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posted by GraceRockMedia
شائقین of TobyMac and Christian موسیقی in general: Is TobyMac the center of the Christian موسیقی universe? I'm sure he would humbly point to Jesus as the center, and TobyMac would be absolutely correct. However, Toby, songs featuring Toby, and DC Talk all get a lot of play on Christian radio.

I was curious if most established singers and bands in the Christian موسیقی universe could be connected to TobyMac in a fashion similar to Kevin Bacon's six degrees? Maybe it's really 8 Tracks, that makes sense to people that were around in the seventies, but how about helping me out to see.

Check out my FaceBook page Six Tracks To TobyMac, یا play on Twitter with #SixTracksToTobyMac.

Be a پرستار of Christian music, give all the glory to God!

Also check out my Grace Rocks Song Concordance!
 Six Tracks To TobyMac -
Six Tracks To TobyMac -
I wake up one morning, and like every morning, my dad has Fox&friends on. But as I walk past my dad, and into the kitchen, he says that Tobymac is going to be on!
I was like " Really?"
"Yea they announced it this morning" کہا my dad.
So I stayed down stairs and watched fox&friends until near the end of the show, Tobymac comes on!
I did a silent cheer as the band played Get Back Up, from his new CD Tonight. And me being a big پرستار of Tobymac, just made my دن hearing them on a national tv station, SINGING CHRISTIAN MUSIC.
And I hope that the song touched peoples hearts.