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Why hasn't anybody made an مضمون yet? Well آپ need to! I am here for three reasons. One: to tell some people that it is ILLIGAL to keep a tiger as a pet. The only reason I would is because I will be a wildlifevet when i grow up! I would know how to properly take care of one! My سیکنڈ reason is to tell آپ all that آپ can ask e any سوال about tigers and i would be able to awnser it! So if آپ want to be مزید knowledgeble on tigers ask me a سوال on my تبصرے area! And my third and most IMPORTANT reason is that we all need to save money to save tigers because they are going extinct! Especially Indo-Chinese. There are only 60 left! Im raising my money! If آپ want ask me where a good website is to donate آپ and I'l tell you!
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