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It takes two to tango, but all fall down when there are two bosses to any office. Jim and Michael both hold two completely different prospects into running the office, which caused them to crash dramatically especially when it came to making the tough decisions.

What I found most amusing was that I actually believed that Jim was trying to help and not completely take over. Although there were some times where Jim wished he were the only boss, it was only because he believed that his method would work to making the office a مزید efficient place.

Sadly he was most mistaken. Over the years, Michael...
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Summary: This is a diary entry written from the point-of-view of one of the cameramen. Despite the fact that he is always in the offices of Dunder Mifflin Scranton, we never get to hear from him...until now. This entry is pertaining to scenes from the Night Out episode. There are no pictures because I wanted to preserve the feeling that آپ are reading a diary.

DIARY ENTRY (April 26, 2008):
11:45 p.m. -- There are worse things to be doing on a Friday night than sitting in a crappy New York City apartment, watching three grown men sleeping while police sirens go off in the background. I can’t...
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ahhh, love. what a gorgeous site to behold.

For two, long years, jim and pam have flirted back and forth, fulfilling our weekly need of "will they/wont they" tension.

until last may, when jim put it all out there, and we all weeped as they separated once more.

so the new season started, and jim wasnt there. pam was a wreck and only we knew jim was moving on.

>then he came back! but he brought his new love interest with him.

and now, we hold our breaths until january 4th, when new episodes begin again.
 Our پسندیدہ office workers: Dwight, Jim, Pam, Ryan, and Michael
Our favorite office workers: Dwight, Jim, Pam, Ryan, and Michael
This فہرست is a compilation of every working video of every full episode of The Office (US) here on Fanpop. The فہرست shows the season, episode number and name, and the player on which each video is hosted.

I hope that this فہرست will make it easier to find a working link to each episode.

Season 1
1. Pilot: link
2. Diversity Day: link, link
3. Health Care: link
4. The Alliance: link
5. Basketball: link
6. Hot Girl: link

Season 2
1. The Dundies: link
2. Sexual Harassment: link
3. Office Olympics: link
4. The Fire: link
5. Halloween: link
6. The Fight: link
7. The Client: link
8. Performance Review: link, link...
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posted by lexabuti
It wasn't really established whether یا not the insurance agent was 'mafia' یا not. He actually seemed like an insurance agent, because when it comes to Dwight, Michael and Andy, they usually can blow a simple solution out of proportion.

The one thing we as people learn over the years is that آپ don't mess with a newlywed couple on their honeymoon, no matter how dire the situation is. I am sure Jim and Pam were well aware that Michael would find a way to interrupt their time away, I think Jim dealt with it the best. Usually when آپ are trying to cut someone off آپ pretend as though آپ are...
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I found a song that I think would be great to put along with a جام fanvid. So here it is, along with the lyrics. My suggestions are in parentheses & italics.

Michael Buble - Everything lyrics

You're a falling star, You're the get away car.
You're the line in the sand when I go too far.
You're the swimming pool, on an August day.
And you're the perfect thing to say.

And آپ play it coy, but it's kinda cute.
Ah, When آپ smile at me آپ know exactly what آپ do. (Insert an adorable Pam smile here, possibly followed سے طرف کی an adorable Jim smile)
Baby don't pretend, that آپ don't know it's true.
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posted by kathiria82
ارے guys! Everyone who is a پرستار of The Office must know about the new website, Dunder Mifflin Infinity. In case آپ don't already know, Dunder Mifflin Infinity (DMI) is the new online division of Dunder Mifflin, Inc. Paper Company. This gives all us die-hard office شائقین a chance to not only interact with each other but it makes us feel like we work at Dunder Mifflin. For مزید in-depth information on this amazing new website go to link. I am proud to say that I work for the Independence MO Branch and the Regional Manager is our very own link. She always gets the best and latest news on our favorite...
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posted by greekthegeek
ever wondered if آپ are obsessed? well now آپ can find out! if آپ answered yes to 5 یا مزید of these then آپ definately are obsessed! But it's nothing to be ashamed of, it's the Fanpop! spirit!

1. آپ are a fanatic level and should be higher on fanpop.

2. The Office is all that آپ think and speak

3. آپ find that your emotions are best expressed through "The Office" monologs.

4. People label آپ as "crazy" یا "mental".

5. آپ camped outside the ticket booth for The Office convention and scored VIP tickets.

6. آپ wrote 25 یا مزید poems for the Season 3 DVD contest and found out آپ lost. Your...
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After a LONG HARD think about how we can get the O (oh yes) back in the OFFICE fandom a thought PENETRATED through!


Dates: 24th Jan 08 to 31st Jan 08 - Yes Office Thursday to Office Thursday!

A week may feel like a long tim but we really think that no one would really appreciate an office quickie – redact that most of آپ would!

I have faith however that we can ride hard through a week of Office FUNTIVITIES!

I jumped online and asked for a little help from my friend Nette!

Together we present all آپ Dunderheads with a week of if...
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posted by greekthegeek
Every Thursday most of آپ Fanpoppers watch The Office. Most of آپ get so excited over them. But what if آپ turned the TV on Thursday and آپ already knew what was going to happen. آپ already knew the جام plot, the main plot, the conclusion, etc. There isn't much point in whatching it right? آپ get to see the jokes cracked,which is a pretty good reason. But really? آپ already know what happens!
Well really, I hate spoilers!!! Every Thursday I like a surprise, a plot that will get me each time. I don't want to know what happens until I see it for myself. When I watch "The Office" I want...
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posted by chel1395
I approach this letter as if I was writing the eulogy for a friend who has recently passed on. While I know that this is one instance where my “friend” will eventually crawl out of their grave and come knocking on my door, I am still in a period of mourning. Even when آپ know your friend will be coming back, it is still painful to think about being without them. And that is what The Office is to me, in a way…a wonderful friend. I’m constantly developing deep (bordering on psychotic) ties to certain ویژن ٹیلی shows, so it’s no real surprise to me how deeply affected سے طرف کی the writer’s...
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posted by Snerkie
Right well I like looking at everything online and I stumble upon a lot of clothing and noticed some Office themed ones so thought I'd post for the شائقین what I've found :) (I know "That's What She Said" isn't created سے طرف کی The Office but it's کہا a lot so yeah)

That's What She Said
Price: $20.95-$22.95
Sizes: Male S-3XL : Female S-XL
Where at: link

That's What She Said
Price: $16.95-$18.45
Sizes: Male S-3XL : Female S-XL
Where at: Snorgtees (link and link)

That's What She Said
Price: $17.99
Sizes: Male S-3XL : Female S-L
Where at: Busted Tees (link and link)

Schrute's Beet Farm
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Rumours have been swirling in the medical world of a new and extremely catching disease: Officeonitis. Cases are popping up around the globe, faster than would be believed possible. Scientists are working frantically for a cure, but so far, none has been found, and numbers of those willing to try are dwindling as مزید and مزید succomb to this sickness.

It presents itself in a mild to serious case of obsessive behaviour. Those infected are known to spend hours every دن on web sites, trying to satisfy their hunger for مزید Office news. Withdrawal results in daydreaming, the inability to concentrate,...
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posted by jamfan4
I am fully aware that chel1395 already wrote an مضمون like this. I thought it was brilliant, so I wanted to write my own. I am not taking credit for her idea in any way, shape, یا form. I just thought it was a great one, so I am writing my own letter. :)

Dearest The Office,

Until the writers are paid, I will feel an emptiness in my دل every Thursday. آپ are my پسندیدہ دکھائیں and have been for a number of years. I want آپ to know that this letter is NOT saying goodbye. I also want آپ to know that I do realize how insane it is to write a letter to a ویژن ٹیلی دکھائیں and its characters. However,...
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Did آپ know that there is a real Dunder Mifflin Infinity website? Did آپ know that آپ can be hired to work at Dunder Mifflin? Did آپ know that آپ can become a warehouse employee, a receptionist, یا even an Assistant Regional Manger at Dunder Mifflin? It's true!!!!!     

link am the Regional Manager of the link and we are looking for exceptional employees like آپ to fill these very positions:

Warehouse Employee
Customer Relations Specialist
Quality Assurance Specialist
Supplier Relations Specialist
Warehouse Foreman
Human Resources...
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posted by goalstopper
 Dwight & Angela fighting
Dwight & Angela fighting
I am going to try to review the episodes of the office here. forgive me if i suck at this.

Even though the employees were having "bad luck", the episode itself was amazing. some of which included:alot of awkward moments,The Muslim tech guy and the stripper was back and Jim and Pam are together. It seemed kind of obvious, that جام was together in the off season considering Jim just asked Pam out. but they kept it private. it's kind of cool that we have two private relationships that hate each other.I guess that's not even true anymore, Pam and Angela are مزید of دوستوں then enemies. Although...
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posted by Phylob_forever
Lately, there has been one thing on my mind. "The Office." Why? Because it is the only دکھائیں I have ever seen that exibits real life so truthfully. Even reality tv shows leave me saying, "This cannot be real." How do they do it? I analize over and over again, and I have come up with a few reasons. Number one: This is not a rising action, climax, resolution kind of show. In almost every other دکھائیں out there, a huge, life-altering problem and an improbable resolution are neatly squeezed into a time slot. This is not how "The Office" works. Sometimes, nothing overly important happens in an entire...
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posted by supercalo23
If آپ have been a part of the Office Survival Game at all the past week یا so you've probably noticed that many people are cheering for Toby. I didn't get it at first. Sure I like him, and I feel bad for him a lot of the time on the دکھائیں but would I say he's my پسندیدہ character? No.

However, I decided that I would give Toby a chance and look at why people might like him as much as they do. I watched some Toby video clips and watched some of the episodes he has big parts in and I began to understand why Toby has gained such a following.

He's the underdog! He's not the funniest on the show....
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posted by goalstopper
There are many different types of شائقین who watch the office. lets admit it we are all obsessed with the office. as well there are 2 main شائقین bases the comedy people and the romantic people. the office does a good job evening the romantic aspect and the comedy aspects of the show. lets learn مزید about them.

1)The جام Watchers

These شائقین watch just to see if pam and jim will have their true love. they don't like michael یا dwight as much as pam and jim. they don't just want جام to happen but they love and root for Dwangela (dwight and Angela),Relly(Ryan And Kelly) and Man (Michael and Jan).

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One of my پسندیدہ parts of the British Version of The Office was the gap before the specials. There was something about seeing how everyone reacted to their sudden notoriatety. There is something disarming about how David Brent reacted to his sudden infamy.
I wonder if Jim and Pam would react differently in the event that all of their talking heads were public knowledge. I would imagine, that any woman Jim was with would leave him. Pam would probably realize that they should be together, and there آپ go.
What do ya'll think?