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posted by xcv_2013
Last Time on Total Drama High:
Chris explained to everyone that Duncan's younger sister,Brooke, has been thinking about dropping out. He also announced to everyone's surprise that she has also turned emo. There were some confessional entries from Trent دکھانا signs that he's pretty into her. What shockers will happen today on TOTAL DRAMA HIGH

Trent & DJ started heading to the gym for the class they had,P.E. "Well, how hard can it be to convenice a 15 سال old not to drop out of High School?" Dj suggested. Trent smiled & said," I know. Besides, she knows us & she's our friend. So it shouldn't be that hard!" Trent said. Suddenly they hear a girl scream in the gym. They both looked at each other & ran to see what was happening. They saw that the 40 سال old gym instructor,who use to be a drill instructor, being thrown on the دیوار سے طرف کی a little girl with the same outfit the picture of Brooke now. He fell to the ground & soon the girl got on his back & got him in a head choke. "AM I STILL GETTIN A F?!" The instructor only was hitting the ground which to she replied only tightening her grip on his neck.
DJ: That can't be... Is it?
*end confessional*
"ALRIGHT!!! آپ HAVE AN A!!! آپ HAVE AN A!!!" the drill instructor yelled. The girl let go & turned away. "& that's how this emo girl gets what she wants in life." she said. DJ & Trent stared with their mouths open. She spotted them & froze. "Aw man! آپ guys saw that?!" she asked. The shook their heads."Well there go's my good girl image." she کہا looking down. DJ finally managed his words & said,"Hey Brooke! I hate to ask a favor on the first day, but um, PLEASE DON"T KILL ME!!!!" he yelled begging on his knees. Trent looked at him in a weird face.
Trent: This apparently will be harder than I thought.
*end confessional*
Brooke walked over slowly & patted DJ's head & said,"Don't worry big guy. I won't" then she had an evil look on her face,"FOR NOW!!!"
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There's a stranger in my bed
there's a pounding in my head
glitter all over the room
pink flamingos in the pool

I woke up to an enormous headache. "Ugh, what did i do last night?" I کہا to myself. Oh yeah, the party. Chris had a party for all the contestants after Total Drama World Tour ended. I looked down and people were spread out on the floor along with a bunch of بیئر bottles and garbage. And...... glitter? I don't know where that came from. As i went to stand up to go look around, my hand came in contacts with another body, and i jumped, turning to see who it was. DUNCAN?!?!??! Oh, just...
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Last time, on total drama letters, the campers Met each other, and two new characters were introduced, James and May. This time, there will be teams, scenes, schemes and dreams, on Total Drama Letters.

5 a.m. In the morning

Chris: everybody, rise and shine, it's time for your very first challenge!

Heather: why is it so early?

Leshawna: For once I am agreeing with Heather! It's Sunrise!

Chris: you'll need the time for the challenge. Trust me!

Tyler: so what is the challenge?

Chris: acting!

A few groans are heard and Lindsay claps her hands.

Confession Cam: (Ezekiel) I was thinkin' eh, that I should...
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Chris: welcome to total drama letters, where the 24 original campers and two new ones will play against each other in challenges representing letters of the alphabet. Here are some coming now!

A barge drives past and drops of Alejandro, Bridgette, Beth and Cody.

Bridgette: ارے Chris, I am so excited about this season. And this time, no distractions. *glares at Alejandro*.

Alejandro: I had nothing to do with it, after all, آپ kissed the pole.

Beth: I know I wasn't in the season, but I know that Alejandro is evil.

Cody: he is evil, he didn't care when I got eaten سے طرف کی a shark.

Chris: here are another...
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Greg: Last Time om total drama 12-person island Owen had to make the challenge intresting the campers had to take the mask یا die in Owen's fart so it was cool,and Beth the scout had to go But مزید fun and drama in Total Drama 12-person island!!

*Opening theme*

Lindsay: Beth's gone why did آپ vote her off

Heather: Hello Beth was to useless for the bears

Lindsay: I did'nt think she was useless *sobs*

Heather: What a loser

*Meanwhile at the boys cabin*

Duncan: Okay guys whoever voted for Beth was a good choice

Noah: Why cause she's too geeky and nerdy

Duncan: Maybe, but because she's useless

Greg: Okay...
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Chris Mclean: welcome to a season you'll never forget because im not hosting it a guy named Greg Mccort will be joining آپ while im on vacaion wooo

Greg: ok now that he's done we will begin welcome to season 3 and a half 12 campers have signed up to win 5 thousand bucks do آپ believe speaking of campers here comes Geoff

Geoff: yo greg whats up man am i the first here

Greg: yeah very first

*Geoff drops his bags and waits*

*Boat arrives*

Greg: here comes Gwen
*Gwen gets off the boat*

Gwen: what happened to Chris

Greg: he's on vacation why? want him back cause i have his number

Gwen:noooo! its okay it...
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posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
it's finally here
John:hello viewers i am the host of this دکھائیں and get ready for a super awsome season of total drama trouble first to meet our contestants our first is a girl with talent smarts and humor Hadar!
Hader walks out confused and just shruggs shoulders (she looks like Bridgette but has مالٹا, نارنگی hair and purple jacket
Hader:I was expecting something with a little مزید excitment but i guess it will do.
she goes and waits on the end of the dock
John:Our اگلے is a girl with 5 siblings who loves to draw and sing Gabriel یا Gabby.
Gabby:Hi it's great to be here i'm lookin آگے to meeting...
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At the make up room...
Lindsay:So...Your hair is kind of "horrible".LET'S CUT IT!
Gwen:Shut it, Lindsay!Let's brush it and will look cute if we put in her hair some curlers, her hair will look very cool.
Courtney:I want some lipstick too!
Lindsay:Which?Red like blood یا گلابی like...My پسندیدہ color?
Courtney:Ummmmm...Red like blood.
Courtney:And a make up.

15 منٹ later...
Courtney:*looks in the mirror* Wow!It's fantastic!Thank you, girls!
All the girls:No problem!
Courtney:I am very nervous.If he will not say:"I do"?
Gwen:Don't worry!I think he loves you...
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posted by RandomFanGirl
The اگلے few days went سے طرف کی fine. I had gone to another doctor’s appointment and she had کہا that the baby was developing great. And somehow, Alejandro and I managed to keep Jose sleeping on the couch. This was a great turnout.

Though, I hadn’t heard anything from Courtney.

I was enjoying a peaceful sleep while feeling flutters coming from Marisol every so often and listening Alejandro breathing slowly in his sleep.

My cell phone going off across the room woke me up. I decided to ignore it; whoever it was could just call back later. And if it was important, they could just call back. Of course,...
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posted by obssesedTDIgirl
 Headshot of Hea
Headshot of Hea
Name: Hea Jeong
Age: 15
Gender: Girl
Birthday: April 2d
Personality: active, adventurous, animated, unargumentative, brave, fearless, charming, clever, clumsy, courageous, crafty, curious, daring, dependable, eager, easy going( most of the time), energetic, facetious, glamorous, humorous, imaginative, independent, easily gets jealous, poised
Employment: works at چائے Party قلعہ part time and on weekends when her family isn't doing the circus.
Love Life: Recently broke up with boyfriend, Ethan, and most likely won't have another anytime soon. The kind of guy she wants HAS to be at least charming,...
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posted by totaldramafan01
Total drama is return to your world in the shocking new season Total Drama USA. Here, our campers return to ویژن ٹیلی (or in this case, پرستار pop)For a trip around the USA!(including the Bahamas and D.C.) They will live, eat, and sleep and the Total Drama Express! It's a Train that will take them to their destination. Except for Hawaii and the Bahamas, that is. For those, they will have to fly (or swim)!But if آپ count D.C. and the Bahamas, plus the 50 states, thats 52 episodes!!!! So, TDUSA will be slipt into TWO seasons!!!!! And thats not the only surprise. The cast will be شامل میں سے طرف کی 24 NEW campers!! Here's a sneak peek. Be sure read the epic new seasons to Total drama!!!!!
~Episode 1~
Chris:It's season 4 *points out 4* of the hotest reality دکھائیں Total Drama!This season we told the campers that they're gonna be
living in a 3-stared hotel and the new season is gonna be called Total Drama Waiters,but instead of that we took them back to one
of their favourite places-Camp Wawanakwa *spreads his arms* in the new season Called "Total Drama Deja Vu".The new challenges are gonna
be bassed on old challenges as the campers remember the good-old times back here!O,that's them!*boat coming by*
Ronny:*supprised*We're back in Camp Wawanakwa?This can't be happening!What The...*boat...
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posted by gothemo1234
good im still alive from ellen and duncan but anyway poeple dont like halloween in the twin's nighborhod because they do really bad stuff like......

ellen:come twin brother lets go still everyones pets and sell them for 5 bucks

duncan:or we can use dads hair and prented thats its the rarest pet of all time that cost 5,000 dallors twin sister

ellen:good idea duncan

duncan:then later on we can scare courtney

ellen:yeah and i still cant belive u used to تاریخ her

duncan:come on thats was the past i like some ulse

oooooo now this is cool

ellen:come on twin brother of mine who is it?

duncan:its gwen

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posted by onepiecefan59
I loved Total Drama Island when it first came on "Cartoon Network", I loved how everyone had a unique personality, how Chris was cruel to the campers, and I thought the دکھائیں had good character and relationship development.
But then, Total Drama Action premered, and I was not that Impressed. Any character development that had occured, was erased from the دکھائیں all together, The contestants became annoying as hell(especially Geoff and Trent), And all the good couples were destroyed(but I don't like the GwenXTrent couple at all). The Geoff and Bridget couple was just awful, she needs to ditch him and go with DJ, and I thought that "Teletoon" and "Fresh Tv" had decided to get rid of any words like crap and screwed so there wouldn't be so many edits.
I wont even mention the abomonation that is Total Drama World Tour. They shouldn't sing at all. But I will say one thing about the two new contestants, they were created to annoy the hell out of everyone.
posted by jen-fer-realz
Were in a pyramid not a highschool
Ooo stockerlicous

No wonder my cousins cant watch this show

Haha codys got a tiny sausage

Hows the hoseing treating you
- noah

What does this botton do

Oh yea izzy touch downs

When owen breathes his nose whistles the national anthem


Cody!i have dreamed of this moment,except آپ werent wearing a shirt

I vote for heather,haha i rembered when i used to say that all the time in my bathroom mirror

Who needs دوستوں when i got cody!!!

When cody agreed with me in front of everyone i heard wedding bells
- sierra