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July's FOTM is now closed and I won! Thanks so much guys♥

Here's the interview

1. How do آپ feel about being nominated as TVD پرستار of the Month?
I'm so happy, I really want to thank everyone that voted for me because it means a lot! :D I'm really surprised though, there are so many incredible شائقین on this spot♥
Anyway, it's a bit strange interviewing myself, but here it goes...

2. Who is your favourite character?
There are many that I love, Elena, Kat, Stefan... but my fave is Caroline. I love how much she's changed throughout the episodes and it's not that I didn't like her in S1, but she's...
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posted by kende
When vampire diaries first came out many people was like it a wannna be version of Twilight. But that is so wrong, sure it have to do with love , and بھیڑیا and stuff. In my opinion vampire diaries is way better than twilight . There is مزید romance , action and various twists. آپ Twilight شائقین might hate me........................................... For this but guess what? its true! Vampire diaries کتابیں came before TWILIGHT so let haters be haters. twilight honestly bore me to death , we know she gonna choose Edward over Jacob . she probably gonna be vampire and stuff. State the obvious. the first time i watch twilight i was like wtf,that is it. VAMPIRE DIARIES VS. TWILIGHT!
New TVD characters for season 3:

Ray Sutton:

TV Line reports that David Gallagher, who appeared on 7th Heaven and this summer's Super 8, will be playing a werewolf named کرن, رے Sutton. Sutton will encounter Klaus while he and Stefan travel through Tennessee and will appear in the first two episodes of season 3.


E! reveals a new female character will also be joining the mix back in Mystic Falls. A girl named Becky, who features in Stefan's "bloody" past, will be دکھانا up at Mystic Falls High. Becky's out to reclaim Stefan and tries to insinuate herself as queen bee of the school. She will also be setting her sights on Caroline in particular. TV Guide adds that we'll be flashing back to Prohibition-era Chicago with Becky and Stefan

article credit:
this مضمون is about sookie stuckhouse from true blood and elena gilbert of the strongest from the vampire diaries.

first of all don't get me wrong i love both sookie & elena and i admier them, they are both one of the strongest and smartest female characters on tv, both are kind,funny,sweet,smart,beautiful inside and out and they make one the hardest choices almost every دن in their lives but when it comes to the matter of their دل they really blind and make the wrong choices.

what most woman want is that the man they love is to be honest with them no matter what, and since دن 1 both...
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Our winner for May is Maryam! Congrats ♥

Here's the interview:

1. How do آپ feel about being nominated as TVD پرستار of the Month?
It was so surprising I did'nt know that was coming up but I'm so happy about that. I'm sure every TVD پرستار deserve to win. I want to Thank آپ all who have voted for me ♥ Love آپ guys, and if آپ did'nt I still love آپ all.

2. Who is your favourite character?
WOW!!! I have مزید then 1 یا 2. My favourite characters are Elena,Katherine,Stefan,Elijah,Klaus,Damon (No Order), But I like other TVD characters as well but they are not in my favourite list.

3. Which couple...
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posted by mrssalvatore6
Ep.1:"She's Katherine.She loves to play games."
Ep.2:"Are آپ worried that all the forest
animals will band together and fight back?After all,they talk."
Ep.3:"If آپ wanna see me naked, all آپ have to do is ask."
"You and Katherine have a lot مزید in common than just your looks."
Ep.6:"I look at آپ and I see myself.A less dashing,less intelligent version."
Ep.7:"And the evil slut vampire who only loved herself."
Ep.8:"I need to say it once.You need to hear it.I love you, Elena."
Ep.12:"I'm not human.And I miss it.I miss it مزید than anything in the world."
Ep.13:"It means I'm changing and evolving into a man capable of greatness."
Ep.16:"Katherine,there are six other bedrooms in this house.Go find one."
Ep.18:"I'll even let her hate me for it.But at the end of the day,I'll be the one to keep her alive."
Ep.20:(to Elena)"I can't lose you."
posted by sweetyetsimple
Stefan and damon have lived over a 150 years so obviously they've been through alot....and سے طرف کی alot i mean ALOT,and everything they've been through didnt just pass سے طرف کی it had a huge impact on them,how they act,how they think,who they are 2 be breif.We should all remember that the salvatore brothers were once normal human beings,and ofcourse they were stiil different back then but they have managed 2 be good bros.,good freinds.Damon was the kind of a rebel stubborn,reckless,tough,selfish at times son, and stefan was the obeying,good,sweet,very gentleman son.and after becoming vampires i think...
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I think that damon should get a chance to be with Elena. Even though he is evil and wicked and cruel and brutal and scarcastic etc, he can change and he did. He changed into this sweet, lovable kind hearted guy and would rather be hiself but he cant because of Elena. He changed just for her and he cant even be with her, thats just evil and wrong. He deserves a chance. Katherine may have screwed up his everlasting life as a vampire but Elena changed him and i think he should get a chance, i think is fair
A new episode of The Vampire Diaries is so far away (April 7!), but that doesn't mean we should all just curl up in a ball and rock back and forth until that دن comes. We're better than that.

Why don't we take a look at what the April 14 episode ("The Last Dance") has in store for us via تصاویر starring Stefan, Damon, Elena, and some hot make-out action? And we've got the rest of today's TV ڈیٹس اپ to make sure you're on the ball with your boob tube news…

"The Last Dance" revolves around yet another theme dance for Mystic Falls. This time it's a "1960s Decade Dance," and because Elena (Nina...
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posted by maryam1311
♥ Because he wanted to dance with her. | 1×12 Unpleasantville

♥ Because she really thinks that he believes that everything he´s done it´s done for love. | 1×13 Children of the Damned

♥ Because he did deliberate move. | 1×13 Children of the Damned

♥ Because he wanted her honest answers. | 1×13 Children of the Damned

♥ Because she was lecturing him. | 1×13 Children of the Damned

♥ Because he called Elena “our girlfriend” right on front of Stefan. | 1×13 Children of the Damned

♥ Because he kissed her hair. | 1×13 Children of the Damned

♥ Because they have something. | 1×14...
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posted by MsJeremyGilbert
Vampire Diaries‘ exhaustive تلاش for an actor to play legendary bloodsucker Klaus has narrowed to one.

Sources کریں تصدیق to me exclusively that English thesp Joseph مورگن is nearing a deal to شامل میں the cast as the oft-referred-to-but-never-seen member of the Originals.

Joseph who?! I’ll get to that in a second, but first آپ should know that Morgan’s near-casting ایوارڈز a months-long manhunt for Klaus. In a حالیہ interview with, exec producer Julie Plec estimated that مزید than 100 actors across multiple continents had read for the part. Plec also hinted that despite شائقین pitching...
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Here are the UPCOMING EPISODE SCHEDULE for the Vampire Diaries season 2:

January 27: The Descent

February 3: Daddy Issues

February 10: Crying Wolf

February 17: The رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا Party

February 24: The House Guest

March 3: The Decsent (re-run)

March 10: Daddy Issues (re-run)

March 17: Crying بھیڑیا (re-run)

March 24: The رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا Party (re-run)

March 31: The House Guest (re-run)

Also, episode 15, The Guest House is a flashback episode. It is rumored that Arielle Kebbel will be returning as Lexi for this episode, دکھانا when Stefan and Lexi meets and how she saved him from becoming exactly like Damon.

posted by nichole22
please leave تبصرے so i no if this story sucks یا not and please read it even if its not the whole story.

Chapter 1: The unexpected

Have آپ ever had one of those dreams, were آپ try and run fast but آپ just keep getting slower, well that's the dream I was having. This is the most strangest dream I have ever had. I was being chased سے طرف کی two wannabe snobs from school, Rachel was the leader from between them, who was tall with black hair tied up in to a curly mini style afro like a thick puff ball at the back of her head. she also had long, sleek legs built for running. Along side her was her...
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 Vampire diaries
Vampire diaries
Hi guys!!!These are my top-5 Tvd couples.I have done an مضمون like this in the past ,but it was about season 1.Now I am doing this again about season 2.So here it is:

5.Jenna Alaric
I really like them ,because they look so cute together and I love all the scenes with them together.

4.Jeremy Bonnie
I never liked any of Jeremy's girlfriends(Vicky یا Anna).Bonnie had never a real boyfriend and now they look perfect together.I hope they will be a couple one day.

3.Stefan Katherine
I love them,especially now at season 2.They should be a couple ,because she loves him and he loves her,even a bit.

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posted by melikhan
Although the دکھائیں is based on the کتابیں of the same name, many of the characters are changed, though the main story lines are kept. Beginning in season one, ten characters received سٹار, ستارہ billing, with one being written out and another being promoted.

Nina Dobrev portrays Elena Gilbert, the main protagonist, as well as Katherine Pierce, also known as Katerina Petrova, the main antagonist.Elena is quickly involved in a love مثلث between two vampires, which serves as one of the main focal points of the show. Paul Wesley portrays Stefan Salvatore, one of the vampire brothers who is good-hearted...
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Question: Will there be مزید delicious Delena moments in Midnight?
LJ: Shadow Souls is the book I have enjoyed writing the most since the original Vampire Diaries book, The Awakening. I didn't worry about going into a different dimension and crossing the boundary between "urban fantasy" and "high fantasy." I just followed my دل and wrote.

And I can't deny that there is a strong chemistry between Damon and Elena. But this is, after all, a love triangle, with Stefan at the other point. And with Stefan back, Elena's guilt is enormous. I think that I may have gone with my own personal feelings...
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posted by mitchie19
Why do we love Klaus?

>>Because he kicks the Salvatores’ asses – repeatedly, and without prejudice. Klaus is the epitome of hopelessness in Dark Reunion. Even Damon – DAMON! – acknowledges that to fight Klaus is to lose. (And Klaus brings out the best in the eldest Salvatore brother, we’ve gotta say. It’s not often Damon isn’t the biggest badass in town.) While we know سے طرف کی now not to get too attached to the book versions of characters – the دکھائیں has fully become its own entity – we’re still incredibly excited about the possibilities Klaus’ arrival brings to Mystic...
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posted by crazed_twilight
In this مضمون katherine and mason's scene is happening at the same time as stefan and elena's scene
it's morning in elena's room and the sun is shining to give it a very dramatic feel
"you're staring"
"i'm gazing"
"it's creepy"
"it's romantic"
stefan opens his eyes looks at elena and uses the تکیا to cover his head
"hey"chuckles then removes the تکیا from his head and then stefan kisses her and she kisses him back and then stefan starts kissing her neck
"oh,this is bad of us"
"yes it is "continues to kiss her on the neck
"if katherine finds out,"
"katherine who?" kisses...
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Stefan Salvatore
Katherine had a sexual relationship with the younger Salvatore brother, Stefan, and chose him over Damon completeley. Even though she was secretly in "love" with Damon Stefan was the guy for her. After they had sexual intercourdes and she bit him, he awoke the اگلے دن and remembered that her face was like a demon. She went over to him and compelled him so that they would go on like they were before with their relationship. After Stefan asked his dad "what if some vampires are good" Giuseppe (Salvatore brithers father) secretly poisened his drink with vervain and later Katherine...
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Katherine Pierce
Katherine Pierce (born Katerina Petrova) is a vampire from the Salvatore brothers' past in 1864 and the main antagonist of the first 7 episodes ofThe Vampire Diaries in Season Two. She had compelled Stefan to drink her blood, and Damon did it willingly and they got shot while trying to save her from being taken to the tomb to be destroyed. It was later revealed that she created most of the tomb vampires and later sent her دوستوں and family to their deaths just to fake her own.
This character is a member of the Pierce Family.

Early Life
Katherine's human life is vague other than...
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