TV Couples TV Couple Picture Contest Round 12: Love Making VOTING

famelover23 posted on Nov 15, 2012 at 03:17AM
So I know there have been a lot of picture contests but lets start one new! Its simple there will be a topic and you just have to submit an image. The winner of the topic gets to pick the next category. Make sense?

Round 1: Cuddling-Sweetest66
Round 2: Dancing-Nicky23
Round 3: First kiss-Nicolas97
Round 4: Christmas-dacastinson
Round 5: Holding Hands-dacastinson
Round 6: Prom-Vampsessed
Round 7: Breakup-jake_rose_4ever
Round 8: Eating-jake_rose_4ever
Round 9: In Bed-Nicky23
Round 10: Gazing/Looking at each other-jake_rose_4ever
Round 11: First Talk-Nicolas97
Round 12: Love Making
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