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hccw posted on Feb 25, 2012 at 09:38PM
I'm doing a marketing assignment on topshop and had to come up with a new idea which they could introduce into their stores...
My idea was Tophire, a new range of formal wear which is available to hire within topshop stores and on it's website. This would involve a premium range of formal wear (primarily dresses) being available to hire for 33% of their RRP however Tophire would ensure that each garment is only hired out a maximum of 3 times so that they stay in good condition. Once the garment has been hired out and cleaned for the third time, as long as it is still in very good condition it would be sold within topshop at a discounted price! This would provide a cheaper way of keeping up with the latest trends particularly if you are usually only wearing dresses that you buy just once of twice!
If you could please find the time to complete my questionaire so that I can gain more research on the idea that would be great!
Remember, this is only for my coursework... although I think it would be great if Topshop did actually introduce it!!
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