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آپ saw Jane and Brittany Volturi. آپ froze.
Emmett: Babe who is it?
Jane: Evening __________ and Emmett we are doing our rounds and checking on everything may we come in?
You: Yeah I will be right back.
آپ ran upstairs and checke on Sabrina and then wrote her a little letter and she nodded. آپ ran back out the door and downstairs and saw the whole Cullen family.
Jane: Is everything okay ________?
You: Yes it is Jane.
Brittany: Okay so we are glad to inform آپ that the masters will be visiting in about a ماہ یا so for the wedding.
Emmett: That is good to know.
Alice: The مزید the merrier.
Carlisle: We can't wait to see old friends.
Jane: Thank you. I will let Master Aro know. *walks off with Brittny.*

im sorry u guys im just have to much things on my mind right now so the اگلے couple of chapters aren't going to be long. again im very very sorry.
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