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So where was I? Oh yeah..........
Note: it's Nighttime
Buttercup: (runs home)
Butch: UGH! Me and my big mouth!
Brick: sup butch
Butch: yea yea 'sup Brick
Brick: why are u staring at buttercup's dress?
Butch: shut up
Brick: hehe sorry........BUTCHIE! HAHAHAHAHAHA!
Butch: آپ heard that?
Brick: yup!
Butch: shoot!
Brick: Wheres boomer?
Butch: he's still dancing with bubbles
Brick: awwwww how NOT cute!
Butch: dude u love blossom don't u?
Brick: ummmmmmm *blushes* yeah....
Butch: awwwwwwwwww hehe
Brick: grrrrrrr shut up!
Butch: where is blossom?
Brick: she went back ہوم with Bc
Butch: Oh.......
Brick: do u wanna go...
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Authors note: if you're younger than 12, dont read this.

With Bc....

Bc: man, i miss آپ so bad Butch.....I wish آپ were here right اگلے to me. I'd do anything to see your face once more.

Suddenly Brute comes up to her

Brute: well well well, look who I found
Bc: what do ya want Brute? If your gonna kill me, just do it!
Brute: Me? No no no, I would never do that.
Bc: *rolls her eyes*
Brute: (Sits close to Bc)
Bc: what gives?!?!
Brute: oh nothing.....


Brute: so Bc, have آپ ever heard of Drugs?
Bc: I guess, why?
Brute: (pulls out a cigarette of her pocket) want one?
Bc: uhhhhhh no?
Brute: why not?...
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Let's continue with the story, shall we?.........
Note: their still in school playing outside

Blossom: well, that's the first time I see Bc acting like.....
Bubbles: who?
Blossom: you.....
Bubbles: HEY!
Blossom: I'm just saying
(Suddenly Bc walks torward blossom and bubbles)
Bc: ارے girls!
Bubbles: hi
Blossom: (slaps bc)
Bc: OWWWW! What was that for?
Blossom: nope, it didnt work
Bc: anyways I was wondering if y'all wanna play something
Blossom: like what?
Bc: tag? Ummmmm Skip? Uhhhhhh do braids in our hair?
Blossom: doesn't it sound girlish all those things to you?
Bc: not anymore
Blossom: no thanks we don't...
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In the powerpunks home......

Brute: (ties Bc on her bed)
Bc: (wakes up) huh?
Berserk: well well, آپ finally woke up!
Bc: w-w-what are u going to do with me?
Berserk: let's just say, your lungs will be a new تکیا for me
Bc: your going to open my body?!?!?
Berserk: well with a چھری ofcourse!
Brat: *thinking* I can't believe I kinda feel sad about Bc
Berserk: we'll be right back
Brute: yea, I needa go polish my special چھری to cut آپ open
Berserk: we'll b back in ten minuetes (leaves)
Brute: (leaves)
Brat: (decides to hide behind her door to spy Bc)
Bc: I wake up, I see that everthing is ok, the first...
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Let's see where was I? Oh yeah.......

Butch: آپ really think my voice was awesome?
Bc: yup!
Butch: *blushes* thanks
Bc: hehe
Butch: hehe
Bc: (stares at butch)
Butch: (stares at bc) *whispers* wow.....
Bc: (about to kiss butch, but then....)
(bubbles walks in the room and sees bc about to kiss butch)
Bubbles: OMG!!!!
Bc: huh? Oh! Ummmm didn't see آپ there bubbles....
Bubbles: awwwwwwww
Bc: shut up!
Bubbles: it's the same old buttercup hehe
Butch: hehe
Bc: uhhhhh hehe?
Butch: anyways.... Bc?
Bc: yeah?
Butch: can I ask ya something?
Bc: wait a sec....... ارے bubbles?
Bubbles: yeah?
Bc: DO U MIND?!?!?!?
Bubbles: oops,...
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(At the Ppg's house)

Blossom: ارے girls, I have a سوال for y'all
Bubbles: is it about singing? Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalala!!!!!!!!
Buttercup: NO!!!!!
Bubbles: Oh sorry.....
Blossom: its cause..... Remember Dexter, Ben, and Beck?
Bubbles: oh yeah.....I remember Bc used to love Beck *giggles*
Buttercup: grrrrrrrrrr well blossom used to love dexter!
Blossom: HEY!!! Well bubbles used to love Ben
Buttercup: I wonder what happened to them....
Bubbles: ارے blossom....
Blossom: yea?
Bubbles: why did u started thinking about them?
Buttercup: maybe she still has a crush on dexter......and BRICK! Omg! Is that...
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Note: the animal thing was just a dream
(bc was knocked out)

Butch: bc, wake up wake up
Blossom: I think I know what will wake her up (leaves the room)
Brick: what is she bringing?
Bubbles: code 62
Brick:......and that is?
Bubbles: one of buttercup's stinky sock
Blossom:(carring a stinky sock) watch out here comes code 62
RRB: GROSS!!! That stinks!
Blossom: I know I know u know why it stinks?
RRB: why?
Bloss: well cause bc used it مزید than 30 days and cause she's always walking barefoot.....
Brick: so why don't u girls wash the sock
Bubbles: are u nuts? If she finds out.. She will.......
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Note: Blossom and bubbles are brushing their hair

Blossom: cheer up bc, I'm sure butch likes u
Bubbles: yeah, it's not like you'll never get a boyfriend
Bc: *sigh* I guess your right....
Bubbles: let's see, bc should I wear a blue یا a white bow?
Bc: ummmmm..... Blue
Bubbles: great!!!!
Blossom: so bc, have singing ever cheered آپ up?
Bc: well......sometimes...
Blossom: great! Then sing us a song
Blossom: *yelling* I کہا TO SING A SONG BC
Bc: ok ok ok.... Here I go...
Bubbles this is going to be fun!
Bc: *singing* ohh ohh so much for my happy ending...ohh ohh so much for my happy ending...
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(With Buttercup)
Buttercup: (crying) no one likes me they always always make fun of me. I try to be nice and nothing works....
(with the others)
Blossom: BUTTERCUP!!!!!
Bubbles: what happens if she never comes back? (starts crying)
Boomer: don't worry bubbles.
Butch: *sigh* i miss buttercup (Thinking) if I were buttercup where would I be? OFCOURSE!! She can be in the beach! (flies to the beach)
Buttercup: let's see I can live with umm brute? No no no ummm maybe umm...
Butch: how about with me
Buttercup: BUTCH!!! (hugs him)
Butch: why did u leave?
Buttercup: I don't know but I do know I should go back...
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