The Vampire Diaries Damon salvatore's death. Please only D یا and DE fans. :)

Miss_Nikstar posted on Jan 28, 2013 at 10:22AM
Hello there fellow people, I've been hearing a lot of speculation that damon might die, here's what gives me this idea

- in episode 4x13 damon heads of to the island with the others where they meet Vaughn and it says that damon faces of with him and proves his love for elena?
- nina dobrev tweeted that episode 4x15 was very emotionally draining or something along those lines.
- spoilers been saying 2 main characters will die.
- a lot of foreshadowing in earlier episodes, like in 4x06
JEREMY ; ill stake damon right now
Damon ; easy van helsing.
- but then Ian somerhalder revealed script for 4x16? So he must be on set right?

I know that if they do kill him off they most likely will bring him back but I'm freaking out lol. Does anyone have any insight, spoilers or theories. Would love to hear :)

P.s any spoilers about Delena are completely welcome :) lol

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