TV Couples Songs that remind me of my پسندیدہ couples. Which do آپ think fits best?

Pick one:
Drive-Dawn Landers [House-Cuddy]
Because آپ live-Jesse McCartney [Sydney-Vaughn]
The way I loved you-Taylor تیز رو, سوئفٹ [Chuck-Blair]
All I Need-Within Temptation [Damon-Elena]
Chasing Cars-Snow Patrol [Derek-Meredith]
Passing Afternoon-Iron and Wine [Wilson-Amber]
Anna-Gunnar Madsen [Big-Carrie]
Everything-Lifehouse [Jack-Kate]
Goodbye Again-Vertical Horizon [Chase-Cameron]
Dreamer-Uh Huh Her [Clark-Lois]
Shattered Glass-Britney Spears [Liam-Naomi]
Shattered-Trading Yesterday [Brooke-Lucas]
Close Your Eyes-Beck Christopher [Buffy-Angel]
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