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I'm trying to read the book slow and save it, so I thought I'd come up with predictions for the rest of it.

1) Walt becomes Anubis' host یا learns the path of Anubis

Why? Well, for one it would save him from dying. Two, then Sadie has no boyfriend troubles, she can have both the guys she likes. And three, there are no loose strings left after the end of the story.

2) The actual Ra isn't an old senile guy, that's just a fragment of him. The "real" Ra will come out later in the story and defeat Apophis.

Honestly, Sadie and Carter fighting Apophis alone won't work. They need Ra to save the day, yada,...
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First and foremost, if آپ have not completed reading the تخت of Fire, do not continue reading. There will be spoilers.

OK, this is my first مضمون so . . . برداشت, ریچھ with me. The sole purpose of this مضمون is to give those of us who've completed the تخت of آگ کے, آگ a place to share our thoughts on the book beyond a تبصرہ written in all capital letters, along the lines of "I FREAKING LOVED THE BOOK, ANUBIS IS SOOO HOT!!!!!!" (which are welcome, as I appreciate enthusiasm).

So I'll start us off.

I thought the تخت of آگ کے, آگ was good, but I found the Red Pyramid to be better. Why? I don't...
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