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First load up the game and go into any neighbourhood.

Once inside type in: ctrl, shift & C
A white box should appear at the سب, سب سے اوپر of the screen

Type in: Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
Then enter

The sims 2 is not in "debuging mode"

Go make your desired family, (Right now it will only let آپ have eight people)

Now اقدام them in

Any extra people آپ want in this family need to be made,
E.G I want another female adult and a boy todler so i go out of the lot, make a new family with these two people. ( recomended: آپ name them as numbers (e.g- Mother-1, toddler-2) ((You will see why later, and the...
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true love اگلے door ? LOL must watch
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These recipes are really useful for your sims. I am not exactly sure whether یا not they will work on the PC version, but they definatly work on the PS2 version of The Sims 2 and The Sims 2: Pets.

Basically if آپ want to discover new recipes just put ANYTHING together, its fairly simple!! I spent hours just making my sim eat, and eat, and eat and found some really great one's. These recipes are for creating the little love hearts and stars that flow out of the food. One of the دل recipies (I cant remember which one) actually made my sim propose to another one!
Enjoy them...

For Hearts:
Llama, Rye, زیتون Oil, Potatoe
Shark, Sourdough, Banana, Turkey
Lettuce, Soy Milk, Swordfish, Llama

For Stars:
Tofu, Egg, مکئی Oil, Tomatoe
Ostrich, Butter, Brocoli, Onion
مکئی Oil, Milk, Whole Wheat Flower, Llama
Rye, Eggs, Beef, Yogurt
Banana, Beef, Lemon, Spinach
Tofu, Cheese, Lettuce, نیبو, لیموں (may cause Nausea to)
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