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posted by karpach_13
"who is it?" eric asked. this cant be any worse ur alone with a guy at a hotel and ur family pops up thinking who knows what.
"grandpa Carlisle i told only mom" i whispered to him.
"i didnt want to tell them, but edward read my mind" he told me. i couldnt believe it.
"dad stop reading peoples mind" i told him, i wasnt as mad with him as i was before.
"ooo a movie sweet... excuse me let me through" emmett کہا and went o watch avatar.
"ooo popcorn" he practically shouted and i rolled my eyes.
"i've missed u so much" aunt alice squealed.
"me too" and she hugged me.
"then y dont u come home?" she asked me
" cuz someone needs to control himself" i کہا and i looked at my dad. he wasnt looking at me he was looking at eric.i forgot that they were all standing.
"oh sorry sit down we were just watching avatar"
i told them. my dad still eyed eric.
"um.. this is eric, my friend" i told them, i saw relief in my moms eyes. i really didnt want to make eric feel uncomfortable cuz all of my FAMILY MEMBERS came here.while they were all shaking hands, emmett came up t ome and gave me a برداشت, ریچھ hug. then when he saw i couldnt breath he let go.
"sorry couldnt give anyone a hug except u and i missed it" uncle emmett said
"its okay" i کہا while getting some air. eric came up to me , he was about to speak but i stopped him
"they can hear us" i told him he nodded
"i forgot" he said.
"nessie y couldnt i see u?" my aunt alice asked me.
"cuz he's a werewolf, wait y were y looking for me?"i asked her.
"great so not my پسندیدہ aunt is looking into my future" how could this get any worse.
"oh trust me it can" my dad جوابات my thought
"stop reading my thoughts dammit!!" i screamed, i almost got over it, but then he started again.
"i didnt ur the one who did" my dad answered my thought body was burning with anger and i was almost shaking. eric got up and was heading toward me, but my father stopped him.
"stay away from my daughter"he کہا furiously.
"dad get out of my life, i love him" i finally کہا it
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