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posted by xcv_2013
ارے its brooke. I just want to say that pretty soon I'm gonna leave fanpop for good. I mean, I thought that people actually liked me. I thought that they read my stories because they actually liked me. I was wrong. I got a letter saying to stop writing these stories. so don't be surprised if I'm gone.
So I'm gonna annoy آپ all with this news which just makes my life even مزید a pain, Spikes cut & stiches got an infection.
I went to see him at the hospital & it was pretty gross. I went & talked to him about it.
"So, any news from fanpop?" he asked excidently
"Um, yeah, about that..."...
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ارے this is Baby B!!! just back from this huge,wicked party!!! i have seen the تبصرے on my last story & i want to say thank you. there are some actual people in this world who understand me.
well anyway before I get all sentimental, I'll tell آپ the rest of what happened when I saw Spikes at the Hospital.
After i left that emotional scene with duncan, I headed over to the hospital. I entered his room & saw his whole family & a lawer there.
"Spencer are آپ sure آپ don't want to sue Duncan?" asked his mom.
"Mom, I don't want to sue him. I'm OK. Just a minor cut." he replied in an...
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 It's Sofie! (rockzsanders drew this. Fabulous, I know.)
It's Sofie! (rockzsanders drew this. Fabulous, I know.)
I walked alone to a camp آگ کے, آگ pit where other campers waited around me. "This is camp Wawanakwa! Your ہوم for the اگلے eight weeks!" Chris exclaimed. 'Weee." I muttered blandly sitting down اگلے to a fellow red head. Only, it was guy. Chirs told us about how there will be hidden cameras all over the island, we would be competing in challenges, yadda yadda, blah blah blah. I didn't care. "Yo! Chris! Enough with the small talk, and give mamma what she came here for!!!" I yelled. Everyone looked at me. "What? I'm a strong girl who knows what she wants. And what I want, is a 100,000 dollars."...
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ارے its brooke. well i got back from the hospital from seeing spikes. well i talked to duncan and spikes & i learned a few things i never knew like how i got my name & why spikes had that huge cut on his arm.
well both my cellphone & ہوم phone were ringing. it was spikes & duncan. "AAAHHH!!!! WELL, SPIKES IS مزید PATIENT!!!" i yelled then i picked up my cellphone and answered duncan.
"Brooke, come here now." duncan کہا sternly then he hanged up.
so as my mom was driving me to the prison I called back spikes.
"Hey baby b.(my nickname) Can آپ come over?" he asked
"Uh, Duncan just...
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WWWWAAAAHHHH!!!! ارے its brooke. I AM SO FREAKIN MISERABLE!!!! Duncan & Spikes had a fight, Duncan is at prison, Spikes is at the hospital & will also go to prison, Duncan wishes I was never his sister, & this all happened on the weekend before my birthday!!!!
See what had happened was that I haven't been so juvenile lately. Neither has Spikes. I have been مزید focused on school, while Spikes is focusing on trying to finish school to شامل میں the marines. Well, it all started Friday when Duncan asked me if i wanted to spraypaint the school later that night.
"Uh,no thanks dude. I have...
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posted by Lolly4me2
After all 22 campers arrived, Chris told us to come to the end of the dock for a picture. I smiled, cause the camera loves Sofie =)
We all walked down near the edge of the dock and tried to find a position. I walked up to the guy Duncan was with when I was at the porting docks. The african american boy. "Hey." I said. He smiled. "Hi, I'm DJ." "Hi DJ. I'm Sofie... can I sit on your back?" He gave me a 'what the heck' look. "Oh, come on! I'm tired of standing!" he laughed and put me on his shoulder... cause that boy, is tall. "OK, ready?" Chris said. I we all smiled and waited. "One... Two......
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My iPod blasted in my ears as the dock came into view. I got up and giggled with excitement, as I ran off the boat. "HELLO EVERYBODY!" I screamed. They all stared at me like I was drunk. I smiled slightly, and giggled in embarassment. "This is Sofie." I heard Chris say laughing at me. I took my place on the dock with the other 16 campers around me. I glanced at the other contestants. OMFG. I thought. Those were the people a saw at the- but I didn't finish. We all turned our heads as we heard loud rock موسیقی blasting from the اگلے کشتی to come. No. Way. I thought. "The guy with the green mohawk..."...
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posted by Lolly4me2
I happily turned on the camera smiling. "Hey everyone! I'm Sofie! Why should I be on Total Drama Island? Well, I'm pretty, (DUH) I'm smart, (kinda) fun, (Um, YEAH!) boy crazy, (COOTIES! COOTIES! RUN!) funny, (Sea monkey چرا لیا, چوری کی my money! XD) and TOTALLY random! (RUN AWAY کیلا MAN! RUN! RAWR!!)" I smiled and looked around me. "I also have some جنک, فضول in the front, if آپ know what I mean." I giggled and sprawled on my bed. "Sofie!" My mom called from the bottom of the stairs. "What ARE آپ doing in
there?!" I frowned and ran to the window laughing. "I-I'm going clubbing! Don't ruin my fun! BYE!" I jumped out the window and landed hard on the ground. "Oh!" I yelled up to the room window. "I'm really crazy, so I'll totally boost ratings! See y'all later!"
*End of addition tape*

-Hahaha! See what other trouble this mayhem mistress while cause on Total, Drama, Island! (as Chris would say it) *wink*
posted by xcv_2013
ارے this is the creator of Brooke. Just filling in for Brooke while she & Spikes are cleaning this restaurant after starting a food fight. Brooke should talk to آپ about it اگلے time.
Well, i have seriously considered ending the Brooke series. I mean, they have nothing to do with Duncan & now its starting to be all about Brooke & Spikes. So unless someone makes a پرستار club for Brooke- which i doubt- I'll stop writing the stories for a while.
Anyway, I will answer some of our readers frequently asked questions.

Q: Why does Duncan frown on Spikes?
A: He doesn't frown on him. Thats a misconception....
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posted by xcv_2013
ارے its Brooke. I'm so in love. But before I say anything I would like to say that Duncan has offically forgiven me. We were talking on the IM last night after something happened.
Juvenile Girl: Duncan? Are آپ there?
juve dude: yeaa
Juvenile Girl: Are آپ still mad at me?
juve dude: no. i mean if it was your best friend that I was dating then آپ wouldn't be mad.
Juvenile girl: thank god. i was afraid آپ would hate me for life.
juve dude: i don't get that mad

so now we are tight again

now for the story. me & spikes were walking to College Prep I when Jessica came & just kissed Spikes on the...
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ارے everyone this is the creator & مصنف of Brooke, AKA duncan's little sister. Brooke can't talk right now so she asked me to cover for her. Don't worry, i won't talk about my life in any way. I just want to say thank-you to everyone who reads,rates, & be comes a fan. Brooke & I really appreciate it.
So as a treat, I have made these little profiles for the charecters in my stories, Brooke, Spikes, Duncan, & Jessica.
But a little news flash for future stories. Duncan will be used in my stories but propably won't. so don't send hate mail. Oh & i don't hate Gwen, I just am...
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ارے its duncans little sister AKA brooke!!! im back from school. yes i know huge shocker. they fixed the school already!!! so we had to go.
well آپ all know that duncan was ticked off after i told him that i was dating his best friend. well he won't answer my e-mails. so he must hate me for life. :-(
well to countine the story, after i passed out i woke up at the hospital. my mom & brothers were there & were relived when i woke up. i quickly asked where was spikes. my mom told me the news. he had 3rd degree burns.
i was dismissed from the hospital & i passed سے طرف کی Spikes room. i asked...
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ارے its duncan little sister AKA Brooke!!! just here to countinue with the story of me & spikes going out!!! people have asked me, "Who is Spikes?" well if آپ have read my گزشتہ مضامین آپ will see that he is Duncan's best friend. Here is what happened on the IM today.
juvenile girl: Duncan?
he didn't respond
juvenile girl: im in trouble aren't i.
juve dude: yes, yes آپ are
juvenile girl: im sorry. :-(
juve dude: apology not accepted
juvenile girl: آپ do know hes in the hospital right?
juve dude: HES WHAT?!?!
juvenile girl: didn't Chris tell you?
juve dude: NO!!!
juvenile girl: yeah well....
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posted by xcv_2013
ارے its Brooke. I'm sure آپ all know that Spikes & I are going out. Well let me tell آپ how that started, but heres what Duncan کہا on the IM when I told him.
Juve dude: آپ 2 ARE WHAT?!
Juvenile Girl: Chill,bro,chill
Juvenile Girl: I'm in trouble huh? :-(
Juve dude: yes. yes آپ are
Juvenile Girl: i'm sorry
Juve dude: How did that happen?!
Juvenile: Well, Jessica got sick & tired of school & decided to start a آگ کے, آگ to stop school. but...
Juve dude: what?
Juvenile Girl:...
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posted by xcv_2013
ارے its brooke. i might be off of fanpop for a while for two reasons.
one, spikes & i are going out :-)
two, hes in the hospital :'-(
i would tell آپ how, but i have to go see him.
i will tell آپ this. the school got on fire, he saved my life again, & we ended going to the hospital.
the last few weeks i have felt awkward with spikes. i fell down the stairs & he caught me in time except he was basically carrying me up. then we both reached for something causing our hands to touch.
then the school caught on fire. i'll tell آپ the rest later. i have to go.
i wonder how duncans gonna take it when he finds out his best friend & sister are going out.
ارے its Brooke giving all آپ need to know about my brother Duncan!!! remember last time i had to go cause my mom was coming? well it turns out that Spikes came over because he knew that i haven't been my self. he just wanted to know if i was alright.
i think that's rather sweet. i mean he knows that i know that he likes me & he knows that i don't feel that way about him but hes still really concerned about me. hes so sweet. :-)
i was thinking about how i first met him & Jessica. I was 12 years old سے طرف کی then & me & Duncan haven't talked since i asked him if he was alone. so we were...
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posted by xcv_2013
ارے its brooke. im back from school. we have this huge test tomorrow & i have been slacking lately.
anyway i want to share some TDA news. GWEN GOT ELIMINATED!!! YAY i mean so sad. NOW DUNCAN MIGHT WIN!!!
So people have been asking me to countinue the story of when i asked duncan if he ever felt alone. well here it is.
when i was entering the car he started running to the car & yelled "MOM DRIVE, DRIVE!!!" she started driving but then asked, "DUNCAN DID آپ STEAL SOMETHING AGAIN!!"
"yeah. Sorry." he کہا carelessly.
"Well I hope your father is in a good mood. Maybe آپ won't go to juvenile....
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posted by TDIfangirl
April 4, 2009
Hey. Today I snuck out to a party. Good, right. WRONG. I landed right in the middle of an old lady's 112th birthday party! ", uh, how's the tea?" I کہا as soon as I realized it. The old ladies stared at me, eitheir pissed یا confused. One of them said, "Shouldn't آپ be at one of those hard rock کنسرٹ thingies?" Here's when it started to get embarassing. "I...I...wh-what's a rock concert..?" I mumbled. DAMN!! I HATE it when I mumble. I also hate it when I sound dramatic, 'cause it 'aint me! I prepared to leave, but my right leg didn't move, and I landed on the table,...
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posted by xcv_2013
ارے its brooke wat is up!!! back from work. i miss my brother. I was thinking about how he was when I met him.
one of the first conversations we had was when I saw him steal something. we just got our allowances then he bought this chips & soda. he ran out of money. he needed some batteries. he چرا لیا, چوری کی them.
"Duncan. Don't. I'll pay for them." I کہا in my 11 سال old voice
"NO. It wouldn't be the same, plus that would take away your money." he کہا in his 14 سال old voice
"Um, Duncan. Your the only one in our family who's a criminal?" I asked
"Yeah. Why?"
"Don't آپ ever feel alone?"
He stopped and looked at me.
"Why do آپ want to know?" he asked. he started to scare me.
"N-No reason. I was just curious. I mean, I feel a little alone cause I don't want to be a cop. Don't you?"
"listen don't worry about me. Just go home." he replied
"Um, OK."
"Hey Brooke?"
"Yes Duncan?"
That was the first real conversation we had.
Well, I have to go. Job.
posted by xcv_2013
ارے its Brooke!! WATS NEW!!! I'M LIKE SO EXCITED!!
I was outside this موسیقی store spray painting it with this huge black & blue گٹار with these lightning bolts & موسیقی notes. I hate to brag but it was my best work yet.
suddenly the manager comes out & sees my work. I was gonna make a run for it till he yells "THIS IS THE BEST WORK I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!" I stopped & turned around. he saw the cans in my hand and asked, "Did آپ do this?" "Um yeah. Am I in trouble?" i replied.
"No way! This is very talented! Tell آپ what. Finish this pice & I'll pay آپ & not...
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