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posted by dramalyric
Everybody was in the lunch room eating lunch.

Duncan: ارے green boy! *gives BB an wedgie and throws him in garbage*

Lyric: Stop Duncan! Thats really mean. What if i did that to you?

Duncan: Whatever. See آپ tonight babe. *walks off with Geoff*

Beast Boy: *trying to get out of the trash can and falls back in*

Lyric:*Gets bb out* Are آپ okay?

Beast boy: Yeah. Im about sick of that criminal.

Jared and Dannie walk up holding hands.

Jared: ارے Lyric wanna get lunch with me and Dannie?

Lyric: Ummm......... Sure. Ill catch up with آپ later Beast Boy. Bye.

Beat boy: Bye.

Lyric walked off to lunch with Jared...
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ONE ماہ A.D. (After Duncan)

Courtney was walking along the snow-covered sidewalk of Chicago. Her genuine فر, سمور boots sent out small crunching noises with every step in the packed-down snow. Her fists were shoved in the deep pockets of her new فر, سمور کوٹ that her daddy had bought her. The harsh winter wind was blocked سے طرف کی all the people crowded around her on the sidewalk.

They come across an intersection, and look both ways up and down the streets. Chicago looked like a winter wonderland. The streetlights had small piles of snow on سب, سب سے اوپر of them and there were a couple carolers about, traveling to...
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 Did Jacki REALLY bang Duncan?
Did Jacki REALLY bang Duncan?
Redirect from One Missed Call

That اگلے morning...

Brittani and Jacki: *walking to the restrooms with toothbrushes and toothpaste, talking about Duncan*

Brittani: I think we should form an alliance.

Jacki: What?

Brittani: You, me and Duncan should form an alliance. I mean, he likes me and i know آپ like him.

Jacki: Well.....ok

: : : : : : : CONFESSIONALS : : : : : : :

Jacki: Do I like Duncan? ...Yes. I mean, come on, he is SO sexy!

Duncan: Do I like Jacki? A bit....ok, a lot!

Jacki: And I'm just waiting for him to make his move.

Duncan: *making out with Jacki, they both fall off the chair and start um......doing...
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posted by kk99aa
Duncan sat there, absorved in the movie.
There was only 7 teens in the movie theater.
It was basicly Just all of my دوستوں there.Crystaale was first,
then Ryan then me, (Vannessa),
then Duncan. And in the سیکنڈ
row was Sasuke, Diamond, and Jason. We were watching " friday the thriteenth"
in 3D.Diamond went to the bathroom, Crystaale went to get پاپ کارن, پوپکارن and sasuke went with her. Ryan had a "Tuxedo malfunction" and went ہوم with Jason to change. It was just Duncan and me. "Soooo...." Duncan stammered, trying to make dumb conversation. "Shut up!" I yelled, and put my finger over his lips. His happy expression went from happy to shocked. But when i leaned in, his expression turned lusty....
"Your such a sweet little girl! Here, have another bun-- for free!"
"Oooo! Golly! Thank آپ so much!" Ranma took the bun and put it between her teeth.
Yup. When I'm cruising for eats, this girl-body is the way to go. She started to briskly walk through the town market, back to the Tendo Training Hall.

"Pardon me, but آپ are from Furinkan high school, are آپ not?" A strange brown haired girl in a long dress uniform asked, as three other men with faces wrapped in bandages stood around her, with serious expressions.
"Please, no need to rush on my account. If I'm not mistaken, we'll be having out...
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posted by Duncan_Courtney
I have SO MANY DAMN PICUTRES! so here's a few. Just tell me if آپ need more, ;D I got tons!

don't mind all this crap I juat have 2 make it longer

If آپ were soooooo ticked off at Harold when he switched the ووٹ to vote off Courtney, just to get back at Duncan, copy and paste this onto your profile.
If you're getting anxious to see the TDA episode when Courtney comes back so there'll be مزید D/C drama, copy and paste this onto your profile.
If آپ love FanFiction یا YouTube, copy and paste this onto your profile.
!eliforp ruoy otni siht etsap dna ypoc ,sdrawkcab siht daer ot hguone trams era...
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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Ezikiel: Everytime We Touch - Casada
Eva: Kill Em All - Mettalica
Noah: Viva La Vida - Coldplay
Justin: Im To Sexy For My شرٹ, قمیض - ?
Katie+Sadie: F.U.N Song - Spondgebob Squarepants
Tyler: Crazyloop - Dan Balan
Izzy: پاپ کارن, پوپکارن - Crazy Frog
Cody: Don't Trust Me - 30H!3
Beth: Rockstar - Hannah Montana
Courtney: Get Loose - Lil Mama ft. Chris Brown
Harold: Kung Fu Fighting - ?
Trent: سے papillon, تیتلی کے - The Airborne Toxic Event
Bridgette: Zero - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Lindsay: Piece of Me - Britney Spears
DJ: Any song from Barney&Friends
Geoff: I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
Leshawna: Rock سٹار, ستارہ - Prima J
Duncan: Know Your Enemy - Green Day
Heather: Too Cool - Camp Rock Soundtrack
Gwen: Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance
Owen: The لاما Song - برٹن Earny
Yes; it's short.
Yes; not everyone's ocs are in it.
Yes; I will try to update more.
No; I will not include everyone's ocs اگلے time; that's the way Big Brother is, only certain people are shown at certain times
Yes; I will try to دکھائیں مزید ocs
I also have a new سروے گیا کیا پوسٹ in the club; link
Last time on Total Drama Big Brother; Francis won the very first HOH competition and him, Robyn and Jayden discussed their alliance and their plans to get rid of the couples in the house, with this, secured the nomination of Annie. At the nomination ceremony, Annie and Ryker were nominated...
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posted by CourtneyGirl
(in duncans "barowed" car same morning)

Courtney: what if i am pregnet what will duncan say what will he do my head is starting to hurt.

Gwen: courtney, calmb down if آپ are pregnet then i am sure that duncan will not leave آپ یا make آپ abourt the baby, he might be mean but he isent eveil.

Courtney: *takeing deep breths* he hoo he hoo he hoo...

(they arive at the hosbital)

Gwen:ok آپ go in and i will wait out here, everything is going to be fine.

Courtney: NO i what آپ in there i don't want to be alone.

(phone rings)
Gwen: ok آپ go in and i will be right in there after i take this, it's...
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posted by tdafan121
She's my new fanfic person! Here's her info:
Full Name: Kodai Jamie Elizabeth Barlow
Age: 16
Bio: Kodai is a very imagiantive girl. During the دن she is normally either daydreaming, talking, یا reading one of her W.i.t.c.h. books. At night, she is مزید active and is always doing something. Normally on a typical night, she is either listening to music, drawing, writing, staring blankly at the moon, یا typing up a storm on Fanpop, her پسندیدہ website. On special nights یا in one of her victory celebrations, she either takes a swim یا walks through the woods. Two of her good friends, Bridgette...
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posted by splinter505
jumanji: *in body cast* i'm so happy Death wen't home
Aydan: tell me about it
Alex: i am so gonna win
Phil: today your challenge is to fight a ghost, your teams will be brought together once and آپ will choose a person to fight
zombies: look at jumanji
jumanji: i can't i'm in a body cast
Alex: oh than me
jumanji: fine
jackie: hollow
Hollow: fine
Phil: skellotens your up
hollow: die
ghost: *punches Hollow*
hollow: * falls to grown*
Phil: your out,next
Alex: *gets sword* die
ghost: agg!!!
Phil: آپ win, now every one to the ceremony
later at ceremony
Phil: alex has invincibilety, summer, hollow
, Jacki and Aydan your safe. bye carly
posted by Courtney370
hey! my name is courtney and آپ guys may kown me from total drama island and total drama action life was good for me after tdi and tda and im married to duncan and moveing to canada and i got a good job as CIT. It was March and It was a Tuesday and I could hear the wind comeing سے طرف کی as i look out the window. i was looking at movie called Mind over Matter with the ice cream and the پاپ کارن, پوپکارن and bag of candy in my hand. i was getting ready for my تاریخ with duncan. when the movie end i went to my bathroom to take a bath. i took my and my bra and shoes and tank سب, سب سے اوپر and short pants and jump in. my...
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 The host, me :3
The host, me :3
Her dragon is: The Hideous Zippleback named Edna

Her dragon is: The Changewing named Nightwhisper

His dragon is: The Monstrous Nightmare named Flamethrower

Her dragon is: The Life Binder named Shadowclaw

Jordyn (JoJo)
Her dragon is: The Night Fury named Violet

Rosamaria Martinez
Her dragon is: The Skulldren named Crystal

Natalie Krysta Gracelyn Charm
Her dragon is: The Spellweaver named Bluestar

Selena Cortez
Her dragon is: The Whispering Death named Gerard

Pete Wentz
His dragon is: The Green Death named Ashlee

Patrick Stump
His dragon is: The Timberjack named Dani

Dani Stump...
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posted by SuperGwen
Cody ran. He just had to run. Through the halls of Playa De Losers. He had another argument with Noah. These arguments have been going on for three days and some on the most dumbest things. Like when to go to the doctors and how to set up the babies room.Not to mention that he was 9 months pregnant with twins, he has a lot of mood swings.He ran into a nearby closet and slammed the door shut. He sunk onto the ground and started to cry waterfalls."Who knew daddy could be so inconsiderate.", he کہا craidelling his large stomach. "You two guys are the only ones who cared." The dork suddenly thought...
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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Tyler and Lindsay were sitting on the سوفی, لٹانا watching TDWT. They were both out of the competition.
"Hey Linds, don't آپ think that Courtney is getting a leeeetle too crazy?"
"Uh, her? Yeah!"
Bridgette came in. She just finished hosting the aftermath.
"Have آپ guys seen Duncan yet? He is SUCH a womanizer! I'm glad I ended up with Geoff instead."
Geoff came in, and he was holding two glasses of punch. He gave one to Bridgette, and stood اگلے to her.
"Gwen is acting so odd latley! Have آپ seen her اگلے to Courtney, they were almost in a catfight!"
The four stayed silent for quite some time. A couple...
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Total Drama Action
Chris: How is Duncan cheating? Does he have X-Ray vision?
Don: Duncan, I did some investigation. آپ actually cheated. So, آپ are penalized.

Total Drama World Tour
Chris: (allows Sierra to make the final four, despite her stalker status.)
Don: (gets annoyed with Sierra and sends her to jail.)

Chris: (Lets his interns get eaten سے طرف کی scarabs.)
Don: (never uses his interns as objects یا footstools.)

Chris: (lets everyone freeze their butts off.)
Don: (pack your snowgear for cold adventures.)

Chris: (drinks the water, leaving little to none for Bridgette.)
Don: (offers Bridgette some of...
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chris: welcome to the the new season of total drama island the incredebul powers lets meet are contestents say hello to the diva of fasion and has a tiny brain lindsay:is this total drama island the incredebul powers chris:yeah lindsay:ok oh آپ are must smal then I imagen chris: اگلے up is a girl with all brains and is smaller then see looks beth:lindsay is that آپ lindsay:yes beth:eeeeeeeeeeeeeh lindsay:eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh chris:lets get on with the دکھائیں nexh is a man with that likes to read and is a no it all noah:chris do آپ have my mediahelp here chris yeah sure noah*walks aan* chris and the girl with a brain and is a cei courtney:nice to meet آپ all and am here to wen this season chris اگلے up is a jovenile that has wen its duncan*fors a night* chris:easy your layer says if آپ do that آپ wil go back to juvu duncan;ok chris:siera,cody,heater,zoey,mike,izzy and tyler toon in after this brack to see what drama happens next
posted by koalagirl9
It was after Dakota came back (after being unfairly catapulted with nothing but a floaty) Sam was pushing his thumbs into a Mario game when the pretty Dakota Milton walked in.
What are آپ doing here Sam said.
Cleaning the cob webs lucky for me its the last thing i have to do. She responded.
Well Sam strutted.You look amazing tonight.
Wow thanks.Dakota said.Wanna go out to the dock and have some fun im done on the dusting.
Its raining.Said Sam.Plus i want to finish level 5-8.
Comon! کہا Dakota.Drop your game and lets have real fun.
Sam dropped the game and raced Dakota to the dock.
When they got there...
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posted by Pinkkatluv32
Twany: threw at joanna
Roxie: آپ did it vinny runs to to him
Kat: erika آپ آپ کتیا, کتيا آپ made him bleed
Erika: im im cries
Twany: erika آپ ok
Erika: yeah

Next day
Carry: time to fly to different places
Everyone in airplane
Star: buckles seatbelt
Roxie: cody oh cody I love your eide golden eyes
Cody: ummm thanks
rikki: don I like you
Don: me to
Corey: mellissa if this plane kills آپ im suing it
Mellissa: oh corey kisses his cheek
Jory: ارے cassidy umm hey
Aliicia: awwww it's so sweet
Timmy: this sucks huh
Alcia: im bored
cassidy: well if weren't goth آپ would not be deppressed
Alcia: sigh
When they landed...
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posted by 219-1680
DJ started cring again but this time Izzy noticed. "Why are u cring DJ?"she asked "Chef made me cook all the foods but he still treats me like dirt!" DJ said. "So your not going to tell Chris."said Izzy."He told me not to tell Chris"DJ said."So your just gonna let him rule your life?!"DJ thougth for a bit."Your right Izzy I'm goning to tell Chris!" Izzy waved good-bye while DJ ran to tell Chris. DJ ran into CHef oh no oh no
DJ thought. Chef walked away shaking his head. What do I do know? DJ thought. i wish Izzy was here. But he still ran to find Chris since he told Izzy I would and DJ never Breaks a Promise not even to someone he loves.

To Be Contined.........