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posted by sweetlady982002
Dear Pastor:

I have a friend who is 41 years old, she's emotionally disturbed & lives with her mother who has diabetes. Her mother needs to be put in a mental hospital because she falsely accuses her daughter of certain things that she really didn't do یا say. Her mother lowers her daughter's self esteem سے طرف کی calling her terrible names like crazy, dumb, & stupid; & threatens to put her in a group home. I really don't want my friend to be put in a group ہوم because people don't treat other people nice, & the same thing goes with the halfway houses. If anything, I believe that my...
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posted by sweetlady982002
Are Evelyn Melendez and singer Jordan Knight divorced? Know about her marriage, husband, and children

گیا کیا پوسٹ سے طرف کی MarriedBiography گیا کیا پوسٹ on July 16, 2019 | In Affair , Child , Divorce

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There are many rumors about the divorce of this couple Evelyn Melendez and Jordan Knight. There was news of their separation in the سال 2012. But they did not officially announce their separation, much of social media was bubbling over with reports of their fights.

Evelyn Melendez and her husband Jordan Knight
Source: Biography Leaks(Evelyn Melendez...
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posted by RIPlefteye
Well people, TLC has not broken up but they lost a memeber as everyone knowns already.. they are supposed to be coming out with a movie of the group but t-boz && chilli will not be playing there selfs. They کہا that its just too hard too act with someone one who is not Left-Eye. They're gonnah watch the movie ofcourse but acting like the person whos playing Left-Eye is her just cant be done.TLC has been through alot of struggles but people just dont know. The 90's had the best موسیقی && now these days everyone is editing there vocie,& special effects && all the fancy clothes, but back in the دن it wasnt like that. Thats why TLC will always be in my دل && So will Left-eye. R.I.P ! && Lots of love too T-boz & Chilli.