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Chapter 1: Back to California

YES!! Here is my first chapter! The other chapters will have different titles that I will make up as long as I go.This is a سال in the past when Courtney is leaving to go back to California. It's in her POV. Let's read.....shall we?

I was boarding my plane back to California. It's been 2 weeks when I suddenly "disappear " from Total Drama. I'm not EVER coming back, and it's not because of Duncan, my first love who broke up with me for the nice goth Gwen, it's because I missed my family and friends. I don't...
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Chapter 3: The Reunion

Now...the moment آپ ALL been waiting for,
But.....remember that the cast DOES NOT recognize Courtney at first.
Courtney's POV

Walking to the stage. Check. Got some Wendy's. Check. Perfect day? YES! :D
I was walking in the hallway to the stage for something that me and Logan had to do.
I went out to get lunch for Logan and me. Yep, Logan is lazy to get his own lunch, but I loved him. (AN: the FRIEND love, not the ROMANTIC love!!) I looked at my watch and I was a little late. So I hurried...
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Chapter 2: The Arrival

Ok, this is present دن of Total Drama. This time it's could be ANYONE's POV. The story is when the group comes to California and Duncan didn't quit at the beggining, so he is with the group.

Duncan's POV

I was in loser class since we lost last time. So I'm here with The Queen Bee, Psycho Cody Fan, The Goth, and The Geek. Gwen and I have been together and it's sooo boring!! We have so much in common that we run out of stuff to talk about. She is clincy too! And who knew she was so girly?!

I hate those kind of chicks....
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