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posted by schnoodle11
Comrads of The ترکاریاں, سلاد Children, the Chefy Three are patrol the universe fearlessly. This is the tale of how they came to be


Once upon a time, there was a meteor that came hurdling from the sky. It was really big. A person named Juju who was very curious and odd went over to investigate. She brushed the dust off the meteor and it had writing on it that کہا PAT. Suddenly, the meteor exploded and revealed A GIANT ROBOT THINGY! It کہا in a robotic tone, "I am P-A-T. I have come from the planet Eating to harvest the fine ingredients from this planet and serve them to my higher-ups." Juju...
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posted by schnoodle11
(The ترکاریاں, سلاد Children are in their headquarters. They are being waited on hand and foot be their slaves, Paul and Dexter.)

Ramona: Dorkster! مزید pizza! NOW!

Dexter: But I'm massaging her feet.

Ramona: I DON'T CARE!

Dexter: Aren't آپ guys supposed to like salad?

The ترکاریاں, سلاد Children: Sometimes.

Amy: Hey, guys, do آپ ever think we need مزید people? Like, not slaves, یا one of us, bot sorta like a subordinate?

Ashley: agdffsjajejdshshahejajejdjfhriy

Darcy: Gosh, Ashley, stop that!

Amanda: Paul, get me another soda!

Amy: C'mon, guys, we don't even have GIR yet. We need someone to help.

Ashley: The Salad...
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(ok, this prolige is REALLY dramatic. You'll know who the person who's telling this story is soon enough. This person's not gonna tell the whole story, and different POVs are gonna be in the story. In case you're confused, this is supposed to be in the MIDDLE of the actual story, so I guess that this doesn't really count as a prolouge. Oh, well.)

I turned and looked at her. Her ترکاریاں, سلاد fork was held high above my head. "I hope you're happy, Amy," I کہا to her. Tears welled in her eyes. "Shut up!" she yelled, "It's your fault this all happened! Thanks to you, I'll never see my team mates again!"...
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One time about 3 hours ago, there were five girls who were obsessed with salad. Thus Schnoodle11, DaisyLove, PowerPossible, BoomerLoverFan, and BoomerLover go around, fighting the spoiled and evil food that make آپ sick.

Schnoodle11 being the leader, leads the team into food fights and being the healthy treat.

Er, there goes Ashley and the seizure-AJKLSDFKASFJKSGJKGHSAESJKJKL- again. BWAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

Er, and the ma lazah thing too.

When the ترکاریاں, سلاد children unite, they become a ترکاریاں, سلاد and shoots لیٹش, کاہو کے پتّے and tomatoes in a fiery pace. We hold the power, the strength, and the ranch dressing, and leaves, become a powerful bunch of gooey, yummy, and healthy greens!!

ترکاریاں, سلاد CHILDREN UNITE!!!!!!!
 I'm a ترکاریاں, سلاد Child!
I'm a Salad Child!
added by boomerlover
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