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posted by TDIlover226
possy:JG's possy
Phrase: huh?

John is the oldest person in TDA, being 22, just 2 years older than Chris. He is known not to say much. He is in JG's possy, having the job of driving the possy's red pickup truck (even though Seiamica can drive perfectly). He has a goth appearence and long hair. JG jokes around with him, saying he looks like a chick, he replys سے طرف کی sayig "Thank you" as a joke that never gets old. It was never really known how a 22 سال old would become دوستوں with a couple of 14 and 15 سال olds, but the best conclusion is that John is just like a big kid. John is hardly ever seen, and isn't really considered as a cast mate. John is very tall but Seiamica is still 3 inches taller than him. John was never voted off, but simply disapeared into the مکئی stalks after the bus crashed into a farmhouse, he re-appeared 5 days later. John has a pet racoon for some reason, but he has tamed it so good that it will go into it's cage on it's own, and will go get him food when he's playing video games.
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