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Source: Mental belongs to me as do the Merciless girls
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Source: Menace is mine
Bold:Her element is death.She is the leader of the group.She is cousins with the RowdyRuff Boys.Unlike Blossom she doesn't have icebreath یا firebreath...she just has dark breath meaning she can kill anything just سے طرف کی blowing on it.She's smart,sarcastic and loves to cause trouble sometimes;other times she is calm and just relaxing.Her name "Bold" comes from her being able to stand up to anybody without backing out,she is a daredevil and isn't scared of anything.

Bipolar:Her element is blood drops.She's the most dangerous in the group.She is cousins with the RowdyRuff Boys..Unlike Bubbles she...
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bold profile.

power levels:very high
intelligence levels:high
friends:crazy,berserk (at times),dark,spear,night.
enemies:the powerpuff girls,brielle,and pretty much every superhero
unique powers:dark breath
weakness:still deciding

Midnight has dark مالٹا, نارنگی hair and hot گلابی highlights that go to the end of her hair and is spiked at the end,her bangs are like blossom but spiked down like her boyfriends.Her eyes are hot pink.

regular: a black dress with a short hot گلابی tie on it.her...
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