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posted by KaoruIsMine
Me Agustina Giorgio reporting from argentina!!!
Let's see. I quitted a long time ago.
I cant sing in in fanpop becouse mi computer IP is blocked.
Anyway, i can sing in once a week cuz i go to a computer from other place. So, i'm coming back.
I'm so glad to be back.
I just want to say something.
Yeah i know, i used to love him.
But know. He is a total jerk.
I don't like Courtney very much... Now my fave character is Harold :| And then Trent, and then Lindsay, and then Owen, and then... ups, i went so far away.
Anyway, is there a lot of people who doesn't know me cuz i didn't come here since August.
Well, if آپ knew me lets see...

For ppl who saw my photo, I had dark long hair and brown eyes.
My پسندیدہ characte WAS Courtney.
My Bff's here was Rockszanders, Lolly4me2, TDIlover226, Duncan-superfan, and know Codyismine and I are very good دوستوں n-n
And, if آپ don't guess yet.
My fanfiction characters was Danielle, Enikah, Nikki and Celine.

So, tell me if آپ guess.

P.S.: I still hating Gwen. I hate Duncan, and i don't like courtney very much :|
But i still liking NoCo <3
 This signature is from OHSHC manga <3 TAMAHARU 4EVEEEEEER
This signature is from OHSHC manga <3 TAMAHARU 4EVEEEEEER
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