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posted by boytoy_84
 Simba, Pumbaa na Timoni katika swahili
Simba, Pumbaa na Timoni katika swahili
Here is 20 different languages to say "The Lion King":

Spanish El Rey León

French Le Roi Lion

German Der König Der Löwen

Italian Il Re Leone

Greek Ο Βασιλιας Των Λιονταριων

Swahili Mfalme Simba

Thai ราชาสิงโต

Chinese 獅子王

Japanese ライオンキング

Irish An Rí Lion

Korean 라이온 킹

Dutch De Leeuwenkoning

Russian Король Лев

Hindi शेर राजा

Norwegian Løvenes Konge

Indonesian Raja Singa

Polish Król Lew

Maltese Ir-Re Lion

Czech Lví Král

Vietnamese Vua Sư Tử
 Sarabi pierde Mufasa en español
Sarabi pierde Mufasa en español
 Kiara and Fluffy blend as one cub
Kiara and Fluffy blend as one cub
Many annoying تبصرے from شائقین who believe Kopa is Fluffy which isn't true.

Here are 10 different تبصرے from them from Youtube:

1. "that can't be Kiara, in these فلمیں the males are yellow and the females are beige-colored, and that baby is yellow."

2. "that's there first child Kopa....he is a boy and Kiara's older brother."

3. "ok at the end it is not Kiara it is Kopa before the making of the lion king 2 they changed it 2 Kiara instead of being it Kopa =3."

4. "I am not a پرستار of lion king, but still kopa is true!"

5. "the cub is not Kiara. It's supposed to be Simba's and Nala's son,...
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posted by Bubgum
ok i think that vitani's parents is Scar and Nala please don't get angry personally i don't like Scar and Nala together but it would make seance. Hear is what think what happened in the first draft simba was going to be a teen when he left so Nala would have been as well also Nala was meant to have a little brother Mheetu well when Scar was king he could of bribed nala to mate with him saying that he wouldn't kill him.

That's my my first reason my سیکنڈ reason is that vitani looks مزید like nala then zira color wise fur, eye and nose color.

so what do آپ think
After all this waiting I finally saw The Lion King 2019 remake last night and I have to say while it wasn't as amazing یا breathtaking as the original, it was still a good remake. For this review I will focus on three things: The parts of this movie I loved, what I was neutral on, and what I hated.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!


The opening was done shot for shot to bring back nostalgia for the شائقین and honestly I did not hate that. The opening chant was even exactly the same! شائقین grew up with the opening from The Lion King, making memes, singing along, and even hearing the opening song just...
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Ok, when I found out that Kiara is a cub in The Lion Guard I didn't like it. Don't get me wrong. I am trying to make myself get used to the idea that Kion is a cub, not to mention the same age as Kiara according to what Disney just said. Yes, he is the سیکنڈ born but maybe he was from the same litter (making kiara and kion twins). So yeah.. he was born after Kiara and as it turns out he is the same age as her (not a big پرستار of that either).
By the way yes he is the سیکنڈ born because -for the last time- there is no Kopa! :P
However! It makes scenes from the سیکنڈ movie not make any sense!...
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Let's start with the fact how Kopa was never and is not canon nor a movie character at all: link.

But some people think that the مزید believers Kopa has the مزید real he'll become. As in that if many enough believe in him as canon regardless of Disney saying he's not, Disney would make him into what those believers want him to be.

Well, Kopa believers: If I were you, I wouldn't hold my breath. And here's why.

The کتابیں and Kopa are outsider written and look what happened: Disney approved him for profit and childrens' entertainment in کتابیں known only in USA and did not even refer to him in the...
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posted by bendaimmortal
These are of course only my own, personal TOP10 reasons for loving it. :)

1. It's very unlike your standard Disney cartoon. It's dark and psychologically deep and complex story and doesn't sugar کوٹ anything. Even the dead stay dead. Apart from Mufasa's ghost coming to guide Simba, but he was still dead! And unlike usually, the "resurrection" actually works for the story instead of being there to make kids happy. I mean, without the ghost scene the story would've been very different.

2. It bases on Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' mixed with a bit of the story of Moses from the Bible. That makes the story...
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posted by bendaimmortal
I think everyone who has seen "The Lion King" and "The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride" فلمیں can agree that "The Lion Guard" doesn't do
a very good job with fitting in there. I have only seen all of "The Return of the Roar" and several clips from some other episodes. But that's enough to conclude that this TV دکھائیں fails miserably as a Lion King series. I'm sure the majority of my fellow Millenials from this fanbase agree with me, but I know there are Lion King شائقین who nonetheless enjoy and love this new series. شائقین who don't think it sucks. Good for you, guys, if آپ can find something to enjoy...
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posted by lionking1993
1. She does not listen to her parents when they tell her that the outlands are dangerous and that she should never go there, however she gets angry when her father doesn't trust her. How will he trust آپ if آپ keep being disobedient?

2. The fact that she knows nothing about self defence and sucks as a fighter (I assume) doesn't stop her from going to the outlands. (I'm talking about the teenager Kiara who "can" think logically). Why would آپ go to a dangerous place when آپ can't protect yourself in the first place? Pretty much everyone can outmatch her.

3. After the ambush, when Simba was...
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posted by lionkingartist
 This is fluffy/Kiara
This is fluffy/Kiara
Ok the other night I was just playing a random lion king scene in my head. (Don't ask me why I just do that sometimes). Anyway and It hit me. Think about the first scene in the سیکنڈ film. When timon and pumbaa are saying how they are going to teach the new baby,saying: "look at the little guy". Then rafiki corrects them سے طرف کی saying "it's a girl."

Ok now let's think. If we deleted that scene from the movie the story would flow and nothing would change. So why did they incorporate that in the movie? And the answer is... That's right fluffy was indeed originally supposed to be a boy,I mean think...
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Queen of the Jungle

Chapter 1 – The Huntress

    For decades, the topic of Lion vs. Tiger has been highly debated, with people taking one side یا being neutral. People have considered them to be natural rivals. A jungle in an unspecified location, in the اندازی حرکت world, was about to test that theory…

    “Mother. Why have آپ brought me here to this jungle?” asked Kiara, as her and Nala entered the jungle. “I’ve told آپ several times, Kiara.” Nala replied, “I’ve brought آپ here to improve your hunting skills. A jungle is the perfect...
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I'm not denying the characters' existence in the general TLK universe. This post speaks for the movie universe only.
Please forgive me the frustrated tone. No offense intented to anyone. For now this fandom has just made me so frustrated because it just can't draw a line anywhere when it comes to what is official/canon.

There's a reason why there are the different terms; canon, semi-canon, fanfiction. Because there's a difference and the difference matters. I personally welcome fanfiction with open arms into my interests in fandoms - but I do find it also awfully important that the facts are...
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Scar, who was rather mean-hearted, was describing how he got his scar on the Lion Guard.
I'm here to tell آپ Scar's past story. Some of آپ may find the story absurd, and some of آپ may find it sad.

" Scar saw himself as the strongest and best roaring lion. One day, a strange lion with a scar on his eye came up to Scar. He کہا he was the strongest and wisest lion, but Scar didn't believe him. Suddenly, the strange lion, He unleashed his friend کوبرا on Scar. The کوبرا left a scar on Scar's eye, just like the strange lion's. The strange lion کہا that if Scar did everything he کہا he could remove the scar. But Scar didn't listen and killed the lion and went back home. nicknamed a scar, Scar became enraged and plotted to kill Mufasa. The plan was successful, Mufasa was dead."

Here is Scar's back story. I don't feel the slightest pity for him.
posted by HoltNLucy4Ever
“The Lion King” is about a young prince named Simba who goes from a cub whose father was murdered to an adult who takes his place in The دائرے, حلقہ of Life.
    Simba (Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Matthew Broderick) is the son of King Mufasa (James Earl Jones) and Queen Sarabi (Madge Sinclair) whose birth means his uncle Scar (Jeremy Irons) is سیکنڈ in line to the تخت after him. Scar’s three henchmen are Shenzi (Whoopi Goldberg), Banzai (Cheech Marin), and Ed (Jim Cummings). After Mufasa saves Simba from their plot, Scar decides to murder both of them so he can become king....
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It's a bright sunny دن at the jungle as young cub Simba is usually and always the first one up but this time he wakes up being the last one to wake knowing after the death of his father and having to run away there is no one to impress یا make proud anymore. Simba gets up and stretches then looks around Simba:" I wonder where Timon and Pumbaa are?" he says talking to himself as he walks going to find his two new best friends. He first looks at the pond where the water of a waterfall ends and is also where they drink, Simba:" not here" he says taking a drink of the water then walking away,...
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It was a young night I was hunting a mouse
Me: Man That's good.

Then I saw someone running towards my direction. I asked the شیرنی, سنگھنی if she okay?
She Replied With an accent "I'm Alright".
I Asked " Why Are آپ Running"?
She answered " Hunters they are chasing me I think I've them and I lost my pack and got separated from them".
She started Sobbing.
I answered "I'm sorry."
I asked "What's your name"?
She Replied" Desary."
I promised her "I'll help آپ get back to your pack"
She replied" Thank You, Thank you, Thank you.
I replied "Your Welcome".
posted by bendaimmortal
The Lion Guard in سوال is not the one from the tv series.
That tv series doesn't apply in any way.
This history is my vision and head canon. 

Mufasa's parents, Jasiri and Shani, had an arranged marriage as usual. They weren't as lucky as some, as they never fell in love. Only some infatuation was noticeable, but because they were otherwise very close with each other as friends, the marriage did not feel too forced یا impossible. They could have broken the tradition and abolished that law, but were not radical enough to make such a shocking change.

Nonetheless they loved both their sons with...
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posted by glelsey
An archetype is a model device commonly used in media, and there are quite a few of them present in The Lion King. Sometimes archetypes are used to allow the viewer to make a better connection with a character یا narrative, sometimes they are used to symbolise something important, and sometimes they are used simply because it makes sense to do so. Here are just some of the archetypes used in the 1994 animated movie...

Reluctant Hero
This is, of course, Simba. The Reluctant Hero is a common archetype used in a lot of movies, and is normally the protagonist. Simba is the good guy and the rightful...
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I just stumbled over the seemingly مقبول interpretation that Mufasa's ghost was only in Simba's mind and that's why he didn't tell the truth about how he died. I was like 'Whaaaat?!' That never crossed my mind, in all these 15 years.

I guess it is kinda left up to the viewers interpretation in the film but Mufasa truly appearing to guide his son, fits the theme of the story much better than just Simba's imagination.

Rafiki had summoned him. آپ know Rafiki was able to do weird stuff, such as seeing that Simba is alive and where to find him, سے طرف کی doing something to the dust in the wind that had...
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posted by KingSimba4Ever9
I mean no affiance to those who love the lion king 2. And please don't leave any nasty comments, thank you.

First off, the animation.
The اندازی حرکت in the lion king 2 is totally horrible. Simba is darker (And somewhere in the movie his eyes are actualy blue!) , Nala is to bright and her eyes are to blue, Timon is dark and Pumba is dark and looks disgusting. The only charicters that looked like they did in the first movie were Scar and Mufasa. The wildebeests in the nightmare scene looked like wolves! I actually think that that the animators took مزید time and work in drawing the new characters...
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