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I only became a member of this site so I can let آپ all now that the thing between Tom and Chantelle is F A K E.

They pretended to hook up so the group chantelle is in (don't remember the name) would be مزید noticed in europe.

They had arranged for a german gossip magazine BILD to be there to take the pictures, the kiss the date, everything was fake.

Can't believe آپ peeps didn't know that.

Tom & chantelle is NOT a couple, never have been.

Spread the word!


I got this from Soul_ladie
She told to 'spread the word' - And i did!
And it would be nice, if you'll do that too? :-i
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"1. ‘Accidentally’ call him a girl in public.
2. Laugh hysterically every time he says the word ‘what’.
3. Steal all his eyeliner and begin drawing strange pictures all over his walls. When he asks what آپ are doing turn your back to him and mutter something about Georg.
4. Sing very loudly and very off-key to any Green دن song he might be playing.
5. At 4:27 in the morning, jump on his بستر and scream “The leprechauns are attacking! The leprechauns are attacking! Run for your life!”
6. Rename him Phillip Johnny Bob and refuse to call him سے طرف کی any other name.
7. Give away the ending...
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