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posted by Twilightsauce
He has gone. He is not coming back. He does not love آپ anymore. He has gone. He is not coming back. He does not love آپ anymore. He has gone. He is not coming back. He does not love آپ anymore. He has gone. He has gone. He has gone.
I could say this to myself a thousand times and it still would not make me feel any better. Nothing can, not anymore. When... when Edward and the rest of the Cullen’s left Forks they took my soul with them. Everything that made me happy is gone. They are never coming back. I am like a zombie, I walk, eat, sleep and I answer if somebody asks me something but...
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 Embry quote
Embry quote
Chapter three (hope آپ all like it)

“Oh hi Embry.” The beautiful vampire Bella کہا in her sickly sweet voice. “Sorry to bother آپ but have آپ seen Jake anywhere?” She looked dead worried. I chuckled at the joke.
“Nope, sorry. Why don’t آپ go to Billy’s?” I leant on the door frame.
“I did. Billy کہا he’d gone out somewhere.” She sighed “Maybe he’s just mad at me at the moment and ignoring me on purpose.” She looked upset.
I felt really awkward. “Do آپ want to come in? Maybe I can help.” I doubted that I could.
I showed her to the living room, and she...
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posted by twilightrox43
I couldn't do it. I was putting them all at risk. I knew where to go. I had to confront the Volturi on my own. The Cullens gave me enough info. I knew everyone's names and descriptions. I sprinted through the clock tower square in case any of the family could see me. As I reached the other side, I found two shadowy figures standing there, as if they were waiting for me. Demetri and Felix. I should have guessed. I was frightened, so when they motioned to follow, I dumbly reacted and did as they said. But any other reaction was even dumber. They could easily catch and defeat me. They led me through...
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posted by maureenyvette

Maureen Reed

~sorry i know the format looks weird but it got messed up when i coppied it from my files~

Chapter 1

The misunderstanding with the Volturi was something I could never forget. Unlike all the near death experiences that were fading from my memories left from my human life, this one would stick.
It made me sad; Nessie would put her hand to my cheek and replay when I told her she would have to run. No mater how many times I told her we would be together, she still seemed unsure.

"You ready to hunt Nessie?"
"A huh"
"Do آپ mind if I come.....Nessie?"
Jacob new she'd say yes...
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posted by twilightrox43
 Ariella on the Plane
Ariella on the Plane
I couldn't believe my eyes. The Volturi were coming back. Would this be an epidemic? Did they believe Ariella would let out our secret? I glanced over at Ariella as Edward picked her up. His face was full of agony. Alice and Jasper returned moments later. We returned back to the house and had a conference. "The only way to do this safely is to go to Italy." Edward said. "I agree. This is what we have to do to save one of our own." Carlisle conferred. Carlisle had explained all this to Alice and Jasper. They seemed to agree as well. Ariella walked into the room the اگلے second, and we told her...
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Enough With The Robert Pattinson-'Spider-Man' Rumors!

گیا کیا پوسٹ 1/14/10 2:00 pm ET سے طرف کی Terri Schwartz in Movie News, Movies, Twilight Forever!

About nine months ago, Reelz Channel and some other مقبول film websites ran an مضمون declaring Robert Pattinson would be replacing Tobey Maguire in the red and blue tights in "Spider-Man 4," quoting then director Sam Raimi as saying, "Robert is the future of the franchise." It was soon revealed that the April 1 post was nothing but a joke — a cruel joke — but in light of حالیہ events, it can be assumed Reelz and the other sites are kicking themselves...
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Chapter two (enjoy!)

My mom was waiting to pounce when I got in the door.
“Have آپ been out with the Clearwater’s again?” She snapped as soon as I was in the door. I mentally noted the open bottle of ووڈکا, شراب on the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ میز, جدول and the glass اگلے to it.
“Yeah. Sorry mom.” I کہا automatically. That was nearly all I کہا to her these days.
She tutted loudly “I hope آپ and Leah aren’t too serious.” I stared at her in shock. It felt like a cold shower.
“Me and… Leah?” I blushed مزید deeply than normal, out of disgust. “Err mom me and Seth and Leah Clearwater are just...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
OK i thought i might do something different.
i thought that perhaps ive done edwards and bellas POV, that i might try jacobs..

the the scent of an enemy woke me, the scent burned then tip of my noise, it was icey.
Vampire. the one creature, that is the enemy of the werewolf. for years i have searched over and over , looking for one, that might be stupid enought to پار, صلیب our land.
And we would be ready. But this was my house.
i turned, suddenly to see Bellas side flat.
No. no .no .no
this cant be right, no!, not bella, please please no. what with her past history,...
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posted by Sterlinghot
I read the first book & i could'nt decide which team i was then i read the سیکنڈ book & i choose.......... Edward! Because Jacob promised Bella he wouldn't hurt her & he does! I think Jacob is a JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LUV EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!


posted by twilight-7
I felt Edward slide into my بستر and opened my eyes to see him looking at me worriedly. I instantly blocked my mind. I couldn’t have him finding out from my thoughts.
“How are آپ feeling?” he asked me.
“Better,”I said. “You were gone.”
“I had to go see Alice,” he pulled me onto his lap. “I wanted to know if she saw Mitchell coming anytime soon.”
“And did she?”
“No, apparently he’s still undecided. Though from the vision آپ had آپ would think he knew.”
I nodded. They knew about my vision. Someone had to know because I was sure it wasn’t me in that vision.
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 my fave 'quote' from this chapter
my fave 'quote' from this chapter
I hope آپ like this, it's my first پرستار fiction so please tell me if it's terrible. This chapter is a bit long, the اگلے one will be shorter :D

I reached the clearing just after Leah, panting like a steam train. I threw my self to the ground as we past the finishing line.
Still think you’re getting faster Embry? Leah thought tauntingly. I bared my teeth then turned to Seth, Leah’s younger brother.
“Impressive.” He grinned looking at the time on the stop watch. “Leah wins سے طرف کی a nose. 3 منٹ 25 سیکنڈ for Leah and 3 منٹ 30 for Embry!”
We were out in the forest messing around...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
dedicated to ItsCherenne. for her kind comments.

i rolled towards the voice, it was a instant recreation, a reflex, something my body always did for taht voice.
i fluttered my eyes to open, to see a fuzzy black shadow kneeled before me. I groaned, i was soo tired, i that i swear i could jsut crash in front of them.
"Bella" he whispered. i felt his cool breath on my face. oh the smell. I swear the smell was jsut intoxicating, the smell that i remembered anywhere no matter how long i had been without it.
It was somthing no matter how much to lenght of time, this habit never died out.
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I awoke سے طرف کی the sound of the guy talking on the phone with someone. "Yes, I know," he said. I bet he's tryin to get a hold of the emergency. "But can't a doctor come down here, adn just-help her? Ok, fine. Forget it." He shut the phone, he still hadn't notice that I was awake already because I pretended I was still asleep. "Where am I?" I asked, I hadn't realized that I was in a bed. "Oh..your fine. I thought آپ were going to die." Yeah right I was gonna die! I'm so heathly I could carrie the cure to any kind of disease. "Are آپ okay, are آپ injured یا anything?" Whoa! This guy seemed like...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
to my friend Twilight-rox43, she is one hell of a friend!

edwards POV

i stood outside her house for hours. but time never mattered to me , when your immortal
adn when its about bella.
i held her yesterday, i felt her. i had her in my hand, he was the same, jsut a little bit older,matured in the face so beautiful. i wanted to sit there fr the rest of my immortal life with her. i wanted to stare at her eyes, and say im back.
but i knew that i could never have her back. i made that mistake. i only brought about upon myself.
she had a very beautiful baby now, and she was married. to a werewolf. hmm....
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posted by AnonymousXXX
I hope everyone likes this one. Tell me what آپ think and if آپ have any suggestions tell me.

That night I had the strangest dream. There was a بھیڑیا howling in the back yard near the forest. I followed the sound despite the fact I was terrified. I looked at the large, massive بھیڑیا up and down. I felt calm and at peace with it so close. It was almost all white. On Its face it had black around its eyes and the tip of its ears. His eyes were what struck me the most. They were deep دودھ chocolate brown eyes. It was like they were burning a hole through my eyes and seeing into my soul. If that...
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Love is the closest thing we have to magic
But It can be hurtful and painful too
it lies in those whos hearts are cold
it glows in those who are true.

You can find it in the least expected places,
It can kill to let love go
It can comfort those who are in need of help
It can fight and take over woe

Love is something that never dies,
It stays in the hearts of the gone,
Love is a candle that never goes out,
No one knows where its from

Love is the glue that holds us together,
It is the thing that makes us smile
Without knowing, we rely on love
More then anyone would know

It can kill those who turn against it,...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
this is the the darling edward-lover456, to who she has کہا some very kind things, i thank you.

*beep beep*, Damm alarm clock! it was early 4.00 am, and anytime now Tanna was bounded to be hungry, AKA. crying the house down. and jacob really needs sleep., i sliped of out بستر trying not to wake up jacob, only to stand on my clothes from yesterday, that jacob that taken off me that night.
i tugged them on my bare body. i heard a rustle. a movement. a intake of breath.
"Who's there" i whispered, with tremors in my voice,
if ther was someone, which ther proberly want , all just in my head, i would...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
bella pov.

I couldnt look at jacob, یا Tanna in the back seat, i jsut sat adn stared out the passenger window, staring at the green outside, of la push. Jacob had finally finished his rabbit. My truck now sits in the garage, jacob insists that he do some upgrades, and wants to put in a dash bourd, from where .......'s steoro was installed.
I jsut couldnt look at jacob, not after Carlisle,
there was a pregnant silence the whole ride home.
He knew, jacob always knew. And when he knew, i just felt guilty, which seem to be all the time.
There are moments when i think to myself, that maybe it was better...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
to 2469244.`

"where is she?, i wanna see her, where's jacob" i felt over joyed. she was alive, and well. my baby.
"He's with her in the waiting room." he replied in the same velvet voice that i oh longinly wanted to hear for so long ago. But it wasn't the right voice.
This was one big fix of them, that i think i might die of a overdose.
"Carlisle." i panted. i dont know how long i havent کہا that name only for my own good.
"Yes bella" he sighed, he diddnt look at me, as though he thought was either better that way , considering he knew what moment we were coming in to یا that he just diddnt...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
i woke, to the sounds of beeps.
beep, beep, beep
ta. ta.ta.
ive heard this موسیقی before,... in phoenix.
i fluttered my eyes open, to see a the familar, white walls. گلابی flowers, tall machines that make the contand beeps.
i looked around me , i alone. where was jacob?, one moment he was beside me, there اگلے he is gone.
i dont even know how i got here, like a blackout,.
like trying to remember what happened the night before when آپ have your hangover.
all i remember was my little girl.
Tanna. Tanna. oh god.
"Hello!" i yelled, the pants echoed down the halls.
i could footsteps...
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