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Before I knew it, everyone was dead.
Everyone but me.
I was scared, no, terrified.
My دل pounded in my chest.
Mom, Dad, the other guy...were dead.
I was next.
I didn't know the Slender, یا why he was this way. Why he did what he did.
"S-Slender...I know your out here. Just come on out and end it already!"
I had no idea what I'd just said.
I didn't want to die.
I didn't want this.
A cool breeze hit me, slapping my cheeks.
I knew were he was.
He was right behind me.
I turned around slowly, and froze.
I couldn't belive what I was seeing.
This was unreal.
This...was impossible.
Him and his brother playing it XD
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Hope آپ like it! :)
(Note: This has not been reposted to خارج تبصرے because of their opinions. It has been reposted because certain commenters are not respecting certain rules I have about bad language in my articles. If those people wish to have their تبصرہ on the article, do it without the cussing.)

I’ll start with the Scripted frightening. I myself don’t watch Pewdiepie often, but I do with Tobuscus, and with both I have seen how they react to scares and such, granted مزید so with Tobuscus. I can’t speak for Pewdiepie but I think it’s the same.

With games like the Walking Dead, The Last of Us,...
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The cornerstone of Slenderman interests.
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This is a new Fanfiction series I am doing. It focuses on a 12 سال old girl called Maria and how she starts to react when people go missing in her town because of the so-called Slender Man living in the forest nearby.

My name is Maria. I am about 12 years old. Some people at my school nickname me “Mari” because my name sounds nice in that way. I am very cute and sweet, and I can get quite angry sometimes.
It was another boring دن in the summer. Maria was in the garden relaxing. She was wearing a white dress with white sandals. Shortly, Maria could see something in her shades. She slowly...
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1.I've listened to the Slender background موسیقی max intensity. Why don't they play it this loud in the game?

The reason they don't is because they want to force the player to think they actually are in a forest being chased سے طرف کی Slender Man. If they did play the موسیقی that loud, the player would hear it and realize, "Oh yeah, it's just a game!". However, in later games such as Hospice, when Slender appears, a high strings cord is played. The reason this happens is because the player is used to silence. When the cord is played, it startles the player and rattles them even more. However, to solidify...
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My father quickly fled the room.
Just like that, gone.
I stood there, looking at the closed door, then down at my feet. I had to find out myself.
I went over to my desk, grabbed my laptop, and put it on my بستر carefully.
As it turned on, I swear I heard a weird voice.
It said, "Emerald...I'm coming for-"
Chills ran down my spine yet again.
I looked at the window, curtains closed. I had a feeling he was out there, watching my window, just waiting for me to see him.
I shuddered, & looked at my computer screen.
I looked up the man with the following keywords:
tall man in a dark suit, red tie, stalker,...
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I stopped running.
I stopped breathing.
I had a feeling, that I knew whos scream it was.
I had a feeling that I knew what happened.
My body shook.
I slowly turn around, and my face goes pale.
The Slender was starring right at me.
He was holding my father.
My fathers head was in his hands, with a pained look on his face, as well as his blood.
Then, I noticed thin blood red wires that were attached to his neck and the rest of his body...and that was in The Slenders other hand.
Then, someone pulled on my arm & began running, forcing me to run as well.
"Daddy!" I looked back at them.
"Shut up! Hes gone, hes gone!"
Thats all this is.
Sol, my fathers death, and the Slender.
We quickly fled the house.
The sun was already starting to set.
No, no no no!

I began running forward, screaming.
"Mom! Mom!"
I know that she died, but we did see Anna & Melodys bodies.
"Emerald!" my father yanked hard on my arm.
He slapped me.
"We don't use that language."
I spat in his face & ran.
Then, he came.
The Slender came.
I heard the ringing, then static.
Then, screaming.
Sol held onto the door knob, and slowly opened the door.
A slight icreeeeek! was made.
I shuddered.
We all walked inside, & I turned my head, looking at the wall. It looked like it was coverd in black crayon, marker, یا even Sharpie.
The drawing scared me.
I knew what it was.
It was a stick figured version of Slenderman.
He had his head, a مثلث to represent his chest, & 2 long lines that look to be frantically drawn, as well as longer legs, also frantically drawn.
I also saw drawings of trees.
It was The Slender Man...
I tapped on my dads shoulder, & pointed to the drawing on the wall,...
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As we were walking, I swore I heard the moan again, further up the path.
We stopped a couple of times, looking around in the trees, even though it was brode daylight.
"Don't be afraid," my father smiled warmly at me. "Thats just what he wants, remember that."
I nodded, and Sol shrugged.
Up ahead, we saw a house.
House? In the middle of the woods with a phyco killer? Odd....
As we got closer, my father noticed a FOR SALE sign outside of it, in the driveway.
I looked up.
A jeep, and the front door was opened.
"Huh, Dad, Sol, look."
I pointed to the halfway opend front door.
"We take a look inside," Sol...
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I just store at him.
He was staring at my father.
"Sol," I snapped my fingers, and he jumped in fear, he looked at me.
"I'm going to wake my father up, then we can continue. Hopefully The Slender Man dosn't attack in daylight."
He just nodded, crossed his arms, and began looking around, to make shure the Slender dosen't come & get it سے طرف کی suprise.
"Dad," I shook him lightly, and he jolted awake.
"JESSICA!" he yelled as he sat up.
"Dad," I coverd my ears, then put them back سے طرف کی my side while he was calming down.
"Wheres your mother?"
"Slender killed her, don't آپ remember?"
His face is expressionless....
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This boy who claims to be called "Sol Night" had changed, from a hedgehog to human.
Was I seeing things again?
"What the hell are آپ doing out here?" I asked again.
"Trying to find my brother."
"I heard a scream last night, two girls,"
Anna &Melody...
"Then later, my brother went looking for them, he vanished, so I went looking for him."
I'm not shure if I can believe this boy, but I tell him to follow me, and I walk to my father, and take his extra clothing, and give it to Sol.
"Please, cover your nudity."
He didn't put up a fight, he put on the clothing, and looked at my dad.
I remembered my mothers death...
What did we pack...? Extra clothing, food & water...radios...
I quickly get my radio out, its already set to channel 3.
I whispered.
The radio was still on.
مزید static, and an echo.
A moan.
The echo of a moan.
To be continued...