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obssesedTDIgirl posted on Sep 19, 2011 at 03:02AM
An RP with mythical creatures! We go to a normal school, but all need to keep our idenity a secret. When you join, please fill this out for any official characters you use!

Creature: (witch, vampire, angel, human, ect)

1. Don't be a jerk!
2. Don't exclude or ignore people, that's rude
3. Keep it pretty clean, but if you really have the need to swear, star* it out.
4. At most, it can be PG-13
5. Please no Mary-Sues or Ravens please!
6. You don't need ask to join, JUST JOIN!
7. This RP doesn't revolv around you, so dot just barge into conversations, unless you ask.
8. No killing other people's OC unless you ask theyr owner

I'm gonna keep track to the characters in this RP

1. Josh Masters-Human (obssesedTDIgirl)
2. Naomi Fire-(Bad)Vampire (obssesedTDIgirl)
3. Rory Swan-Evil Witch (princess2109)
4. Mitzey-Cater (smartone123)
5. Nina-Shifter (smartone123)
6. Jade-Vampire (smartone123)
7. Riley-Immortal Good Witch (colecutegirl)
8. Alex-Vampire (colecutegirl)
9. Dahvie-Human (colecutegirl)
10. Pixie-Angel/Bender (colecutegirl)
11. Rochelle-Werewolf (Seastar4374)
12. Cole Jericho-Electromancer (dxarmy423)
13. Alice Markhov-Chronomancer (dxarmy423)
14. Kelsey Masters- Mermaid (obssesedTDIgirl)
15. Chris-Tlelmancer (dxarmy423)
16. Katie-Vampire (Strawberry0020)
17. Christian-Human (Strawberry0020)
18. Lance-Human (Strawberry0020)
19. Claire Barreta-Cryomancer (dxarmy423)
20. Evangeline-Vampire (Strawberry0020)
21. Torion-Fire/Water/Earth/Air Bender (obssesedTDIgirl)
22. Scott-Vampire (Strawberry0020)
23. Lust- 1/7 Deadly Beings (dxarmy423)
24. Envy- 1/ Deadly Beings (dxarmy423)
25. Bryan- Wizard (obssesedTDIgirl)
26. Tomoyo- Vampire (Strawberry0020)

You name will be added to the list as you join :)
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*In the Lunch room*

Lust: *looks up from her book* *to katie* oh yeah sure

Chris and Cole: *looking really tired and weak*

Lust: Cole can you go bring back the tray for me *kisses cole on the cheek, draining his soul*

Cole: *will be a mindless shell if his soul gets drained again*

Cole: *goes and puts the tray back

Chris: *accidently head desks*

Lust: oh silly boy *helps chris up* stand up like a normal person

Lust: *drains chris's soul again*
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک aprilacne said…
Rexie:*sitting at another table* *whispers*She Just drained their souls!

Levi:*whispers*I don't like the way Chris eyes look now...They're lifeless.

Amy:Can I run her over?

پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Dials Christian's number so he can listen in just in case of emergencies and fixes the headset she borrowed from Sebastian* Ok...*Lowers voice* Oh, um. Ehem... Thanks Man! *Sees Cole face get weaker* Hey dude over there! (Cole) What happened to you?
Christian: Katie, you don't sound much like a guy at all... meaning you sound like Justin Bieber. Fix it right away, hun.
Katie: *Gets up* I'm gonna get a drink of water, you stay beautiful! I'm gonna hurl...
~The Hall way~
Katie: *Fixes headset and lowers her voice more* Christian, come in...
Christian: Yes?
Katie: Does this sound okay?
Christian: Girl, for a minute I thought you were Lance.
Katie: Okay... I'm taking a quick break to touch up, I'll be back in about five minutes. For now keep a close eye on her, but don't make it seem noticeable.
Christian: Copy that. *Puts phone in his pocket*
Lance: *Walking by Katie with Scott, looking way healthier*
Katie: Hiya!
Lance: Sup? *Keeps walking*
Scott: Who's he?
Katie: Good, nobody realizes it's me. *Spray herself down with Axe*
Girl 1: *Walks up behind Katie and sniffs her hair*
Katie: *Jumps* AH! What the hell?
Girl 2: *Grabs Katie's arm* You are are adorable! You have such a baby face!
Girl 1: *Sniffs Katie's hair again* Oh my god! You smell like Axe!
Katie: Hey stop that!
Girl 3: Hang out with us later?
Katie: I can't...
Girl 2: Why not?
Katie: I'm hanging out with the new girl, Lust.
Girl 1: Her again? She stole all of our boyfriends and they're always doing stuff for her!
Girl 3: And every time I walk past my Ex, he's always looking so dried out!
Katie: Lance and Scott aren't the only ones? Oh really? She must be a jerk then.
Girl 2: Yeah, but she tries to act so innocent... I really want Jayce back.
Girl 1: I miss my boyfriend too. I would do anything to get him back!
Girl 3: Me too.
Katie: Don't worry I'll help you guys get your boyfriends back. I promise! ^^
~The cafeteria~
Girl 1: *Standing by the rear entrance looking at Lust reflection in her makeup mirror and nods at Katie*
Girl 2: *Talking to girl 3 convincingly*
Katie: *Sits back down next to Lust* She's draining energy, but I have no proof... I mean look at Cole and Chris! If they get anymore of their energy drained, they'll be zombified! I guess thats a risk I'm willing to take... So, do you need anything? I'm more than happy to do it, especially for a... Bea...Be- Bea-tif... Ehem, Beautiful girl like you. *Smiles*
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*In the cafeteria*

Cole and Chris: *almost mindless zombies*

Lust: *looks up from her book* no, Im perfectly fine with the help I have now *points to cole and chris*

Lust: *stands up* but you do look familiar?

Lust: *gets right in Katie's face* I know what your doing, I know you know Im not normal, I know your not a guy because my magic would have effected you before this

Lust: *to katie* so don't try any tricks or those boys you like so much will be nothing but souless shells of human beings

Lust: anyway I have to go to the library, lets go guys

Chris and Cole: *almost mindless* ugh

Lust: *walks out of the cafeteria and to the library*
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Waits for the bell to ring and speaks to Christian and the girls* Don't let her get out!
Girl 1: *Trips Lust*
*Everyone leaves the cafeteria*
*The three girls run out and it's just Christian, Hazel, and Katie*
Katie: *Rams Lust into the wall*
~The hall~
Girl 1: *Locks the cafeteria door from the outside*
~The control room~
Girl 2: *Cranks up the heat to it's max temperature, making the vents really hot*
~The other hallway~
Girl 3: *Starts faking a seizure*
Principal: *Stops walking to the control room to turn down the heat* Oh my goodness!
~The cafeteria~
Katie: *Rolls up her sleeves* Give me my friends back, you souls sucking slut! *Speed punches her three times and high kicks her in the jaw*
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*In the Cafeteria*

Lust: *coughing* *stands up* ugh cole, chris get them!

Chris: ugh *falls down, out cold*

Cole: *walks into a wall and keeps walking*

Lust: useless puppets! well its been a while since I had to fight for myself but...

Lust: *uses her magic to call scott and lance to the cafeteria, and start breaking down the door*

Lust: *punches Katie, then throws her into a window* Lets see if they like you when your face is nothing but scars
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *covering Face* Ugh... *Speaks in her headset* Christian, send in Claire and Alice, QUICKLY! *Coughs*
Christian: Copy That.
*Scott and Lance barge in*
Katie: *gets up snatches Lust by her hair and knees her in the face*
Scott: *Throws a punch at Katie*
Katie: *Catches his arm and flips him*
Scott: Ah!
Lance: *Picks up a chair and throws it at Katie*
Katie: *Dodges and Tackles Lance to the ground* Wake up! *Slaps him*
Scott: *Grabs Katie's hair*
Katie: *Holds hair and elbows Scott in his ribs*
Scott: Ah!
Katie: *High kicks him*
Evangeline: *Runs in* Kelsie, (girl 1) Lock the door... TIGHTLY!
Girl 1: *Puts a chain and lock around the door handles*
~The cafeteria~
Scott: *falls back and breaks a table*
Lance: *Gets up*
Scott: *Gets up, stumbling*
Katie: *Grabs both of their heads and smashes them together and knocks them out* Bring it on! Give me all that you got! * Picks up the destroyed table Scott Landed on and throws it at Lust*
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*In the Cafeteria*

Lust: *wipes the blood from her nose* well thats a first

Lust: now about that make over *dodges the table and throws Katie face first into a soda machine*

Alice and Claire: *run in to fight lust*

Alice: your gonna pay! *kicks lust in the face*

Lust: *stumbles back* ugh

Claire: *slugs lust right in the face, giving her a black eye*

Lust: *gets mad* my face, you damaged my face

Lust: *gets really mad* you all will pay!
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: AH! *Slams her face on the soda machine* Ugh... *Nose bleeding* You're gonna get it... Not only your face is gonna get damaged...
Christian: Oh boy...
Hazel: *Covers eyes*
Katie: *Speed punches in her face, stomach, and chest repeatedly*
Christian: Holy...
Hazel: Dang...
Katie: *Stops punching Lust and pins her down to the ground* You stole my best friend... *Punches her* You stole my friend's boyfriend, and you stole my Crush! *Punches her again*
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*In the Cafeteria*

Lust: *spits blood* you think if you defeat me, you win

Lust: well your wrong, there are 6 other beings even more powerful than me

Lust: now before I go *punches Katie in the face with a piece of metal* *dissapears*

Alice: where did she go?

Claire: She just dissapeared

Chris: *wakes up, looking normal* ugh what happened?

Cole: *stops walking into the wall* why does my face hurt

Alice: alright they're back to normal
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک aprilacne said…
Amy:CHRIS!*wheels over to them*You're ok!*huga cole and chris, laughs like a kid*

Amy:That girl Lust, She was feeding off or you and the other guys.

Rexie:*walks over with levi*Yo you guys are back.

Levi:The lifeless eyes were creeping me out, it was like you whern't you...
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Scott: *Shakes head* Ah, I have a major headache!
Lance: Dude, me too!
Katie: Face is gushing with blood* You'd better run! *Sees that the guys are awake*
Katie: Lance, Scott! *Runs over and hugs them both*
Scott: That girl, it was her wasn't it? Where is she?
Katie: It's fine, she's gone now. For good!
Lance: I can't believe I feel for it!
Katie: I can't believe I almost lost you guys!
Lance: Aw, you're getting all emotional!
Katie: *Stops hugging them both*
Scott: It's all good.
Katie: *Nods and sniffs*
Christian: Katie, honey! Are you okay?
Katie: Yeah, of course I am? *Sniffs*
Hazel: You aren't crying are you?
Katie: No. *Wipes eyes a bit*
Scott: It's okay to cry...
Lance: *Hugs Katie*
Scott: *Hugs them both*
Christian: *Joins in*
Hazel: *Joins in*
Katie: Okay guys... this is kinda awkward. Too mushy! *Sniffs and laughs a little.
*Every one lets go and stands around awkwardly*
Katie: *Calls Sebastian* Hey we need another cover-up... we defeated a soul sucker... at the school... Okay bye, thanks! *Hangs up* I'm going home for now. I just have to call my mom and tell her why.
~An hour later and Katie's house~
Katie: *Sitting on the couch with her Uncle watching t.v.*
Jay: Bam! Right in the jaw!
Katie: Holy crap! Is he bleeding?
Scott: *Knocks on the door*
Jay: *Opens the door, smoking again* What you want boy?
Scott: Is Katie here?
Katie: *Comes to the door* Oh hey? What do you need?
Scott: Nothing, just wanted to check on you.
Jay: *Standing in the doorway grimly looking at Scott*
Katie: Uncle Jay...
Jay: Fine. *Kisses Katie's head and gives Scott the 'I got my eye on you' look, then goes back into the living room*
Scott: So do you want to hang out or something?
Katie: Okay... sure! ^^
~At the town square water fountain~
Katie: *Wearing a hoodie and drinking a slurpy*
Scott: Man, I am so sorry. I honestly don't know what came over me. I feel so stupid and used...
Katie: It's fine. It was just a curse. Right?
Scott: Right.
Katie: *Sips* So how did it feel?
Scott: How did what feel?
Katie: You know... being in love.
Scott: Really... It kinda felt like everything in the background faded into black. It was just one girl standing there starring back at me with a curious look on her face... My heart was beating like never before! My knees were shaking too. But as it went by, it started to feel a bit unnatural. That wasn't how love felt, I know it.
Katie: Oh.
Scott: So, um... when we were in training... What were you Sebastian and you talking about?
Katie: Nothing, just evolving and stuff like that. Nothing special.
Scott: Oh... I was kinda wondering if you'd be my partner, you know... as in vampires, each other's guardians. JUST as vampires...
Katie: Oh... um... of course.
Scott: *Looks away* So have you ever fallen in love?
Katie: Huh? *Tries her best not to blush from embarrassment*
Scott: Have you ever liked anyone... 'like' liked anyone?
Katie: Why?
Scott: I was just wondering.
Katie: Oh, well yes. A couple of times but it kinda felt unnatural, like what you said. *Trying not to say she likes him*
Scott: *Blushes a bit* Hey, what would you do if I told you every time I saw that girl it kinda reminded me of you?
Katie: Huh?
Scott: I mean... I don't know. I guess I liked her so much because she reminded me of you.
Katie: O.o Really?
Scott: I'll stop.
Katie: Oh it's fine... *Looks away* So you liked her... because it was me?
Scott: ...
Katie: ...
Scott: Katie?
Katie: ...
Scott: I know you may think I'm a total jerk for saying this but I-... I've walked past you everyday since middle school and it took me years to talk to you.
Katie: What?
Scott: Katie, would you mind dating me?
Katie: *Speechless*
(Idk someone walk in and cause a scene or something, I don't know what to type! XD)
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*In the Park*

Alice: hey katie! *walks over* whats up, hows the big cut on your face?

Cole: *walking with alice* *drinking an energy drink*

Cole: oh scotts here, wheres lance?

*Over by the trees*

?????: well Lust failed ugh, she isn't even worth the energy to revive

Envy: well Im up next, those fools have no idea what there messing with

?????: *flipping a coin* well you better destroy them or else!

*At the fountain*

Envy: *disguises himself as lance* All I have to do is make katie jealous, this should be so easy.

Envy: *disguised as lance* *goes around talking to other girls*

Alice: *to katie* hey isn't that lance? what's he doing talking to all those girls

Random Girls: *give envy their phone numbers*

Envy: *disguised as lance* *walks up to Scott* hey scott I just got those girls phone numbers *holds up 3 pieces of paper*

(Envy is the 2nd member of the Seven Deadly beings)
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک aprilacne said…
*at the park*

Amy:Help!Help!Some one get him!

Levi and Rexie:*run up*Lance, Scott you need to help Amy!

Rexie:Amy got beat up agian and her wheel chair got stolen.

????:*stomps on amy's broken leg*

Amy:*screams and curls up into a ball*
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Scott: I honestly don't care what girl you pick up.
Lance: *Walks up* Hey Katie! What's- Whoa... *Sees Envy*
Katie: O_o There's only one way to prove who's the real Lance... What's my favorite stuffed animal's name?
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک aprilacne said…
Rexie:*looks at the two*Another way to see..What sware word do I say when I adress some one..

????:*stomps on her leg agian*

Amy:*screams agian*

Levi:Who ever can save her is te real Lance!
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*At the Park*

Envy: *disguised as lance* Dammit, I knew something like this might happen

Envy: *disguised as Lance* you know what if you can't tell who the real lance is then I don't even want to talk to you. *walks away*

*In the trees*

Envy: *returns to his original form* well that didn't work

?????: ugh your so pathetic

?????: *flipping a coin* yeah, you better have another plan

Envy: I do, wait till there at school
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک aprilacne said…
Amy:*screams*Someone help me!


پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*At the fountain*

Cole: ugh if it will shut you up *blasts the guy with lightning*

Cole: now quit complaining

Alice: well so much for keeping our powers secret

Cole: who cares
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: Lance wait! Don't go!
Lance: You don't believe me?
Katie: I- I...
Lance: Your favorite place to talk is here at the water fountain. When you're sad you never try to show it because you're Uncle Jay says you're stronger than that.
Scott: Huh?
Lance: When you watch movies you always drink something cold to keep you awake. You hate it when people chew their mouth open, you're afraid of airplanes because you've watched all of the final destination movies and you watched the movie Snakes on a plane. Your favorite cartoon is the Amazing World of Gumball, And your birth day is May 8th.
Katie: *A bit blown away*
Lance: When you're in an awkward situation you read stuff and pretend you're interested in it. You're always wearing layers of stuff because you're gravely afraid of getting sick. You're gravely afraid of getting sick because you have a very weak immune system, and you might not make it out alive.
Katie: But-
Lance: You're favorite stuffed animal is Ruthie, it's a rabbit. You're grandma gave it to you when you were a baby and living with her. You lived with her because your mom was finishing high school Oh yeah! And you had a small music box too that played your favorite Jingle... Dango Daikazoku. But you lost it before you met me. *Laughs a bit* And sometimes when you laugh you cover your mouth, because sometimes you laugh too loud.
Katie: Whoa... Lance, it really is you!
Lance: *Nods and smiles a bit*
Scott: Corny... *Laughs*
Katie: *Elbows Scott and laughs*
Lance: Wow way to screw up a moment, bro. But we have to find the fake Lance now.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
Alice: *looks at watch* ugh we don't have time for that, we have to be at school for that dumb mandatory science fair

Cole: Mandatory?

Alice: you have to be there or you get an F

Cole: f***!

*In the trees*

Envy: well looks like my plan is starting to work
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: Ugh, I guess I'll have to go back to school huh?
Scott: *Sighs* Let's go.
Lance: *Walks with them*
~The school science fair~
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*At the Science Fair, in the gym*

Cole: My experiment is on Static Electricity

Alice: I did mine on the science behind Clocks

Claire: Mine is about the Arctic

Chris: psychology

*In the Hall*

Envy: *sees Scott* alright here we go *when nobody is looking knocks Scott out and throws him into a supply closet*

Envy: *disguises himself as scott* now for phase 2 of my plan

Envy: *disguised* hey katie wait up!
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: Oh hey... *Feeling a bit awkward*
Scott: *Wakes up a few minutes and starts banging on the door* HEY! LET ME OUT!
Katie: So... What did you want? ^^
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*In the Science Fair*

Envy: *disguised as scott* umm nothing really

*three random girls run up to Envy*

Girl 1: so scott, we heard you were in that fight in the cafeteria

Girl 2: yeah thats so cool, you must be really tough

Girl 3: you are so hot

Envy: *disguised* thanks ladies, any of you want to hang out after this

*All three girls give Envy there phone numbers and walk away giggling*

Envy: *disguised* wow 3 numbers at once, this must be my lucky day

*Over by Alice and Cole*

Cole: did you see that, scott got 3 phone numbers

Alice: why? I thought he liked Katie

Cole: yeah I guess he changed his mind
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
(The three girls aren't official characters)
Katie: *Trying not to sound upset* I gotta go to the bathroom. Be back in just a sec... *Walks away at a fast face*
~The Bathroom~
*The girls that helped fight Lust were there*
Girl 1 (Krystal): Oh hey there, Katie!
Girl 2 (Rae): Thanks so much for defeating that one chick in the cafeteria! We got back together with our boyfriends...
Girl 3 (Summer): SO you have powers? That's so cool!
Katie: Sebastian didn't erase your memories?
Rae: Well, we talked to him and he said it would be great idea for to help you out... I mean it's no problem to us.
Krystal: Yeah, you're like our hero...
Katie: *A bit sad* Oh... yeah. I don't feel much like a hero, but okay...
Summer: What's wrong, Katie?
Katie: *Shakes head* It's nothing... Really.
Krystal: Please tell us! We want to help... you helped us out!
Katie: I'm fine. Thanks for worrying anyway... *Goes into a stall*
*The three girls walk out and see three other girls flirting with Scott*
~The closet~
Scott: *Still kicking the door* UGH! Dammit! *Kicks the janitor's locker and it tips over* What the? It moves? *Sees a vent* Aha... But it's pitch black! *Searches for a match or flash light* SWEET! *Finds a flashlight and goes into the vent*
~The media center~
Katie: *Setting up her science project on hydroelectric power* So it happens again? How come every time I meet an awesome guy, he's always being taken away from me? What do I always screw up on?
Evangeline: I see Scott ditched you again...
Katie: *Jumps*
Evangeline: *Chuckles*
Katie: It's not funny... Why are you here?
Evangeline: Just checking to see my the other girl is holding up.
Katie: Stop calling me that. *Getting serious*
Evangeline: Don't be so uptight, I thought you were more fun than this...
Katie: I am when you're not here to annoy me. -_-
Evangeline: Well, I just came to talk to you. I don't think it's the real Scott, at all.
Katie: What are you talking about?
Evangeline: I don't know... but I have a feeling it's not.
Katie: What ever. Quit joking around with me. Okay?
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*In the Science Fair*

Envy: *disguised as Scott* hey katie, remember when we were in the park talking

Envy: well I guess I didn't really mean what I said, I don't wanna date you

Envy: its not me, its actually you. sorry *walks away to a group of girls*

Random Girls: *laughing and making the loser sign at Katie*

*Over by Cole and Alice*

Cole: that was just harsh

Alice: I know, me and claire should go talk to here

Cole: yeah me and Chris will go talk to Scott and by talk I mean kick the crap out of him
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Silent*
Evangeline: It's not him... I keep telling you, Katie! you should stop being little miss perfect, stop being so nice, and boss up to him!
Katie: I know... it can't be him.
Scott (the real Scott): *Climbs out of the vent* Finally!
Krystal: You jerk! *Slaps Scott*
Scott: Ow! What did I do?
Rae: Oh, you know what you did!
Scott: *Stops talking and sees Envy*
Summer: Holy...
Scott: I have a plan! *Huddles in a circle with the three girls*
Sebastian: *Speaks to Scott on his phone* I've already cast the spell. The spell should last about an hour, the diversion is already set.
Scott: Good. Play the song...
Sebastian: Copy that*
Rae (In disguise): *Starts playing the guitar*
Summer (In disguise): *Starts playing the drums*
Krystal (In disguise): *Starts singing*
*Sebastian's house maids are in disguise play the other instruments*
~The media center~
Person: Do you hear that? Let's go check it out!
*Everyone starts leaving until the media center is empty*
Scott: *Talks to Sebastian on the phone* Sebastian, the media center is empty...
Sebastian: Okay.
*All of the doors are locked from the outside*
Scott: *Runs over to envy and hits him in the head with a chair* You bastard! Running around like you're me! *Tackles him and speed punches him in the face*
Katie: Two Scotts?
Evangeline: It really isn't him!
Scott: *Keeps punching Envy in the face*
Katie: Oh my god...
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
Envy: *disguised as Scott* *kicks the real scott into a wall*

Envy: *to katie* who are you gonna believe me or this clone!

Alice: katie which one is real?

Claire: yeah I can't tell!

Cole and Chris: *run at the real scott and start beating the crap out of him*

Cole: is this the fake one?

Chris: Idk just hit him *kicks the real scott in the ribs*
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Scott: Ah! Chris...
*The whole room gets quiet*
Katie: Both of you come here!
Scott: *Keeps holding back, trying not to kill Envy*
Katie: *Stands directly in front of Envy, about six inches away and squints and looks deep into his eyes* It's not working... *A bit shocked* Mhmm... *Stands in front of the real Scott, same distance away peering into his eyes*
Christian: What is she doing?
Scott: *A sincere look on his face*
Katie: *Blushes* It's him...
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
Envy: so who you gonna choose Katie?

Chris: which one is it?

Cole: yeah

Alice: I can't tell

Claire: yeah
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک smartone123 said…
whats been happening?)
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: It's him... (Scott) I don't know why, but I have this feeling it his him. It's probably the way he looks at me... the sincere look he had on his face. What does this mean? *To Envy* You're the fake!
Lance: Oh boy...
Christian: SO how did you defeat Lust?
Katie: Hmm... All I remember was beating the crap out of her...
*They all look at each other then all eyes dart to Lust*
Katie: *Rolls up sleeves*
Scott: *Cracks knuckles*
Lance: *Glares at Envy* (I changed it, so don't have a stroke, okay? XD)
Christian: *Picks up a stick from a broken table*
Hazel: *Looking evil*
Evangeline: Eh... I'm outta here.
Katie: Evangeline...
Evangeline: *Rolls eyes* Fine. But just to be fair... *To Envy* You should probably run right about now.
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
Envy: *changes back to his original form* this isn't good

Chris: *picks up a piece of metal with his psychic magic*

Cole: *charges up electricity*

Alice: *gets ready to fight*

Claire: *makes two swords out of knives*

Envy: well it seems I've failed, but Im not going down with out a fight!
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک aprilacne said…

Rexie:*trying to open the door*OPEN YOU STUPID DOOR!

Amy:*leg healed*The window!

Levi:*picks a brick up* *smashs a window*

Levi:Amy, andaconda.

Amy:*changes into a andaconda*

Levi:*picks up amy and lets her in the window*

Amy:*rushs over to the door and opens it up*

Rexie:*in a pit bull form* *growls at envy*

Levi;*egle cry* *wings spreed out*

Amy:Well Envy, payback's a b***h.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک obssesedTDIgirl said…
Torion: *swing in through vent* Well, for the fun of it I choose to be on Envys side! ^^ *gets a glass shard from window* Even though, were out numbered.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک aprilacne said…
Rexie:*backs and growls at them*
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Sighs* Oh well. Torion, I'll go easy on you, but Envy... PREPARE TO DIE! ATTACK!
Christian: *Throws Plank at Envy*
Scott: *Punches Envy in the face*
Katie: *Jumps on Envy's back and starts pulling his hair*
Sebastian: Hmm... we're running out of time... I have an idea... *Contacts Sophie through his headset* Turn on the fans!
Sophie: *Cute voice* Right! *Runs on fans*
*Powder and confetti rains down on the soncert, extending the duration of the spell and making the crowd more rowdy and excited*
~Media center~
Katie: *Windfalls Envy*
Christian: *Wipes forehead* Whoa I'm tired already...
Hazel: *Sits down me too*
Katie: I'M NOT! *The only one still fighting*
Scott: Maybe you should stop... I don't think he made you that upset...
Katie: HE DID!
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
Envy: *hurt* well I said Im not going with out a fight! *pushes Katie*

Envy: *throws a handful of poison powder in Katies face* you have 3 hours to live! *dissapears*

Cole: ugh what was that powder?

Alice: IDK but it stinks

Chris: did we win?
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک aprilacne said…
Rexie:*biting the hell out of Torion's legs*

Levi:*pulling envy's hair with her claws*

Amy:*biting envy's limbs*
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک obssesedTDIgirl said…
Torion: Oh, wow, a little dog *covers her with water, then freezes her* *behind Chistian* Tried already? Loils like you need an electric charge *fires lighting at him* And Hazel, you used to be so popular,*puts rock around her leg, so she's stuck to the ground* what finally relized your a loser like Katie and Lance?
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
(@aprilacne Envy teleported away -_- plz read posts)
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
(@Dxarmy423: Note for the future... Do NOT try to kill off my character without my permission, Alright? -_-)
~An hour later after Christian, Hazel, and Lance bring Katie to safety at Sebastian's mansion~
Sebastian: The compound should be removed from Katie's system.
Katie: *Asleep*
Lance: So she'll be okay?
Sebastian: Yes.
Christian: Oh my god... *Trying to keep himself from crying*
Hazel: *Hugs Christian* That's amazing!
Katie: *twitches a bit in her sleep*
~The media center~
Evangeline: Tori! Stop it, you aren't as sweet as you used to be!
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*Outside the school*

Greed: *flipping a coin* looks like Envy also failed

Gluttony: *laughs* well at least the vampires get the message, we can't be ignored

Greed: Envy failed, Lust is dead, who's up next?

Gluttony: Maybe it should be you! *laughs*

Greed: *flips the coin again* no, I say we end this by sending in Wrathe

Gluttony: I call next fight after Wrathe, Vampires are good with a little BBQ sauce on an open fire *laughs*

Greed: you sick freak *smirks*

*At the Mansion*

Cole: well we know that they won't stop

Alice: yeah, who knows who is next?

Claire: these guys haven't been so tough

Chris: are you forgetting about lust nearly killing us -_-

Claire: yeah but Katie killed her, so we won
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Wakes up*
Lance: *Sitting beside her bed* You're awake...
Katie: Lance? Why are you sitting here?
Lance: I don't know... I was just making sure nothing happened.
Katie: Oh...
Lance: So how ya feeling?
Katie: Tired.
Lance: *Laughs* Man, you look tired.
Katie: Ugh... leave me alone! *Laughs*
Lance: You could have died, but Sebastian manage to get that smelly powder stuff out of your lung with some sort of cure.
Katie: That was horrible... It seems like these things just wont stop coming!
Lance: *Sighs* Yeah...
Katie: Thanks! ^^ But it's too bad we don't get a break from those things...
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*At the mansion*

Chris: well Idk who there gonna send next but we better be prepared

Claire: I hope we can fight them

Cole: we'll proboly all die

Alice: nice attitude -_-
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک smartone123 said…
(im lost)
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Guest Room~
Scott: *Walks in* Oh hey... You're up!
Katie: *Smiles a bit*
Lance: Alright, I'll leave...* Laughs and bit leaves*
Scott: *Sits down in the seat Lance was sitting in*
Katie: *Sits up and sits sideways on the bed* What's up?
Scott: How much did Envy tell you?
Katie: Just nonsense... It doesn't matter now.
Scott: Just tell me.
Katie: He said... What you said... Um... *Feels a bit awkward and shy* ...Wasn't true.
Scott: It was true, I like you... a lot.
Katie: *Keeps trying not to blush again* Oh...
Scott: *Holds her hands*
Katie: Oh boy... ...
Scott: Out of all the girls I've gone out with... The ones that screwed me over, sometimes I've screwed over I realized not one of them I liked like I like you...
Katie: ... Is this really happening? Is this what it feels like to be loved back?
Scott: *Smiles a bit*
Katie: *Blushing, and heart is racing*
Scott: *Getting ready to kiss Katie*
Katie: What should I do? Think... Think... DINNER!
Scott: *Opens eyes* What?
Katie: Dinner! Aren't you starving? Let's go get a snack or something! Come on... *Takes off running knocking down everyone*
Lance: *literally tips over* Whoa!
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک smartone123 said…
looks to see john growls and jumps back starled-nina