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 This is what I look like as this exotic creature
This is what I look like as this exotic creature
Hi all آپ Mew شائقین again! I have returned once مزید with the ultimate suprise of a lifetime. Another new transformation, but this one will amaze and shock آپ all!

I am so excited to tell آپ guys about this اگلے transfromation of mine.

Well, lets get started! :D

Most people know what a regular leopard is. It's a big cat that comes Africa and Asia. But this sub-species of leopard is the most amazing, the most beauitful, and the rarest and exotic of its own kind.

Meet the Snow Leopard!

The Snow Leopard, judging سے طرف کی its name, lives in the snowy,...
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Its been سال 20 years since the battle with Heretic Batrick. Everyone who seen what happen remember what they seen. The brave ones who fought that battle, will never forget what transferred that day. Now a new generation has come forth to see what is to come....

Summer-Table 16 needs their سٹرابیری, اسٹرابیری parfait کی, پآرفااٹ Cake!

Maple-I can't find the order for میز, جدول 4...

Vanilla-Move faster girls, the customers are waiting. Bust a move...*spit some tea*

Summer-You can help آپ know....

Winter-Lets not fight....We got to help everyone first....

Cini-Hold out girls! We only got 4 hours left.

All the girls-OH MAN!...
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1. Put laxatives in her drink.
2. Tell her she has a moustache.
3. Keep getting mixed up with whether her name means چکوترا یا Pomegranate.
4. After about a ماہ of getting confused, about which one is right, decide to solve the problem سے طرف کی just calling her "Mr. Grumpy."
5. When (and if) she tries to talk to you, pretend not to hear and stare at the exact same place for the اگلے 15 minutes.
6. Keep insisting to her that her and Mint are a couple.
7. Force-feed her Ichigo's cooking.
8. Pinch her cheek and go "Aww, who's a good wolfy then?"
9. Everyday, ask her if she's going to America yet.
10. Find...
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Verse 1
Ichigo: Let's eat some strawberries...
Mint: With parfait, cakes, and چاول cakes
You'll be happy if آپ eat them all
Lettuce: یا a bunch of other fruits...
Pudding: Kiwis, sweeties, and peaches
I really like fruit!
Mint: یا cold ice cream
Lettuce: Put it in the freezer to harden
Top it with sauce later
Pudding: I like all of these...
Ichigo: I'm a little irresolute
But that's OK, because I'm cute!
Zakuro: Just being very sweet...
Lettuce: Would leave something...
Mint & Lettuce: be desired~
Ichigo: Put on your پسندیدہ topping
If آپ don't have it, then go shopping
wait for it nyaa~
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The sun.
A beautiful place, blazing hot.
So hot, that no living human could walk on it.
Except one.
We expect her to have long brown hair tied into a red bow, yellow gloves, yellow ballerina dress, yellow shoes. Yellow eyes, if possible but if blue, fine.

Sakura: Look guys! I'm touching the sun!
Ringo & Berry: EHHHH?
Sakura: I'm just kidding! Geez,you guys...
Ringo: آپ had us scared, Sakura-Neechan!
Berry: Yeah!
Sakura: I feel like the sun is calling out to me...somehow...

Later that day...
Sakura: Ah! Kishu-Sama!
Masaya: Huh?
Masaya: Kishu-San? Sakura-Chan, آپ don't...
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 Kasey as a Tyrannosarus
Kasey as a Tyrannosarus
Meet Kasey, a پرستار made character in Tokyo Mew Mew.

The most powerful and most amazing member of the Mew Project, he holds power not only in himself, but to his fellow دوستوں and partners. His دوستوں include Ichigo, Mint, Lettuce, Pudding, Zakuro, Berry, and Ringo.

The story of how Kasey deveopled his powers is unknown to anyone, but he does hold skills and brains like that of a human, but has the behiavor and most skills of any animal. It is because of this that Ichigo and the others consider him a memeber of the group and also the most powerful memeber of the Mew Team.

Despite his powers,...
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 "These claws were made for battle!"
"These claws were made for battle!"
Greetings all آپ Mew fans! It is I, Kasey here giving to آپ guys another deluxe suprise with a new creature feature after many months of busyness and school and all that.

Anyway, let me دکھائیں آپ guys the newst edition to this special Creature Features! =D

Everyone knows what T.Rex is یا Velociraptor and Triceratops. But do any of آپ guys know the most unusal looking dinosaurs native to the Asian borders? Some of آپ might not, but this Creature Feature will دکھائیں آپ guys one of the most bizar and possibly the most fearsome looking dinosaurs...
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