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posted by bcthestrongest
 met Lizzy Izzy sister
met Lizzy Izzy sister
Chris:what u mean Lizzy isn't here yet she was suppose to be here a min پہلے
Demon:i mean she is hiding somewhere with Geoff
Indian:she always do
Lizzy:*swings in *hey their
Chris:where have u been
Lizzy:kicking Owen in his kiwis duh
Chris:so who u like to win for the season
Lizzy:no body i shall win
Demon:your not on here girl
Lizzy:silence *sits down*
Chris:who u love on this show
Lizzy:no body all shall die and feel the rath of Zim muhaha
Chris:ok who u think is cute
Lizzy:no one i should win the money me me me *swings out of their*
Demon: i go get her اگلے is India
Lizzy:*breaks something*Duncan did it
Duncan:did not
Lizzy:*drags him*
Demon:no dont kill the poor dude
Lizzy:he dies *runs with him*catch me first
 indian and india
indian and india
posted by FireFlys113
Carly: Today آپ will be going to Bikini Bottom!

Sam: And your challenge is too get a job!

Everyone but Sponge: WHAT!?

Freddie: Lia and Olive! آپ will be working at the Krusty Krab!

Lia: NOOO!

Sam: Clover and Melisa آپ will be cheeladers for Pearl!

Clover&Melisa: All right! *High-5's each other*

Carly: Jared and Karen آپ will be singing for Squidward!

Jaredd: Cool

Freddie: Terra and Danny آپ will be working for Sandy!

Terra: Its so gonna ruined my manicure! Wahh!

Sam: Courage and Erika آپ will be working for Larry!

Rest: What about us!?!

Sam: All of آپ are eliminated!

Rest: WHAT!?

Sam: Just kidding!...
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Chris: ok now I know I made آپ do stuff in the past but things have changed-there are no challenges turns out that you’re family wants آپ to stay hear for ever…now who’s related to who?

Duncan: I’m related to Nikki

Chris: that’s it…well guess what there are no teams…

Onyx: good…

b.j.: I can handle that…

Owen: *farts* sorry…

James: EW…nice one dude…*farts louder than Owen*

Everyone *except Owen and James*: EWWWWWWWW!!!

Fay: is that chocolate…GIMME!

Chris: fine…ok آپ are free to do whatever آپ want!

*B.J. walks away from every one when he doesn’t see anyone he sniffed...
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Saphira brushed her hair out of her face and walked to the front with Chris and Chef. Saphira was Chris's پسندیدہ and only niece. Chris even liked her مزید than Chris's nephew,Markcus AKA Saphira's brother. "Strap in,Saphira"Chris laughed. Saphira nodded and did what Chris said. "Attention all,we are going to land"Chef کہا over the intercom. Chef started to drive the plane bumpyly.Chris,Chef and Saphira laughed.Screams were herd from the campers.The plane stopped as un-gracefully as it could. Owen opened the door to the exit and toppled out. The others followed the same way. Saphira walked...
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Chris: In the wild, آپ are the hunter یا آپ are the prey. The predators must hunt to survive while prey must avoid capture to live another day. Eleven teams of two are about to compete in a primal game of capture. Each team will consist of one of our پسندیدہ Total Drama characters from later seasons, and a totally new character. This intense competition is truly survival of the fittest. In the end, one team will win and walk away with $250,000. This is Total Drama Capture. Previously on Total Drama Capture, The Grey Team got to be the first team to be the hunt team, and because I forgot...
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*Before I begin let me just say I SUCK at drawing and this was the best I can do... So sorry if I made your character look weird*

No P.O.V
It was Saturday morning as Lia was getting up. She stopped took out her IPhone S and checked the time "Hey Sirri what do I have plans wize for today?" Lia asked "Beep Beep... آپ have a hair salon apt with Bridgette at noon and your getting ready at your place سے طرف کی 4. Jordan, Mike, Francis, and Noah are coming سے طرف کی your place to pick آپ and Bridgette up, and آپ have prom at 6" explained the phone. "Great thank آپ Sirri" کہا Lia getting ready

Lia's P.O.V
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*Meredith is in front of a hotel*

Meredith: This is season two of the دکھائیں آپ all know and love, Total Drama Challenge. This season is going to assured to be even better due to the amazing cast this year, who also should be arriving any سیکنڈ now.... anyways, this season we're taking the contestants on a road trip! The contestants will travel around the world and compete in challenges that may be physical یا mental. Today, we are in the famous city of Miami. Other places will be voted سے طرف کی viewers یا سے طرف کی me. The hotel behind is where the winning team will be sleeping for the night. The losers...
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