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A/N: first TF:P fanfiction!!! YAY!!! This is mainly about my OC Electra. Hope ya like it!!!

Summery: Electra is a Decepticon femme with a sarcastic attitude and is quite a prankster. But when Megatron tells her to preten she's an Autobot and earn the Autobot's trust, she سوالات herself about her role in this world. Will she go on the good side and شامل میں the Autobots? یا will she go back to the Decepticons? Read to find out!!

Chapter 1: Prologue

Location: Jasper, Nevada

It was a rainy دن in the little town of Jasper. A 16 سال old girl was walking through the town. Her rain کوٹ ڈاکو, ہڈ covered...
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------Confirmed Information I’ve Recorded-----
The differential of one third R cubed is R.D.R.R.

Miko is equivalent to the flat ming of the obligs feroid to the nth power

Internal energy of e remains constant

Mass times the fusion rate squared is constant

The cube root of the exthermal energon yield delta e violates Clank’s law of energon conservation

Em3 divided سے طرف کی the square root of propulsion factor equals (insert the written formula here)

The trisector of the polygon is an integral substant

----Not actually clearly heard, I only wrote these down سے طرف کی how I guessed Bulkhead must have کہا so--------

The data inhabits a fraction of Bulkhead’s brain, infant tesmile سے طرف کی standard neuro net densities

Inner section of the atomic warlets indicate convergent tursiary structures irreversible, results in Vector L-1 norm squared

Energon temperatures involve irregular proportions to the triangular construction
posted by Winxclubgirl202
This is just the plot of my پرستار fiction story about my character Kimberly Prime.

When Kim gets sick, the Autobots set out to find a cure. Jack learns مزید about his girlfriends' s past and so when Megatron finds out that Kim is ill he knows this might be a chance that she might die without finding a cure for her. Can the Autobots find the cure on Cybertron before Megatron does?

(About Kim)

Name: Kimberly Prime
Nickname: Kim
Age: 16
Gender: female
Personality: strong, loyal, brave, friendly, fierce fighter
History: she doesn't like to talk about it
Other: Kim is a werewolf, her boyfriend is Jack and her best friend is Miko. She loves a good fight and Optimus Prime is her guardian.
Description: long brown hair, blue eyes as human, green eyes as a werewolf
Dirge stood silently, her eyes flaring. She clenched her fists and transformed into her motorcycle mode, and drove off. The sleek jet black motorcycle parked in front of a gas station, and it's headlights went off. The door of the gas station opened and slammed shut, and a human walked out. Dirge's kick-stand slapped down and she waited as the human walked by, but he didn't. The human boy stopped سے طرف کی her, and his eyebrows raised. He ran his hand over her نشست and breathed, "Wow... what a sleek ride..." Dirge's motor turned on and the boy jumped back. Dirge stifled a laugh as he walked forward...
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posted by iiiiiii
Challenge of the Go-Bots was a 1983 animated cartoon that was produced سے طرف کی Hanna-Barbera Productions. It's VERY VERY VERY VERY similar to Transformers.

Challenge of the Go-Bots was about a group of robots who come to Earth from their ہوم planet. (already sounds similar to Transformers). There's one heroic side called the "GUARDIANS" and a greedy evil side called the "RENEGADES". And what's more, these robots turn into vehicles. (okay, NOW you're gonna say they ripped off Transformers)

Apparently, this cartoon hardly lived at all and was a competitor to Transformers. However, Go-Bots was so...
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