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In Bart Simpson #12 On page 16 homer has glasses insanly put on him from تصاویر 5-6 on page 16

On page 5 of #12 in تصاویر 5-6 Maggie is not holding a sword as she is in image 5

Also on pages4-5 of #12 Santa-choo has no spot on his right cheek

On page 10 lisa's right foot, left دستانے, دستانہ and Right دستانے, دستانہ have white diamands on image 2(middle image)
However in image 3 she does not have them on.

if آپ want to reply there is a reply piece in the فورم of the simpson comics
it includes if آپ want to add changes in #12 یا other SIMPSONS COMICS(including Simpsons classics,Lisa comics ect.)