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 Winx club again!
Winx club again!
--------16 years later-------

(The winx are now comparatively old and their daughters young,Lisa and the other girls r now 16)

-----One day------

(Bloom is working as well as the other winx girls on their lives,weird they have not met for 16 years,as if they get together it maybe a harm for..........)

(Bloom suddenly finds a message teleporter,it gives messages and teleports anything)

Bloom:A message teleporter?Have not seen these in years,yoah!!!
(A message appears)
Ms Faragonda:Aaaaaa,bloom!Long time no see!I have a news,use this teleporter to get to Alfea,i have good news.Only 1 can come so bring along none!
Bloom:Humph????(goes to get ready)(Leaves the thing on the table)

Stella:(same message)(Leaves it on the right beside her make-up box)

Flora:(same thing but leaves it on the پھول garden)

Musa:(left on میز, جدول but fell to the ground)

Tecna:(left beside her comp. mouse)

Layla:(Leaves near a surf-board)

Roxy:(Leaves it at place a freez-bi)

------same thing happenns with all the girls but none knows the other has the same message,of going to Alfea--------

(Bloom's house)
Lisa:Mom!Mom!Where is she?(Suddenly accidently her hand fell on the teleporter and she teleported to Alfea!!!!)

(Stella's house)
Sunshime:Mom!Where is my blush?
Stella:Near the 100th make-pup-box sweety!
Sunshime:(accidently her brush brush touched it and poffff!Gone)

(Musa's house)
-Rosena playing her flute,her flute fell from her hand and accidently beeped the teleporter leaving her to Alfea-

(Flora's house)
Angelice:(watering the flowers)(finds the teleporter and touches it and gone)

(Layla's house)
Faina:(Has a close look at it and also not understanding touches it and is gone)

(Tecna's house)
Siobhan:(thought it was a ماؤس and pressed it and was gone)

(Roxy's house)
Terra:(Takes the teleporter thing as a disk and poof!Gone into thin air)

----20 mins later----
Bloom:Lisa!!!!Lisa!(sees the thing beeping)
Bloom:Oh no!
(Same thing happening everywhere)

---In Alfea-----

Rosena:Where am i??(starts walking when she sees a girl,pale look,brown hair and really innocent)
Rosena:Hey there,i am Rosey,u r?
Angelica:Angelica,Angel actually.
Rosena:Where r we?
Angle:No idea.
Terra:Hey there!I am Terra,nice to meet u.
Angelica:Hello,i am Angelica and this is Rosena.
Rosena:I.e. Rosey.
(Watches Lisa coming with Sunshime)
Sunshime:Hey there,girls nice clothes!Sunshime here,or just Sunny.
Lisa:Okkkkk,i am Lisa.U r?
Angelica:Angelica ie Angel
(Comes Faina)
Faina:hey there!!!I am Faina,i see i am not the only one here.
Terra:We r Lisa,
Terra:I am Terra!
Siobhan:And i am Siobhan,pronounced Si-o-Van,ok!
Lisa:Any guesses where we r???
Terra:Then we better find out where we r,lets go.....

(They found their ways to the headmistresses office)
Ms Faragonda:hello girls,i see ur mothers became respondsible to send u here,i did'nt know they cud read minds,anyways I am Miss Faragonda,Head mistress.Welcome to Alfea High!School of fairies.
(The girls become spellbound)

IN THE اگلے EPISODE------
Ms Faragonda tells them about their history and their future,leading the girls to a tough decision.Their powers r new and they feel and practice it,but now will they be able to take the pressure and live upto it,find out in the اگلے episode.

-----To Be Continued----
 The new winx!Lisa,Sunshime,Angelica,Rosena,Siobhan,Faina,Terra!!!!
The new winx!Lisa,Sunshime,Angelica,Rosena,Siobhan,Faina,Terra!!!!
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 Princess-Flora's شبیہ
Princess-Flora's icon
ارے everyone! Sorry for the delay, but I finally got it. Here's the FOTCOTM Interview with Princess-Flora, the biggest Flora fan:

1. Congratulations for winning FOTCOTM! How do آپ feel?
I feel really happy about this and shocked
2. What is your پسندیدہ thing about Flora?
I really love that Flora is always willing to help those in need, and cares for her friends. I find that putting others before yourself is a very admirable trait in people.
3. Is there anything آپ dislike about Flora? If so, then what is it?
I guess it would be since Nick took over they make her say “don’t hurt the plants”...
continue reading...
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