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 the front cover of his new book.
the front cover of his new book.
I was just reading an interview that John Flanagan did on the 28th of January and i came across something that surprised me a lot, John Flanagan has published a new book called Storm Peak. It was published on the 1/1/09.

Jesse Parker, ex-Denver police detective, has returned to his hometown of سٹیمر, سٹیمر پر Springs, Colorado, to spend the winter working the ski patrol and taking it easy. But he is reluctantly dragged back into a world of violence and murder when a serial killer begins a killing spree in the sleepy ski town. The town's مقبول sheriff, Lee Torrens, asks Jesse to...
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so i heard this website is giving away ranger's apprentice کتابیں and posters and stuff!! the link is: link and i know آپ can get stuff for just entering your name.

i also heard they're interviewing the ranger's author! we can send in سوالات to ask the مصنف (and we have to send our parents phone number too) to this email- just for asking سوالات we win کتابیں and stuff, and they'll ask our سوالات to john flanagan! i'm so excited!!