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what آپ will need:
1. گلابی fabric, about 4 yards of 44/45" یا 3 of 58/60" light گلابی is best.
2. half a yard of red fabric u can opt for a bigger bow with 58/60" but i would opt for 44/45''
3. a large bell, آپ can probably find one at micheal's یا hobby lobby
4. a small گھنٹی, بیل (or سونا felt and an مالٹا, نارنگی marker)
5. 2 sheets of felt, one a light گلابی and one black
6. red faux فر, سمور trim
7. گلابی faux fur
8. hot glue gun یا double sided tape
9. correspoding گلابی and red thread
10. knowledge of basic stiches, یا a trustworthy reference
11. shears
12. a sewing machine. if آپ don't have one look for singer...
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The sun.
A beautiful place, blazing hot.
So hot, that no living human could walk on it.
Except one.
We expect her to have long brown hair tied into a red bow, yellow gloves, yellow ballerina dress, yellow shoes. Yellow eyes, if possible but if blue, fine.

Sakura: Look guys! I'm touching the sun!
Ringo & Berry: EHHHH?
Sakura: I'm just kidding! Geez,you guys...
Ringo: آپ had us scared, Sakura-Neechan!
Berry: Yeah!
Sakura: I feel like the sun is calling out to me...somehow...

Later that day...
Sakura: Ah! Kishu-Sama!
Masaya: Huh?
Masaya: Kishu-San? Sakura-Chan, آپ don't...
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Uploaded originally سے طرف کی some YouTuber called 'Lilremnant'.
mew zakuro
آگ کے, آگ
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