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He seems such a nice person what you see it what you get. He suited the part of father ralph and he did a brillant person. Nobodys supprized it a diffrent time dont it seems to be the normal Richard played father ralph well and hat of to rachel ward and Richard coz the did a fantasic job and made all convinced. But could imgane it was very hard to do the love scenes but they both pulled it off very well. I am such a massive fan of the thorn bird it's one of me fav love story thorn birds and somewhere in time oh l love them both. But always loved the thorn birds l was only little when it came out bout 3 -4years old but didn't see it l was bout ten and me grandma Bought me mum the box set one Christmas and just fell in live with the thorn birds it will always beca true classic no matter whar xx but they picked the right cast for their part it's a sad story. Fav part was the beach sceen that bit just gets the goose bumps. Just watching the thorn birds now as we speak
posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک.