q's
1. who is your پسندیدہ god
2. who is your پسندیدہ goddess
3 would آپ be mad if your only sister joined the hunters of Artemis
please send me your جوابات (message them to me)