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Sorry for such a sarcastic article, but I'm sick of people complaining about Sims 3 not working. "OMG I PAYED GOOD MONEY FOR THIS AND IT WON'T EVEN WORK!" Seriously, آپ should check the system requirements and find out if your computer can actually run it. Not to mention, since it's a 2009 game, old graphic cards WON'T work on it.

If آپ complain that EA should make it runable for people who still have their old computers, why should they? No one else is doing that, and it simply means they must decrease the game quality. Unfortunately, technology improves and آپ gotta try and keep up.
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Fandom: Sims 3
Characters: Gloria Goode and Arthur Langerak

Disclaimer: I don't own The Sims 3 یا The Sims 3 Lunar Lakes. Only as a game.


Meanwhile in a Office a blonde man was walking out of the office with a co worker.

"Damien is such a jerk" کہا the blonde.

"Yes, آپ don't deserve to be threatened like that" کہا the co worker.

"Sometimes I really wish I could just give up my job and work somewhere else instead for a jerk like him"

"Well better آپ quit first, before he changes his mind and fires آپ Arthur."


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I was playing the Sims 3 Pets game and the game randomly stopped running and took me to my desktop. I just recently moved my Sims to a different town and it asked me to save the game after I moved (I also had a سیکنڈ child after I moved). It کہا it saved. But then I tried to open the Sim Game Launcher and I tried to see if my game saved. I showed my Sim family in the picture and the town name. In the picture it showed them in the گزشتہ town and ہوم they were in and with only ONE child. Is there any way I could retrieve my حالیہ save? Thank آپ

Please تبصرہ how I couldl fix and retrieve my گزشتہ save
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