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Source: Me, And some random pics from google for the banner
Trixie: *Walking to Viradian Forest* *tall grass*

Pidgey: *attacks*

Trixie: CRAP! Go, um, Ace!

Ace: *CHIRP* (I'm ready for a fight!)

Trixie: Um.....tackle attack?

Ace: *hits other pidgey*

Pidgey: *tackle, critical hit*

Ace: *hurt*

Trixie: A-Ace! Return! Now, Leo, I choose- Wait, no Ash Ketchum references, SERIOUSLY.

Me: it.

*back to story*

Ace: C'mon out, Leo!

Leo: R-Ratata.... (Um, I'm ready....)

Pidgey: *tackle*

Leo: *faints*

Trixie: Leo! No! D*** آپ PIDGEY!

Freddie: char! Charmander! (My turn!) *scratch attack*

Pidgey: *faints*

Freddie: Char! Charmander Char! (Yay! I won!) *shoots ember in the air*

Trixie: Great! Freddie, آپ learned ember! Now, lets go heal our friends! *steps forward*

*pidgey attack*

Trixie: *walks into Lab* Yo, Oak! I got a d*** box for ya!


Trixie: Whatever. *walks away*

Jay: *walks into Trixie* You're here, poo.

Trixie: Oh s***, you're here.

Oak: I called آپ here to do a favor for me.

Trixie: BUT I GOT آپ THE F***ING POKEBALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oak: I want آپ to go on a Pokemon Journey to help me fill these Pokedexes. *gives them the pokedexes*

Jay: I'm sorry, but آپ wont be needed for this, Trixie.

Trixie: ........*angry*

Jay: I mean, only THE best trainer can become pokemon masters and fill...
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Sorry it's so short..... I havent written one in a while

Old Man: *Teaches Trixie everything*

Trixie: *texting, not paying attention*

Old Man: Take this! *shoves Teachy Tv into her hands*

Trixie: HELL YEAH A TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Old Man: It's a Teachy Tv!

Trixie: Say what now?

Old Man: It only shows educational shows! Great for learning!

Trixie: Whaaaaa? S***, I'm outta here. Lets go guys. *walks away*

Old Man: Come back, son!

Trixie: I'M A F***ING GIRL!!!!!!!!!

Again, sorry it's so short! I'll try harder on the اگلے one!
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 Old Man (The one who needed "coffee". I think he was drunk. So does Freddie.)
Old Man (The one who needed "coffee". I think he was drunk. So does Freddie.)
Trixie: Finally! We made it back to Viridian City!

Freddie: Char Char! (Yay yay!)

Trixie: To the Pokemon Center, AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*At the Pokemon Center......*

Nurse Joy: Welcome! Would آپ like me to heal your pokemon?

Trixie: *sarcastic* No, I dont want آپ to heal them.

Nurse Joy: We hop to see آپ aga-

Trxie: Wait! I mean yes!


Nurse Joy: Thanks for waiting. *hands Trixie her Pokemon*

Trixie: How much do I owe ya?

Nurse Joy: Its free.

Trixie: F*** YA! *runs outside*

Nurse Joy: Um......We hope to see آپ again......


Trixie: C'mon out, guys!

Ace: *chirping* (So, where will we be...
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I know what a pidgey sounds like, but idk how to write it, so im just gonna write *chirping*

Trixie: *walking to Viridian City* Look, a Pidgey!

Pokedex: A common sight in forests and woods. It flaps its wings and ground level to kick up blinding sand.

Trixie: Um, ok, good to know.

Freddie: Charmander Char! (Lets Battle!)

Trixie: Use scratch!

Pidgey: *uses tackle*

Trixie: Scratch attack again!

Freddie: *scratches*

Trixie: Now, GO POKEBALL!

PIdgey: *Captured*

Trixie and Freddie: *high 5*

Trixie: C'mon out, Ace!

Ace: *chirping* (Why, hello miss its very nice to meet you!) *lands on Trixie's shoulder* *chirps*...
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Trixie: *outside* *holding Freddie* *goes home*

Mom: Trixie! Welcome home! آپ got a pokemon!

Trixie: Um, Yes. I think I did.

Mom: Go on your journey.

Trixie: But I still didnt have breakfast!!!!!


Trixie: Maybe I can get something to eat in Veradian City. *runs into Daisy*

Daisy: OMG Trixie!!

Trixie: Oh F*** its you- I mean hi Daisy!

DAisy: I heard you, like, battled Jay. I wish I saw!

Trixie: I won.

Daisy: OMG!!! No way!!!

Trixie: bye! *runs away* I hate her soooo much.

Freddie: Char. (She doesnt seem that bad.)

Trixie: Time to go to Veradian! *sees Pidgey* LEts catch it!! Freddie, use scratch!...
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Trixie: *about to walk away* C'mon Freddie.

Jay: Wait!

Trixie: Wth do ya want now?

JAy: I think we should have a battle.

Trixie: Okay, but I'm gonna win!

Jay: Go Shorty!

Shorty: Squirtle! (Your going down!)

Trixie: Are ya ready Freddie?

Freddie: Char! Charmander Char! (Yep! *to Shorty* Oh, just stfu)

OAk: A Pokemon battle is when trainers-

Jay: Oh, just shut up so we can fight!

Oak: But..

Trixie: SHUT UP!

Trixie: Okay Freddie, use scratch!!

Freddie: *attacks Shorty*

Shorty: *gets hit*

JAy: Water Gun!

Shorty: *looks at Jay, confused*

Trixie: Shorty doesnt know water gun yet!! Freddie, use scratch attack again!!...
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Trixie: *wakes up* *looks around her room* All of that stuff must have been a bad dream. I wonder whats for breakfast. *walks downstairs*

Mom: *sitting at table* *eating*

Trixie: Mornin Mom.

Mom: *staring into space* All girls dream of traveling.

Trixie: Uh, Mom?

Mom: it کہا so on TV.

Trixie: MOM! Cut it out with the "I saw it on TV" crap!! آپ know half of that stuff isnt true!!

Mom: Oh, right, yes. Um, Trixie, Prof. Oak wanted you.

Trixie: Oak? *remembers last night* Um, I think I'll wait a while before I see him.

Mom: No, no, no. He insisted that آپ came سے طرف کی ASAP.

Trixie: But....

Mom: *pushes Trixie...
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posted by TrainerTrixie
I was extremely bored, so I restarted on LeafGreen. All of this stuff is happening in the game (but im making it, well, مزید intersting)

Trixie: *sleeping in her bed*

Prof. Oak: *comes in through window* Hello there! Glad to meet you!

Trixie: *wakes up* Who the hell are you? AND WHAT ARE آپ DOING IN MY BEDROOM?!?!

Oak: Welcome to the World of Pokemon!!!!

Trixie: Um... آپ still havent answered my questions, آپ creep.

Oak: My name is Oak. People affectionately refer to me as the POKEMON PROFESSOR!!!!!!

Trixie: Um, okaaaaay. NOW WHY THE HELL ARE آپ IN MY ROOM!?!?!?

Oak: Please, please, shut your mouth until I am finished speaking. *covers her mouth*

Trixie: *pushes Oak* Leave me alone, آپ weirdo! *pushes him out the window* *goes back into her bed* Now to go back to sleep.

Oak: *climbs back in window* WAIT!! Are آپ a boy, یا a girl?

Trixie: WTF?!?

And our story begins........
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Source: Me, And some random pics from google for the banner