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 Heather in old age
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This Total Drama Island پیپر وال might contain ڈاؤن لوڈ ہونے والے, مزاحیہ کتاب, منگا, کارٹون, ہالی ووڈ, and کامک بُک.

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Enjoy! :)
DJ said, "Let's go to the train set."

Bridgette said, "Sure DJ. Let's go."

They arrived at the train set from "Get A Clue". They boarded the train.

Bridgette sat down in a booth. "So, why do آپ think سٹار, ستارہ put everyone on a team and told us to go to different locations on the island?"

DJ sat on the opposite side of Bridgette. "I don't know. Hey, what happened to Chris again?"

Bridgette said, "Who cares."

DJ said, "That's not very nice. He's not that bad."

"You know that's not true, DJ. He...
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chey:last time on total drama justin almost killed the cast in texas یا should i say the donkey did anyway it was sierra who went home
*losers part*
gwen:we got سیکنڈ again
duncan:i know
(duncan & gwen start making out)
courtney:why would i be jealous of duncan i mean gwen
dj:you got duncan on the brain eh
courtney:um... shut up
*winner part*
tyler this is great
(tyler starts eating noodles)
lindsay:you got some on آپ face
lindsay:here i,ll gget it
tyler:yes make out time
(lindsay gets a napkin and whipe tyler face
tyler:she is treating me like...
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Chris: welcome back to total drama culdesac

Chris: the following campers will stay for another week in total drama culdesac

Johnny 2x4

Chris: its down to gwen and bridgette

Chris: first bridgette with 2 votes

Chris: now gwen آپ have 3 ووٹ good bye

Gwen: well it was nice while it lasted

Trent: dont go if u go I will vote my self off.

Gwen: I lost so I have to go.

Trent: Fine.

Trent: Chris I quit!!!!!!!

Gwen: what!!!!

Chris: thats it its offical trent and gwen both leave tonight.

Chris: but since trent is on another team that makes it uneven

Duncan: so what tough luck for them

Chris: Duncan shut...
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