TV Couples Favourite Couple That Was Not Endgame Due To One یا Both Characters Death?

Pick one:
adama & roslin [battlestar galactica]
ted & tracy [how i met your mother]
mark & lexie [grey's anatomy]
michael & sara [prison break]
worf & jadzia [star trek ds9]
will & alicia [the good wife]
xander & anya [buffy the vampire slayer]
willow & tara [buffy the vampire slayer]
fred & wesley [angel]
wesley & lilah [angel]
topher & bennett [dollhouse]
angel & cordelia [angel]
zoe & wash [firefly]
charlie & brax [home and away
robb & talisa [game of thrones]
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freddie & effy [skins uk]
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finn & rachel [glee]
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neal & emma [once upon a time]
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Aiden and Emily/Amanda [Revenge]
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Eleven & River [Doctor Who]
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Carrie & Brody [Homeland]
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