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I slowly put the key into the lock, it went in, and I slowly turned it until I heard a click! and I opened the door slowly, a loud creeeek! following.
Light poured into the room from the window, and we all steeped inside.
We were breathless.
All over the walls, was papers coverd in black crayon, marker, یا maybe Sharpie.
All of the drawings were the same.
All about The Slender Man.
I looked around. Everything was thrown around frantically.
On the دیوار infront of us was a drawing of a tower, and it was circled several times, it was drawn in red.
Right اگلے to it, also written in red, were the words:...
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posted by Jekyde
آپ walk into a forest,
a flashlight in your hand,
you tiptoe on and off the trail,
being as quiet as آپ can.

It's the middle of the night,
stars are scattered across the sky.
Crickets sing their eerie tune
and from درخت to درخت bats fly.

Your دوستوں dared آپ to go in here,
the reward being a fifty-dollar bill
you took one glance at the trees
and scoffed, "Ha! Of course I will!"

At that time آپ were confident,
feeling courageous and strong,
but now آپ feel this task is too easy,
and آپ realize something is wrong.

You stop on the gravel path,
and tune into your mind,
you know this is some sort of test,...
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As I stood there, looking at him, I chill ran down my spine, but I couldn't tell if it was from the cold یا from fear. I blinked, and he was gone.
"It was just your imagination..." I thought to myself.
I looked at the woods entrance.
"Anna? Melody? The suns going down..!" I looked at the sky, the sun was setting, and the sky was now purple & pink, some clouds in the sky.
After a few long moments of silence, I called out to them again.
"Anna?! Melody?! Did آپ hear me?! Its time to go inside!"
I sighed. Their probably playing some prank on me...
As I turned my back to the woods, I heard...
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posted by katetekiku
A small teenager walked ہوم from school one night. Her name was Joe. Josephine was her full name, but she hated it. She just preferred Joe. She had brunette hair with blonde highlights, and sparkling blue eyes.
She was a seventh grader at Walker Middle School. She was a مقبول girl, who had good grades and a large amount of faithful friends. آپ could say that she was perfect.
But one thing that isn't perfect about Joe is that she doesn't know when she's being watched.
As she walked happily down the dimly lit sidewalk, Slender Man stalked her silently from the trees. His limbs stretched...
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I stood there, looking at the Slender in shock.
This wasn't scary.
This wasn't amazing.
This wasn't a fairy tale dream come true, it was a nightmare.
It was creepy.
"You were [i]watching[i] me?!"
I raised my voice at this creature.
Who knows what he could've seen from me.
I want to know, but I don't ask.'
I don't want to hear anything gross, یا just perverted.
"Yes, for many moons."
What is this guy?
Frickien English foo foo guy?
"Look Slendy, its the 21st century. Stop talking all fancy."
I narrowed my eyebrows to look serious.
I couldn't tell what he was thinking یا what emotion was there, but he spoke to me and said
"Your my slave now, understand? I give آپ the orders from now on."
"What am I? A maid to you?"
"No," he responed cooly. "Your my sex slave."
He was holding out his hand, as if a guester, and I took it. In my surprise, he didn't do anything. He didn't harm me.
The murder of my doing nothing?
He looks behind us, we're there's at least 20 dead trees coverd ins snow, then looks back at me.
"O-oh, do آپ wanna go over there?"
I point to the area, and he nods.
We begin to slowly walk over to were Slender had looked and we were there faster than I'd though we'd be.
He looked at me, even though he had no eyes, and a mouth appeard, and spoke in an odd tone, "You...will warm me."
"Warm you?"
I almost sounded disgusted. What was he going on about?
"These winters are cold, and have little meaning."
Little meaning?
"Your family kept me from you, my dear," his long, کڑوا, تلخ hand touched my cheek.
"I've been watching you, my dear, and now, your mine....
That horrible feeling.
The feeling when آپ know your being watched.
"C'mon Sol, lets go."
I stood, slipping the straps of my backpack around my arms, still holding onto the سینڈوچ and half-empty water bottle.
"Emerald," he whined. "but I'm not finished!"
I look back st him with an annoyed look on my face.
"You can eat it while we're walking, lets go! Now!"
Sol could hear the pleading and the fear in my voice.
I wanted to leave.
I wanted to go home.
But I couldn't.
Sol had finished eating and stood up, his lught-tan skin some-what shining in the sun from his sweat.
He glances over at me, and puts on a cocky smile.
"You like what آپ see, sweetheart?"
"Since when am I your sweetheart?"
I give him a discusted look.
"If آپ think I'm in to you, think again."
After that, there was nothing but a long, awkward silence between us.
I hoped my Father knew that that was a lie.
To be continued...
Before I knew it, everyone was dead.
Everyone but me.
I was scared, no, terrified.
My دل pounded in my chest.
Mom, Dad, the other guy...were dead.
I was next.
I didn't know the Slender, یا why he was this way. Why he did what he did.
"S-Slender...I know your out here. Just come on out and end it already!"
I had no idea what I'd just said.
I didn't want to die.
I didn't want this.
A cool breeze hit me, slapping my cheeks.
I knew were he was.
He was right behind me.
I turned around slowly, and froze.
I couldn't belive what I was seeing.
This was unreal.
This...was impossible.
We kept running up the path, tears in my eyes.
I was out of breath, and Sol damn well knew it.
We stopped & we caught our breath.
"First my Mother..then my Father...then its آپ & me..."
I didn't want to die. I wanted to live until I have no purpose.
The sun was rising again. Time is flying سے طرف کی way too fast.
Why was Slender doing this? What were his reasons?
I guess I'll never know...
"We need to make ground." Sol began jogging.
"Sol! We neee to rest first!"
He stopped and jogged back.
I sat down on the path, and opened my backpack.
"God, theres enough food and water to last an eternity..."
I pulled out a سینڈوچ for me & Sol as well as water.
We began to eat.
As we were eating, it felt like someone was watching us.
The Slender Man...
To be continued...
posted by rileyferguson

Keep running. Dont look back, no matter what. Ignore the fact that he's behind you, آپ don't have enough time to have worries about that یا he'll catch you. He'll grab آپ and kill you, painfully and slowly.

I just woke up in this place, collect the letters... That's what the scratches on my arms read. To tell the truth, I am scared. Im confused. All I see are trees, all clones of each other as I sprint past them. I made the mistake of looking back, and I saw him. The Monster. He's constantly following me, as if I was his prey. To him, all of this was a game. But...
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posted by luvjapaneseyugi
What do we REALLY know about the man of nightmares. He has no face? He is strangely tall? His arms are oddly jointed and he has مزید than two?
It's very strange that through all the myths, he gets less terrifying than he really is. Then a truth seeker comes along, does a research project, and captures everyone again, not unlike our faceless friend.
His symbol. Does anyone really know what it stands for, and who made it up? Does anyone know? I didn't think so. Well, it looks simple enough. There are a few theories: 1) It stands for the fact that the Slenderman has no eyes, noes, یا mouth....
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We continued looking around the weird house.
Yours Truly,

Kate...who is she? Is this her house?
"Everythings a mess, who could live here?"
My father sounded like my mother.
In the living room, the T.V. was leaned up against the دیوار behind it, سوفی, لٹانا cushions are all over the floor.
Papers & magazines are everywhere, scattered.
A picture is on the floor, the glass frame is broken.
The Slender must've scared آپ pretty bad, Kate.
I took the picture out of the frame, putting the frame down carefully on the couch.
The picture was in black & white.
The picture was of an adult woman, hugging a little girl.
Was this Kate, & her daughter?
Sol & my father went into different rooms, I stayed, looking at the mysterious picture.

To be continued...
everyone knows about the infamous slender man. however, did آپ know he had a twin brother, TRENDER man? some dude was walkingpast a دکان and noticed a manikin with no face, wearing a brown jumper carrying a leather satchel. it is roumered that instead of stalking and attacking people, he gives them his worst idea of a punishment : puts ugly clothes in their wardrobe! o if youre lying in بستر at night with a baseball bat praying that slendy wont come, آپ better protect your wardrobe too! however, trendy can be easily defeated سے طرف کی messing up his clothes. good luck!
posted by ecoelo
"Waterwheel آپ gotta agree with me here!" Zeph went down on his knees in his begging position. I pushed him away.
"Fine whatever" I کہا walking across the road. Noticing as I turned to look back, Zeph was cheering jumping in the air a happy grin on his face. He raced across the road catching up with me.
"Admit it!"
"Admit what?" I asked as got my phone out to look at the time. Zeph appeared in front of me walking backwards as I looked up.
"You can't resist my good looks huh?" he stroked his black hair with his hand winking at me.
"Are آپ kidding? Your ugly!" I stuck my tongue at him. He spun...
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(Note: This has not been reposted to خارج تبصرے because of their opinions. It has been reposted because certain commenters are not respecting certain rules I have about bad language in my articles. If those people wish to have their تبصرہ on the article, do it without the cussing.)

I’ll start with the Scripted frightening. I myself don’t watch Pewdiepie often, but I do with Tobuscus, and with both I have seen how they react to scares and such, granted مزید so with Tobuscus. I can’t speak for Pewdiepie but I think it’s the same.

With games like the Walking Dead, The Last of Us,...
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posted by rileyferguson
This is a new Fanfiction series I am doing. It focuses on a 12 سال old girl called Maria and how she starts to react when people go missing in her town because of the so-called Slender Man living in the forest nearby.

My name is Maria. I am about 12 years old. Some people at my school nickname me “Mari” because my name sounds nice in that way. I am very cute and sweet, and I can get quite angry sometimes.
It was another boring دن in the summer. Maria was in the garden relaxing. She was wearing a white dress with white sandals. Shortly, Maria could see something in her shades. She slowly...
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1.I've listened to the Slender background موسیقی max intensity. Why don't they play it this loud in the game?

The reason they don't is because they want to force the player to think they actually are in a forest being chased سے طرف کی Slender Man. If they did play the موسیقی that loud, the player would hear it and realize, "Oh yeah, it's just a game!". However, in later games such as Hospice, when Slender appears, a high strings cord is played. The reason this happens is because the player is used to silence. When the cord is played, it startles the player and rattles them even more. However, to solidify...
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My father quickly fled the room.
Just like that, gone.
I stood there, looking at the closed door, then down at my feet. I had to find out myself.
I went over to my desk, grabbed my laptop, and put it on my بستر carefully.
As it turned on, I swear I heard a weird voice.
It said, "Emerald...I'm coming for-"
Chills ran down my spine yet again.
I looked at the window, curtains closed. I had a feeling he was out there, watching my window, just waiting for me to see him.
I shuddered, & looked at my computer screen.
I looked up the man with the following keywords:
tall man in a dark suit, red tie, stalker,...
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I stopped running.
I stopped breathing.
I had a feeling, that I knew whos scream it was.
I had a feeling that I knew what happened.
My body shook.
I slowly turn around, and my face goes pale.
The Slender was starring right at me.
He was holding my father.
My fathers head was in his hands, with a pained look on his face, as well as his blood.
Then, I noticed thin blood red wires that were attached to his neck and the rest of his body...and that was in The Slenders other hand.
Then, someone pulled on my arm & began running, forcing me to run as well.
"Daddy!" I looked back at them.
"Shut up! Hes gone, hes gone!"
Thats all this is.
Sol, my fathers death, and the Slender.
We quickly fled the house.
The sun was already starting to set.
No, no no no!

I began running forward, screaming.
"Mom! Mom!"
I know that she died, but we did see Anna & Melodys bodies.
"Emerald!" my father yanked hard on my arm.
He slapped me.
"We don't use that language."
I spat in his face & ran.
Then, he came.
The Slender came.
I heard the ringing, then static.
Then, screaming.